Prasad Rao Daggumalla: Pioneering Progress And Purpose In Chittoor

The remarkable journey of Prasad Rao Daggumalla, from journalism to public service, entrepreneurship, and now politics, as he endeavors to transform Chittoor with innovative solutions and unwavering dedication.

Prasad Rao Daggumalla

Prasad Rao Daggumalla, a multifaceted individual whose life journey personifies adaptability and resiliency. After initially pursuing a career in journalism, he eventually made the move into public service and worked his way up to the esteemed post of Joint Commissioner of the Income Tax Department. He entered the business world and founded Radhey Constructions Private Limited, one of the largest construction companies in Telangana, demonstrating his leadership and entrepreneurial skill in the face of adversity.

Now, Prasad Rao Daggumalla sets his sights on a new frontier, as he steps into the political arena with a vision to serve his constituency. With a compelling narrative of humble beginnings and remarkable achievements, he shares his inspiring journey with Amit Shanbaug, Associate Editor of Outlook Business, offering insights into his transformative experiences and unwavering commitment to public service.

Finding Inspiration

I draw inspiration from the towering figures who have guided me along this transformative journey. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar stands as a beacon of enlightenment, inspiring my ideals and principles. Additionally, the visionary leadership of former Chief Minister, Shri Chandrababu Naidu has left an indelible mark on me, particularly his reputation as an efficient administrator.

However, mere inspiration is not enough; action is paramount. Dr. Ambedkar's teachings have instilled in me a deep commitment to translating inspiration into tangible results. Allow me to share a glimpse of my personal background. I hail from a modest family, where we lived hand-to-mouth. Despite these challenges, I pursued higher education, earning a degree in journalism. Subsequently, I ventured into competitive exams and secured a position in the Income Tax Department. Over the span of three decades, I diligently served, culminating my career as a Joint Commissioner of Income Tax upon my voluntary retirement.

Throughout my service, my guiding principle has been to serve the people. Dr. Ambedkar's ethos of societal upliftment has been ingrained in my consciousness. I firmly believe in giving back to society in every capacity possible. Even as an individual, I have endeavored to make a positive impact, but I recognized the limitations of individual efforts. Hence, the decision to transition into politics—a platform where governance serves as a conduit for societal welfare.

Our aim is clear: to use the government machinery as a tool for serving the marginalized sections of society. This is not merely a political endeavor but a continuation of my lifelong commitment to societal betterment.


Innovative plans for Chittoor constituency

My focus lies on addressing the array of challenges faced by its residents. One prominent issue pertains to the granite industry, which is important to the region's economy. However, this sector grapples with hurdles such as exorbitant government fees and inadequate returns on legal operations, leaving its practitioners in dire straits. My proposal entails tapping into the global market for granite products by facilitating exports and providing incentives through bodies like the Export-Import Bank. By offering financial support with reduced interest rates, we aim to bolster the profitability of these ventures, ultimately enhancing the livelihoods of the locals.

Additionally, I envision establishing a textile park within the constituency. This initiative aims to uplift marginalized communities, such as the weavers, who have long struggled to break free from the cycle of poverty. By centralizing production and ensuring a steady supply of raw materials, the textile park will not only alleviate the financial burden on artisans but also stimulate market demand both domestically and internationally. Each community within the constituency boasts unique weaving traditions, such as the renowned designs of Pochampalli, Gadwal, and Chittoor, which are impossible to replicate. By promoting these distinct craft techniques, we aspire to empower artisans and improve their standard of living.

However, setting up the textile park entails navigating bureaucratic obstacles, securing financing, and acquiring suitable land. Despite these challenges, we remain committed to realizing this transformative endeavor for the betterment of the constituency and its people.


Reviving sugar industries

The sugarcane industry in India presents a complex landscape. Across various states like Maharashtra, Nagpur stands out as the nation's sugar bowl, hosting numerous cooperative sugar mills. These mills, like the large-scale Kandasaramogar mills, cater to the needs of small-scale farmers. Additionally, there's a thriving molasses-based spirit production sector.

We aim to replicate this successful model here. Through studying existing Kandasari mills, we are exploring the possibility of establishing similar ventures. This move holds the promise of generating employment opportunities while tackling raw material shortages. By ensuring farmers receive fair prices, we can sustainably support sugarcane cultivation.

