‘Karachi Banana Chahte Ho?’ Rajasthan BJP MLA Crackdown On Non Veg Shops 

BJP MLA from Hawa Mahal constituency Balmukund Acharya's video went viral in which he was seen speaking to police officials asking them to shut all non-veg stalls on the streets.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Balmukund Acharya

A viral video featuring Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Balmukund Acharya from the Hawa Mahal constituency in Jaipur district has sparked controversy as he undertakes a crackdown on non-vegetarian shops in the city.

Acharya, who swiftly took action soon after being elected on December 3, claimed that these meat-selling shops lacked proper licences and were operating in close proximity to temples. In the video footage, Acharya is seen instructing police officials to close down all non-veg stalls on the streets.

During a phone call with an officer, Acharya stated, “All the non-veg stalls on the streets should vanish with immediate effect. I will take a report from you in the evening. Will you hand it to me, or will I have to come to your office?” As Acharya concluded the call, a chorus of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ erupted from the crowd.

Addressing an officer in front of the media, Acharya posed a direct question, “Can non-veg be sold openly on the streets? Say yes or no; you are live. You're supporting them? With immediate effect, non-veg shops should be shut. I will take the report from you; I don't know who the officer is.”

In another video, Acharya was seen outside a non-vegetarian outlet in Jaipur asking to see their licence. He accused the outlet of illegal possession of land. “Not even a single person has a licence here. How will a tourist come here? You have spread dirt all around. Karachi banana chahte ho? Yeh Apra Kashi hai.

On Tuesday, Acharya released a statement about his action against the meat shops.

"Have been speaking to officers for a few years now that in our whole area, all constituencies in the old city, openly on the streets near temples in nooks and corners many meat shops are operating. There is a rule regarding meat shops that whatever meat you sell — raw or cooked — you have to cover it, you need to have a licence and this has to be kept in mind".

Calling "illegal" meat shops a matter of concern, the Hawa Mahal MLA added, "These shops are working on naalas in dirty conditions. This is spreading diseases. This is why we said that they should work according to the rules".

Further, he said that cooking meat in the open causes problems for vegetarians and added, "As a citizen, I only requested officers to look into the matter".

“If I offended anyone, then I seek your apology," he added.

The BJP has won 115 seats in Rajasthan and is set to form the next government in a state.