Accidental Firing Claims Life Of Army Soldier In North Kashmir

An Army soldier was killed and another injured in an accidental shooting incident in north Kashmir's Bandipora.


The Army and BSF have been put on the highest degree of alertness along the border in Jammu after air space violations by Pakistan.

In a somber turn of events, an Army soldier lost his life, and another was injured due to accidental firing in the northern region of Kashmir's Bandipora on Sunday. Local authorities have detained the soldier responsible for the incident.

The unfortunate event occurred near Arin village, leaving the community in shock. Bandipora police took to Twitter to share the distressing news, stating, "There has been an accidental discharge of a weapon resulting in one fatal casualty and one injury to army personnel. Accused army personnel has been detained. Necessary legal action has been initiated."

While both the police and the army have remained tight-lipped regarding the specific circumstances surrounding the accidental firing, unofficial sources suggest that a sentry, in a moment of panic, opened fire upon detecting the movement of what was believed to be a bear. Tragically, the bullets found their unintended targets, hitting two Army soldiers, with one of them succumbing to his injuries.