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Happy Birthday Andy Samberg: 7 things about Jake Peralta you might’ve missed in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Apart from wit and charm, the character of detective Peralta from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has complex nuances and characteristics that lurk beneath the surface-level charm. You might’ve overlooked these things about him on the show.

Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

There are always surprises to be found when peeling back the layers of a cherished character, and Jake Peralta from the popular TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, played to perfection by Andy Samberg, is no exception. Here are seven things you might’ve missed to notice about the character:  

Detective Peralta had vision problems

In season 6, Jake accidentally switches his contact lenses, revealing that he uses them. Instances of Jake's visual misjudgments also occur, such as him entering the "Emergency Exit Only" door and his proximity to computer screens while viewing feeds.

Detective Peralta is 39 years old

During one of detective Peralta’s birthdays, Jake's mother Karen meets Amy, revealing Jake's birthday i.e June 1981, keeping the exact day under wraps. But this means Peralta’s age today would be 39. 

Peralta’s blood group: Be positive

Peralta's blood group is B-positive. In Season 3, Peralta is injured after confronting mob boss Jimmy Figgis. Jake asks Amy about his blood type. Her accurate response surprises him when she immediately says B+. 

Peralta has a bee allergy

Jake Peralta's bee allergy is revealed in Season 2. During a dinner date with his father, Roger Peralta, Jake finds out things about himself.  Roger Peralta talks about one of the few things he remembers about his son, including his bee allergy. 

 Peralta’s badge  number is 9544

Jake's badge number, as seen in the majority of episodes, is 9544. However, in the episode "Sal's Pizza" of Season 1, his badge number appears as 426. This is due to the fact that he and Charles swapped badges for the episode.

 Peralta is afraid of heights

Jake fears heights. Once, he is heard screaming  "Super Scary'' while facing a skyscraper. When he and Terry were once seen standing on a ledge in an attempt to catch a criminal, he started screaming in terror and warned Terry that they were going to die. 

Detective Peralta is a Swiftie?

Jake’s favorite singer is Taylor Swift. He is caught lying on a lie detector test  in Season 1 when he claims Jay-Z is his favorite musician  but later admits  it’s Taylor Swift. Peralta is also seen using her song references in the show. Taylor Swift's security team once detained Jake for attempting to approach her too closely. 

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine may have missed these details about detective Jake Peralta because they were only briefly and occasionally indirectly mentioned in the show. Some fans, though, were quick to draw attention to these less well-known facts.