Expert Crypto Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Slump - New Cryptos Defying The Odds

One crypto experts is predicting that Bitcoin is about to tank, concurrently there are two meme coin enjoying very successful presales worth looking at.

New Cryptos

The Bitcoin halving may be looked back as one of the more disappointing events we have had in crypto. Hyped up as the biggest event in the crypto calendar this year, it came and went and we did not get much movement out of BTC at all. History tells us a halving event would result in an all-time high but it now looks like that won’t be the case.

Renowned X crypto analyst DonAlt has some pretty bleak results from an analysis he has completed on the future price of BTC. We will get to that a little later, but first, we want to focus on two presale coins that are defying the odds and having amazing presales. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) and WeirnerAI ($WAI) are both defying somewhat bearish market conditions and look like they could be huge.

Let’s get into why both projects could be big players in the meme coin market once launched.

Dogeverse- This new alternative has a chance to be the successor to Dogecoin

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) is one of the most exciting presales currently on the market. It is just three weeks since the meme coin launched and yet it has already surpassed $11 million raised. These are near historic numbers and they come at a time when the market conditions are not the best. Why is this Dogecoin (DOGE) alternative so popular?

The answer is a mixture of timing and quality. The project itself is a great one as it is a multi-chain meme coin that comes at a time when versatility has never been more important. It also launches at a time when it looks like Dogecoin's time at the top of the meme coin table could be soon coming to an end.

The number one meme coin is now down 30% in the last 30 days and things are not looking good. Doge Day, traditionally a day of growth for DOGE, came and passed with no decent gains to report on. Dogecoin has stood still while the rest of the market has evolved around it and now it has new coins like Dogeverse to worry about.

Dogeverse has two major advantages over Dogecoin. One is the fact it is a multi-chain crypto. Thanks to Cosmo the dog, who was born with the gift of being able to jump from chain to chain with no restraints, Dogeverse has a unique versatility that other meme coins can only dream of having.

Why Dogeverse has the inside lane on Dogecoin

The uniqueness doesn’t stop there either as it is the first token to launch on the six most used blockchains after Bitcoin. Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, and BNB Smart Chain are the layer 1 networks alongside Layer 2s such as Polygon and Base. These are all the chains that Dogeverse has targeted and you can see just how versatile this token will be.

The emergence of the Solana network as the most popular network this year shows just how important versatility is for meme coins. The network's success is driven by meme coins but it being more popular than Ethereum would have only been a pipe dream as early as last year. With the emergence of so many networks, Dogeverse’s versatility should be a valuable asset going forward.

The huge benefit this has over Dogecoin is actually environmental. The crypto market took a massive step into the mainstream this year with the approval of Bitcoin ETFs. This is a positive step but it has also led to regulatory powers trying to interfere with crypto. In particular, the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining has come under a lot of pressure.

What many may not know is that Dogecoin is not too far behind when it comes to energy problems. The meme coin has so far escaped scrutiny but that won’t last forever. According to Digiconomist, Doegcoin currently uses the equivalent amount of electrical energy annually as the entire country of Yemen. Every single one of Dogeverse’s chains are more environmentally viable than this.

Last but not least we have staking. Every decent new meme coin project seems to realize the value of staking and Dogeverse is no different. Investors have been able to stake their DOGEVERSE right from the off and a generous APY% still remains for them meaning they will be due a nice payday in the future.

WeinerAi- The perfect crossover of AI and meme coin

WeinerAi ($WAI) is a very interesting meme coin as it technically is a crossover with AI but more in fantasy than reality. We actually really like this as we know there is still a big market for the traditional no-utility meme coins. WeinerAi is a throwback dog meme coin in many ways but with a much better story.

The meme itself is set in the year 2132 in what is called the new Silicon Valley. There is a scientist there who is doing something all good mad scientists do, trying to combine two entities to come up with a super entity. In this case, he is trying to combine AI with a dog (the two most popular meme coin varieties still).

Hilariously, the scientist accidentally drops a sausage into the experiment and the end result is WeinerAi. Now we love a good meme coin that relies on virality, but this is really the next level. More meme coins should try and come up with a well-detailed background like WeinerAI has here.


The combination of meme and AI is one investors currently love and we think the backstory will really help. The presale only began a few days ago but already over $600k has been raised so clearly investors like this project as much as we do.


Bitcoin may be in for a rough period before things get better

We mentioned above how Bitcoin may be looking into a bearish period in the coming weeks. This comes off the back of a post on X by crypto expert DonAlt. With over 540k followers he is very respected when it comes to his crypto takes. The fact he believes even the most optimistic bulls are bracing for a drop is not great news.


If you go through the above thread you can see the work he has done is pretty concise. Bitcoin had a great run at the start of the year and while many expected an all-time high it came earlier than expected and now we are on the other side of the hill.


So there we have it, things are not looking great for Bitcoin at the moment but we are still living through the age of the meme coin that is for sure. Dogeverse and WeirnerAi are very different projects but the market is big enough for both to be successful. Both presales are selling out fast, however, so if you are interested hurry up before it's too late.