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Bold Moment Or Fashion Faux Pas? Louis Vuitton Releases $2,470 'Fake Leg' Boots

The boots, with their distinctive design, have polarized opinions, with some lauding Louis Vuitton for pushing the boundaries of fashion, while others question the creative vision behind the unconventional footwear.

LV Illusion Ankle Boot

In a world where fashion often walks the fine line between the avant-garde and the utterly bizarre, Louis Vuitton has taken a bold step forward, surely causing a stir among fashion enthusiasts.

Yes, we are talking about the Illusion boots that debuted at Louis Vuitton's Fall-Winter 2023 show and are now retailing at a staggering $2,470.

Designed to emulate the illusion of someone wearing black heels with white socks, these boots come in two lengths—ankle-high and knee-high—and are available in two distinct skin tones, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the design.

Recently, Emma Stone, Louis Vuitton's ambassador since 2017, was spotted donning the Illusion Boots.

The acclaimed actress featured prominently in Vuitton’s fall 2023 womenswear campaign on Instagram, modeling the brand's architectural new designs crafted by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.

Social media buzz

Social media, always a sounding board for fashion enthusiasts and critics alike, lit up with debates the moment the Illusion Boots stepped onto the stag

Social media influencer Isabelle Allain, known as @izzipoopi on TikTok, shared a quirky unboxing experience with her 1.4 million followers.

In the video, Allain unveiled the peculiar boots from their iconic orange packaging, showcasing the footwear with its distinctive "integrated calf" directly to the camera.

During the unboxing, Allain remarked, "These were on the runway about a year ago, and the moment they hit the shelves, I knew I had to have them."

Meanwhile, people on Instagram said, "When you start running out of ideas," and another asked, “So no one on the QA team didn’t think that this looked like prosthetic legs!"

“Make it stop,” one person begged.

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