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Harry Styles' Hometown Welcomes Global Fans With Open Arms On New Village Tour

Holmes Chapel, once a quiet English village, has transformed into a global destination thanks to native son Harry Styles. A new walking tour, "Harry’s Home Village Tour," guides fans through his hometown's landmarks.

Harry Styles

Holmes Chapel was a quiet village nestled in the English countryside. With its quaint train station, local shops, and historic landmarks like the Twemlow Viaduct, it was a typical northern English village. However, everything changed when a local teenager named Harry Styles auditioned for "The X Factor" in London.

Fast forward to today, and Holmes Chapel has become a pilgrimage site for fans of the pop sensation. Featured in the 2013 One Direction documentary "This Is Us," the village has seen a surge in international visitors, eager to explore the places where Styles spent his formative years.

The Twemlow Viaduct, where Styles had his first kiss and left his mark in chalk, has become a prime attraction. However, with an estimated 5,000 fans visiting the village annually, concerns about road safety have arisen.

To address these concerns, the Holmes Chapel Partnership community group has launched Harry’s Home Village Tour. This leisurely stroll takes visitors on a 2.5-to-three-hour journey to Harry's hotspots, guided by experts in local history and Harry lore.

One such guide, Jill Booth, fondly recalls her interactions with Styles, including the time he helped rescue a baby mole from her home. With 150 applicants vying for guide roles, the selection process included quizzes on both Styles and the village's history.

Starting at Holmes Chapel train station, the tour takes participants through various landmarks, including W. Mandeville bakery, where Styles once worked part-time. Graham Blake, the station master, welcomes fans from around the world, relishing his role in connecting with them.

Throughout the village, Harry Styles-themed memorabilia adorns shop windows, showcasing the village's newfound fame. However, amidst the excitement, safety remains a priority, with tour routes designed to avoid busy roads.

At the Twemlow Viaduct, visitors write messages on slate hearts, a gesture of admiration for the pop icon. Despite the influx of tourists, locals express appreciation for the messages of love left by fans.

While the tour awaits an official endorsement from Styles himself, it has already garnered attention for its wholesome experience. Priced at £20 ($25), the tour includes discounts to local businesses, fostering community engagement. Also, only 16 people can go on a tour at a time. Check here for the tickets.

Each tour starts at the train station, goes around the houses (literally), then heads into the nearby fields towards the Twemlow Viaduct before ending back in the town centre. It'll take about 2.5–3 hours in total, and you'll need to be able to walk on bumpy ground and step over countryside fences. These tours happen every Saturday until September, so you have plenty of time to plan your visit.