Acid Attack Survivor Kafi Tops CBSE Class 10 Boards With 95.20% Score Despite Blindness

Despite facing setbacks and obstacles, Kafi's determination and hard work have led her to become a top-performing student and pursue her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Blind student Kafi determined to become IAS officer

Blinded at the age of three by a heinous acid attack, Kafi and her family spent six years going from hospital to hospital trying to get her the best treatment possible. Her parents spent all their savings in the process, but despite their best efforts, Kafi lost her vision.

According to the reports by Indian Express,The three men who attacked her were convicted, but they were released after just two years in jail, leaving Kafi and her family to pick up the pieces and try to move on with their lives. Kafi's father, Pawan, filed an appeal in 2019, but the case is still pending. Despite the setbacks, Kafi and her family refused to give up hope.

At the age of eight, Kafi was admitted to a school in Hisar, but her parents quickly realized that she wasn't able to keep up with the other children. They made the difficult decision to move to Chandigarh, where they hoped Kafi would have access to better educational opportunities.

Kafi was admitted to the Institute for Blind in Chandigarh when she was 10 years old. With the help of Braille, educational videos, and other equipment, Kafi managed to learn the basics of all her subjects and worked hard to achieve her goals. She recently topped her CBSE Class 10 Boards with an impressive score of 95.20%.

Kafi is determined to become an IAS officer and is focused on pursuing her studies in the Humanities stream. Her story has inspired many and serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, there is always hope. Kafi's principal at the Institute for Blind, J S Jayara, expressed his pride in her accomplishments and the achievements of other blind students at the school. Despite the challenges they face, he said, their success shows that nothing can stop them from reaching their full potential.

Kafi and her family currently live in Shanti Nagar in Sector 13 of Chandigarh. They have been through a lot, but their determination and resilience have helped them overcome tremendous obstacles. Kafi's name means "enough" in Hindi, and her birth was a symbol of hope and a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, there is always the potential for light to shine through.

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