However, the failure of cooperative ventures raises pertinent questions. Is it due to challenges with sugarcane supply from farmers? Or inefficiencies within the companies? Perhaps delayed payments, especially from government sources, contribute to the problem. Identifying the root cause is crucial. Our goal is to address these issues, ensuring sugarcane farmers receive fair compensation, fostering prosperity in agricultural communities. Despite challenges, sugarcane cultivation remains integral to livelihoods, even prompting supply to other regions like Tamil Nadu when local mills face setbacks.

Leveraging experience from diverse fields

My extensive experience in both bureaucratic and business world equips me to leverage opportunities and create substantial employment avenues for the people. Recognizing the pressing need for job opportunities, especially among graduates in various fields, I am committed to promoting industries, particularly MSMEs, which have proven to be significant contributors, responsible for over 50% of employment in our country.


Drawing upon my understanding of finance, commerce, and management, I intend to facilitate access to resources and support mechanisms for aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, I will utilize my expertise in navigating bureaucratic processes to streamline procedures and ensure that allocated land is effectively utilized for job-generating ventures.

I also aim to collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including banks and industry experts, to provide mentorship and guidance to budding entrepreneurs. By fostering an environment conducive to small-scale industries and innovation, I am confident that we can create a ripple effect, with each new venture not only providing employment opportunities but also contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the region. For instance, each engineer has the potential to create employment for ten individuals. Thus, if we empower a hundred engineers, we could potentially employ a thousand people, significantly impacting our community's prosperity.


Advocating sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental concept we must uphold while fostering development, ensuring we preserve our environmental equilibrium. Take, for instance, the establishment of sugar mills. We address various challenges, including financial considerations, while also embracing the concept of self-reliance, or "Atma Nirbhar," advocated by the government.

The Atma Nirbhar initiative is important for promoting self-reliance across sectors like defense and manufacturing, minimizing our reliance on imports and encouraging indigenous production. By incentivising local manufacturing, the government fosters an environment conducive to sustainable growth.

In my constituency, I envision transforming it into a sustainable industrial park, aligning with the principles of Atma Nirbhar. Whether it's a textile park or renewable energy projects, I'm committed to securing subsidies and incentives to ensure the profitability and sustainability of these ventures.


Renewable energy, particularly solar and wind power, holds immense potential for sustainable development. By harnessing solar energy, we can reduce dependence on traditional sources like thermal and hydro power, thereby mitigating environmental impact. Government initiatives, including international alliances and subsidies, are paving the way for widespread adoption of renewable energy solutions.

In Chittoor, we have ample vacant land, offering opportunities for setting up solar units and other sustainable ventures. Through technical assistance and encouragement, we aim to empower individuals and industries to embrace self-reliance, contributing to both economic growth and environmental preservation.

Family support

Radhey Constructions India Private Limited has a decade-long history, with operational experience spanning eight years under the leadership of my son, Mr. Radhey, the Managing Director. My daughter, D. Rajivi, serves as one of the directors, bringing her expertise in sales psychology and structural design to the company.


My son oversees core operations, including construction, contract management, and architectural design, while I manage finance and accounts, adhering to our cardinal principles of financial discipline and legal compliance. Our commitment to timely delivery and uncompromising quality has earned us recognition in the industry, competing with larger entities.

We prioritise resolving challenges swiftly to ensure smooth project execution, fostering trust among financial institutions. As a result, nationalised banks provide financing with confidence, enabling us to undertake projects with a minimum value of Rs 2300 crores, ensuring their seamless continuation.

Leaving a legacy behind

The legacy I aspire to leave in the Chittoor constituency is one of lasting impact, etched in the memory of its people for generations to come. My aim is to address the longstanding issues plaguing Chittoor district with solutions that will endure for the next 20 to 50 years, ensuring that my contributions stand as a beacon of progress. I am committed to making a mark that transcends my active involvement, becoming a reference point for future leaders and generations.


I am deeply focused on tackling the array of challenges in Chittoor district, with the ultimate goal of leaving a legacy of transformative change. It is my fervent desire that my tenure as a representative leaves an indelible mark on the constituency, elevating it to new heights of prosperity and development.

I urge the electorate to choose representatives who are not only qualified but also committed to serving the country with integrity and diligence. The role of MPs is critical in shaping national and international policies, and it is imperative that they possess the knowledge and dedication to effectively address the nation's challenges. Let us elect individuals who will champion the interests of our country, our state, and our constituency, ensuring a brighter future for all.