BJP MLA Raises Environmental Concern Over Noida Twin Tower Demolition, Writes To CM Adityanath

The former Enforcement Directorate officer-turned-politician Rajeshwar Singh suggested measures to mitigate the impact of dust and debris once the nearly-100-metre tall illegal structures have been razed.

Supertech Twin Tower in Noida

BJP MLA Rajeshwar Singh on Friday wrote to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath raising concerns about the possible environmental impact of the demolition of twin towers in Noida scheduled to take place on August 28.

The former Enforcement Directorate officer-turned-politician suggested measures to mitigate the impact of dust and debris once the nearly-100-metre tall illegal structures have been razed.

In a letter to the CM, Singh sought formation of a team headed by Additional Chief Secretary, Home, comprising Principal Secretary Environment, DO Fire Services, CEO Noida Authority, and Commissioner of Police, Gautam Budhh Nagar, among others. 

"This team may be directed to immediately take stock of the situation and should ensure that minimum pollution hazards are there and sufficient steps are taken to mitigate the same," the BJP MLA wrote.

What is the concern all about?

Over 3,700 kg of explosives would be used to demolish Supertech's illegal twin towers at 2.30 pm on August 28, leaving behind 35,000 cubic metres of debris and a cloud of dust.

Around 5,000 residents of nearby Emerald Court and ATS Societies would have to vacate their homes from morning till evening on August 28.

Whats did the BJP MLA seek in his letter?

In his letter, Singh appealed to the CM to ensure that the hazardous materials and chemicals being used for the demolition purposes do not in any way seep into the underground water resources and pollute the same as a large number of people in the neighbouring area relies on the underground water to meet its daily needs.  

"To kindly ensure that there are more than sufficient numbers of fire fighting vehicles, anti-smog guns, water tankers, water sprinklers, sweeping machines deployed so that the dust particles released from the demolition process can be contained as far as possible from spreading in the environment and the air," he added.

How the buildings will be razed?

On August 28, the Apex and Ceyane towers -taller than Delhi's iconic Qutub Minar, built by real estate company Supertech Limited will be razed in a matter of nine seconds following a Supreme Court order. 

The apex court has termed the construction as illegal and in serious violation of the UP Apartments Act 2010 while directing the Noida authority and Supertech to demolish the structure at its own cost which is estimated to be Rs 20 crore.

The 40-storey twin towers are installed with 3,700 kg of explosives on each floor. The 5,000 residents of the two adjoining societies—Emerald Court and ATS Village have been asked to evacuate the area by 7 am on August 28, as the societies are barely nine meters away from the house.