Govt Issues Advisory For Indians In Israel Amid War On Gaza, Why Do Thousands Still Remain In The Country?

In December, several thousand Indians flew to Israel as part of a major recruitment drive, after Israel suspended work permits for thousands of Palestinians

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Palestinians displaced in the Gaza Strip because of the Israel's War on Gaza. Photo: Getty Images

The Indian Embassy in Israel on Tuesday issued an advisory for Indians in Israel, urging them to move to safer locations, a day after an Indian agricultural worker was killed in an anti-tank missile attack.

"In view of the prevailing security situation and local safety advisories, all Indians nationals in Israel, especially those working in or visiting border areas in the north and south, are advised to relocate to safe areas within Israel. The Embassy remains in touch with the Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of all our nationals," the Indian Embassy said in a post on X.

The missile strike on an orchard in the northern village of Margaliot on Monday killed one and injured two other Indians working there. Lebanon’s militant group Hezbollah was believed to be behind the attack. 

In a statement posted on X, the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi said, “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the death of one Indian national and the injury of two others due to a cowardly terror attack launched by Shia Terror organization Hezbollah, on peaceful agriculture workers who were cultivating an orchard at the northern village of Margaliot yesterday early afternoon.”

The embassy, in their statement, assured that Israel’s medical institutions were “completely at the service of the injured”.

“Israel regards equally all nationals, Israeli or foreign, who are injured or killed due to terrorism. We will be there to support the families and offer them assistance,” the statement read.

The deceased was identified as Nibin Maxwell, a 31-year-old resident of Vady, Kerala, according to The Hindu reports. He had travelled to Israel in January and was recruited to work in the agricultural sector.

“His sponsor had assured to move the farm and when he last called, he told me that they will be moving to a new place within two days,” Nibin’s father told The Hindu.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), around 18,000 Indians remain in Israel despite a previous advisory issued in October prompting Indians to return to India.

In December, several thousand Indians started flying to Israel as part of a major recruitment drive, after Israel suspended work permits for thousands of Palestinians. The vacancies were mainly in the blue-collar segment of the economy.

Despite the security risks associated with working in a country engaged in war, a significant number of Indian workers from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh queued up to apply for these positions. They were promised salaries exceeding Rs.1,30,000 per month plus additional perks.