New 100x Memes Attracting Crypto Whales

Crypto whales are going wild for meme coins! Find out which hilarious dog/frog/dragon-themed projects the big money is piling into for explosive gains...

New 100x Memes Attracting Crypto Whales

Meme coins rose to fame in 2021, with Dogecoin’s (DOGE) and Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) jaw-dropping gains.

Shiba Inu then provided what was named the greatest trade of all time – namely, one investor poured in $8,000 in SHIB in late 2020, which grew to $5 billion at its 2021 peak…

Fast-forward to today, and meme fever is stronger than ever. Numerous worthless but viral tokens are making millions for their early investors.

Naturally, this attracted whale investors, who are increasingly pouring their funds into these tokens.

We analyzed their wallets to identify where exactly they are funnelling their money to – and most of them are investing in Dogecoin 20 ($DOGE20), Slothana ($SLOTH), and Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2).

They are either in their presale or have a relatively low mcap which leaves a lot of room for growth in the upcoming bull run.

Let’s check them out.

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Crypto Whales Are Investing in These 4 Meme Coins – Quick Overview

First, let’s take a look at the basics of these whale-attracting meme coins:

  • Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) – New Derivative Attracts Over $10,000,000 in Presale

  • Slothana ($SLOTH) – Meme Coin Degens Funnel Over 5,8 Million in SLOTH

  • Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) – Window Is Closing for You to Claim 168% Rewards

  • Book of Meme (BOME) – One of the Most Successful Meme Coins In 2024

Crypto Whales Are Investing in These 4 Meme Coins – In-Depth Analysis

Now that we took care of the basics, we can move on to an in-depth analysis of each token that we will cover.

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) – New Derivative Attracts Over $10,000,000 in Presale

Crypto saw a rise in derivative tokens throughout the last year, BTC20, PEPE20, and SHIB20 all brought massive profits to investors simply by copying the already viral coin.

Now, Dogecoin 20 is looking to do just that with a little extra on the top. Unlike many meme coins focused solely on hype and speculation, DOGE20 is built with the future in mind.

By operating on the Ethereum blockchain and introducing a robust staking mechanism, it offers investors a way to generate attractive passive income streams.

For those getting in early during the presale, the rewards will be substantial. DOGE20's roadmap outlines plans to allocate 15% of the total token supply for staking incentives, translating to staking yields exceeding 300,000% for early backers.

To stay updated on DOGE20's developments and engage with its growing community, you can follow the project on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and join the official Telegram channel.

Slothana ($SLOTH) – Meme Coin Degens Funnel Over 5,8 Million in SLOTH

In the world of meme coins, simplicity is a virtue - and that's exactly what Slothana is banking on with its straightforward presale approach.


This Solana-based crypto is following in the footsteps of viral sensations like Slerf by allowing investors to essentially swap their SOL tokens for an airdrop of the new SLOTH meme coin.

While the team behind Slothana is keeping their tokenomics fuss-free, that doesn't mean they're new to this game.

Rumors are circling that the same capable developers who launched the wildly successful Smog token, which surged over 12,000% from its initial price, are the masterminds fueling Slothana's rise.

The project's presale raised over $650,000 in SOL from over 3,500 participants in the first day alone - a clear signal of high investor demand.

But Slothana isn't purely relying on hype alone. Its strategic launch timing could be a key catalyst, with the SLOTH token debut slated for right before the April 20th "Doge Day" celebrations favored by meme coin enthusiasts.

This year's edition also coincides with Bitcoin's highly anticipated halving event, which has historically stoked significant market upswings.

As the broader meme coin mania rages on, Slothana's accessible presale model and well-timed launch position it as an intriguing opportunity for both veteran meme coin degen traders and newcomers alike.

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) – Window Is Closing for You to Claim 168% Rewards

The next on our list is the reformed version of the hugely successful SPONGE token. This meme coin defied expectations by skyrocketing to a $100 million market cap last year.

Now, the team behind the original SPONGE is aiming to recreate that explosive growth trajectory, but with a new innovative twist - a stake-to-bridge mechanism for earning Sponge V2 tokens.

Here's how it works: To buy the new V2 tokens, investors need to stake and permanently lock up their existing SPONGE (V1) holdings. In return, they'll receive a steady stream of Sponge V2 rewards over the next four years.

Over $20 million worth of SPONGE tokens are already staked in anticipation of the V2 launch. As an added incentive, the team is currently offering a limited-time 168% purchase bonus for any new V2 tokens acquired.


With an already established community of over 11,500 holders strong, Sponge V2 is well-positioned to build upon the brand recognition of its predecessor.

And the ambitions are high - the team has its sights set on scoring coveted listings on major exchanges like Binance and OKX.

Book of Meme (BOME) – One of the Most Successful Meme Coins In 2024

Book of Meme (BOME) quickly etched its name into crypto ethos after launching in mid-March.

The new meme coin surged to a peak $1.4 billion market cap within weeks, briefly claiming the #2 spot for most traded meme coin behind only Dogecoin.


While BOME has retraced around 53% from those highs, it maintains a dedicated following across social media. Many holders believe if broad meme coin enthusiasm rebounds, BOME could be poised for another significant run.

Rather than making lofty promises, BOME keeps it simple by fully embracing its identity as an unabashedly meme-inspired project. This self-awareness resonates with crypto traders constantly hunting for the next viral meme coin opportunity.


Whales are accumulating meme coins more with each passing day. However, figuring out which tokens they’re supporting is a bit trickier.

After analyzing thousands of whale wallets and addresses, we managed to pinpoint some of their preferred projects.


$DOGE20, $SLOTH, and $SPONGEV2 are growing hour by hour as they pour $10,000+ per transaction into them. Make sure to get in as early as possible before these become unprofitable for smaller investments.