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Rapper Julio Foolio Fatally Shot During His 26th Birthday Celebration In Tampa, Florida: Community Reels From Another Loss To Gun Violence

Tragic news has struck the music world as rapper Julio Foolio, celebrated for his raw storytelling, was fatally shot during his 26th birthday celebration in Tampa, Florida. His untimely death has left fans and loved ones mourning a promising talent lost to violence.

Rapper Foolio Shot At Tampa, Florida Photo: Instagram

Rapper Julio Foolio, known for his candid lyrics reflecting the struggles of the underprivileged, was tragically murdered today in his Tampa, Florida residence, as reported by the press. His girlfriend, Mani, shared the heartbreaking news on social media, expressing her grief and anger: "Y'all took my boyfriend from me. I hate y'all & I won't be the only one crying." Mani's message was posted on her now-private X (formerly Twitter) account.

According to press reports, a shooting outside a hotel in Tampa resulted in one fatality and three injuries. The deceased individual has been identified as Charles Jones, who was widely known by his stage name, Julio Foolio. The injured victims were transported to local hospitals for treatment and are currently in stable condition, though they remain under observation.

Shooting of Julio Foolio

Police investigations into the shooting of Julio Foolio have uncovered that he had been celebrating his 26th birthday with friends at a local Airbnb. Earlier that day, police had intervened to halt the gathering, prompting Foolio and his companions to seek an alternative location to continue their festivities.

Initial reports from police sources state that the shooting took place outside a Holiday Inn. According to these reports, a group of armed individuals approached two parked cars outside the hotel and began firing at one of them.

Joneé Lewis, spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department, informed News Channel 8 that preliminary findings from the investigation indicate that "two cars were shot at."

Earlier Attacks on Foolio

Prior to the recent incident, Julio Foolio had already faced danger. In October 2023, unidentified attackers ambushed the singer in a residential neighborhood in Jacksonville. A bullet struck Foolio in the foot, causing severe injury with multiple broken bones.

After the incident, Foolio filed a lawsuit, claiming that a nurse from UF Health had jeopardized his safety by disclosing his location.

In November 2021, Julio Foolio faced another attack in Jacksonville, where he defended himself using a registered weapon. Additionally, in 2020, he was involved in a shooting incident in Houston, Texas.