Republic Day: What Is The Selection Process Of Tableaux For R-Day Parade?

The themes given to participants this year were around 75 years of India’s Independence, the International Year of Millets and ‘Nari Shakti’.

Full Dress Rehearsal of Republic Day Parade 2023

As many as 23 tableaux ---- from 17 states and Union Territories including Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, and six from various ministries --- will be displayed at the Kartavya Path on Thursday for the Republic Day parade. 

“Twenty-three tableaux — 17 from states and union territories and six from various ministries and departments — will be displayed, and will depict the nation’s rich cultural heritage, economic progress and strong internal and external security,” the Defence Ministry said.

The themes given to participants this year were around 75 years of India’s Independence, the International Year of Millets and ‘Nari Shakti’.

Who can send a tableau? 

All the 29 states, union territories, the central ministries and their various departments can send in their tableaux for the Republic Day parade. A broad theme is provided by the Centre to the respective states and departments, and they are required to plan their designs accordingly, months ahead of the parade. 

Who can participate?

Every year, around September, the Defence Ministry, which is responsible for the Republic Day parade and the celebrations, initiates the process of deciding the tableaux by asking all the states, the Union Territories, Central Government departments, and a few constitutional authorities to send their tableau proposals.

This time, the Defence Ministry sent letters on September 1 to the 81 Union Ministries and departments, all 36 states and Union Territories through their secretaries, and the Election Commission and the Niti Aayog, inviting them to participate.

The deadline for sending the proposal was September 30, 2022, and the shortlisting of the proposals began around the second week of October.

The ministry emphasises on the inclusion and engagement of young, qualified designers from renowned institutions and strict supervision of their design.

The Defence Ministry also asked the participants to use eco-friendly material for the tableaux, and avoid the use of plastic or plastic-bird products.

What is the selection process? 

An expert committee directed by the Defence Ministry is in charge of the tableaux selection process. The tableaux proposals received from various states and departments are evaluated by the panel comprising of people from various disciplines such as art, culture, painting, sculpture, music, architecture etc.

"The expert committee examines the proposals on the basis of theme, concept, design and its visual impact before making its recommendations," as per the Defence Ministry.

The selection process of the tableaux, which are presented in the Republic Day parade, passes through various stages of development and evaluation.

In the first step, the committee scrutinises the sketch or design in the proposal, and suggestions are proposed following the need for any changes. Once the committee approves the design, then the contenders are asked to come up with a 3D model of the same. The models are thereafter examined by the committee for final selection depending on various considerations.

The selection process generally takes around six to seven rounds of meetings and discussions among the committee members, with some elimination and shortlisting made at every stage. 

The selection process also depends on a combination of factors, including but not limited to visual appeal, theme, music, impact on the masses, and the degree of detailed work in the tableau.