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Airbnb Announces Ban On Indoor Security Cameras Worldwide

Airbnb said Monday that it’s banning the use of indoor security cameras in listings on its site around the world by the end of next month.

File Photo Photo: AP

Airbnb made a significant announcement on Monday, revealing plans to prohibit the use of indoor security cameras in listings on its platform across the globe by the end of April.

This decision comes as part of the company's efforts to streamline its security camera policy and emphasize privacy concerns.

Juniper Downs, the head of community policy and partnerships at Airbnb, emphasized the collaborative nature of the decision-making process, stating that the changes were formulated after consultations with guests, hosts, and privacy experts. Downs emphasized that ongoing feedback will be crucial in ensuring that the policies align with the needs of the global community.

Previously, Airbnb permitted hosts to use indoor security cameras in shared spaces, provided they were disclosed on the listing page.

However, under the updated policy, hosts will no longer be allowed to use indoor security cameras indoors. Instead, they can still use doorbell cameras and noise-decibel monitors in common areas, as long as these devices are clearly disclosed.

Despite these changes, Airbnb reassures that the impact on hosts will likely be minimal, as the majority of listings do not report the presence of indoor security cameras.

The new policy is set to go into effect on April 30th, marking a significant shift in Airbnb's approach to security and privacy management. This announcement comes on the heels of Airbnb's positive fourth-quarter earnings report, which highlighted an increase in bookings and revenue, indicating sustained strong demand for the platform.