An Exclusive Interview With Mr. Chintan Sheth, The Visionary Leader Behind Sheth Realty

Sheth Realty: Revolutionizing Luxury Living in Mumbai

In Conversation with Mr. Chintan Sheth, Chairman and Managing Director - Sheth Realty

1. Please brief us on the glorious journey of the Sheth Realty

Sheth Realty is a next-generation real estate company that is looking at revolutionising the industry with its projects. It was founded in 2022 by my brother Maulik and me to drive ahead our common interests of focussing on innovation, customer satisfaction, and technology. The company has been formed on our 25 years of combined experience with a deep understanding of the real estate market, ensuring its ability to deliver exceptional projects that meet the evolving needs of homeowners and investors. Thanks to our family's legacy in real estate business, our journey with Sheth Group began long before the inception of our current venture. From childhood, our interest in real estate blossomed through family conversations and visits to our project sites. This passion ultimately led us to pursue the profession. Our commitment and knowledge have resulted in the construction and sale of over 1800 homes, generating revenue exceeding Rs 3320 Cr. Notable projects we have completed include 72 West, Vasant Clarion, Sheth Cnergy, Sheth Blue Ivy, Sheth Midori, Sheth Avante, and Sheth Sigma, located in various suburbs of Mumbai, spanning the Central, Western, and Eastern suburbs. Sheth Realty's strengths is further demonstrated by Maulik's leadership of executing Thane's Platinum Belt. Our journey carries together a respected legacy of excellence and innovation along with our emphasis on design excellence, transparency, and ethical practices. And this has led us to Sheth Realty taking shape and planning projects in line with our vision.

2. You have a diverse educational background, from computer engineering to specializing in analytics and machine learning. What inspired you to venture into the real estate industry, starting Sheth Realty, and what unique vision do you bring to the table?

Real estate has deep roots in my family's history and has influenced my career path. My education in computer engineering and analytics, particularly in machine learning, has been instrumental in my approach to Sheth Realty. This blend of knowledge has given me an analytical perspective that combines academic rigor with practical experience. My approach revolves around using technology to identify and tackle real estate development and management problems methodically. By employing data analytics and machine learning, I aim to uncover inefficiencies and develop groundbreaking solutions that not only rectify issues but also guarantee adaptability and effectiveness in the resolution process. This distinctive approach, which blends the exactitude of analytics with the scalability of technology, is the foundation of Sheth Realty's philosophy. It directs us toward achieving the best possible results and distinguishes us within the industry.

3. Please brief us about the landmark Projects by Sheth Realty

Sheth Realty has been on an exciting journey, and we are thrilled to unveil our upcoming landmark project in the heart of Mumbai, at Sion. This premium residential redevelopment project marks a significant milestone for us, representing our commitment to crafting exceptional living spaces that redefine luxury and comfort. While this project in Sion stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation, it's just the beginning. We have several launches in the pipeline, each designed to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in the real estate industry. Our vision extends beyond just creating buildings; we aim to curate lifestyles and communities that enrich the lives of our residents. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on sustainable practices, each of our projects will showcase excellence and reflect our passion for creating spaces that inspire.

4. Give us your view about the present real estate industry of India and what are your expectations for the next few years?

The Indian real estate industry is overwhelmingly optimistic, characterised by robust growth and resilience. Key macroeconomic indicators signal a promising trajectory ahead, poised to make the coming years among the best for the real estate sector. This positive momentum isn't just beneficial for developers; it also promises to enhance the overall experience for our customers. We anticipate a significant upswing in the lifestyle and liveability quotient for our clientele, as the industry continues to evolve and innovate.

5. Can you elaborate on the unique features or innovations that set Sheth Realty's luxury residential projects apart from others in the market?

Sheth Realty stands out in the high-end residential market by blending strategy, customer focus, and cutting-edge design. We go beyond building houses; we aim to create thriving communities where people can find not only a place to live but a way of life that matches their dreams. This dedication to improving our clients' quality of life guides every choice we make during development. From acquiring land to designing and constructing, we prioritise creating homes that surpass industry standards and meet the unique needs of our discerning buyers. Our strategy focuses on using technology to improve how we deliver projects and make our developments the best option for people looking for homes in those areas. We can set new standards for excellence in the luxury residential market by meeting market needs and putting our customers first. This will help us consistently go above and beyond what our valued customers expect.

6. How does Sheth Realty adapt to changing consumer preferences and technological advancements in the luxury residential sector?

We're dedicated to staying ahead in the luxury residential market by embracing innovation and meeting changing customer needs. At the core of our approach is integrating cutting-edge technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI). We believe AI can transform the real estate industry, so we've actively incorporated it into our projects. From streamlining construction to improving sales and marketing, AI helps us work more efficiently, make better predictions, and offer our customers a truly exceptional experience. Through the efficient use of technology, we aim to offer home buyers personalised recommendations based on data. This ensures that every interaction is efficient and caters to their specific needs and interests. Our focus on technology showcases our commitment to creating extraordinary residential experiences that go beyond the expectations of our discerning customers.

7. Could you share insights into the redevelopment scenario in Mumbai and how Sheth Realty aims to contribute to it?

We strongly believe that Mumbai's revitalisation is crucial and the best way to ensure its long-term growth. Mumbai has many old buildings that showcase its history, but they also create safety, maintenance, and space issues. Redevelopment is seen as a way to modernise and refresh the city, leading to not just repairs but a new level of luxurious living. Sheth Realty is actively involved in large-scale redevelopment projects that aim to create modern townships, contributing to Mumbai's transformation. As redevelopment initiatives increase, the company is dedicated to making a substantial impact on the city's skyline and fostering its dynamic growth.


8. In what ways do you see Sheth Realty standing out in an increasingly competitive real estate landscape in Mumbai?

In an increasingly competitive real estate landscape in Mumbai, Sheth Realty stands out through a combination of innovative design, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to transparency and customer engagement. Leveraging my educational background, which has provided a unique perspective on technology, we approach the process of building homes with a strategic mindset. We break down every aspect of construction into various parameters, enabling us to conduct a meticulous examination that optimizes both design and functionality. This methodology ensures transparency throughout the construction process, keeping our clients informed and involved at every stage. By prioritizing innovative design and functionality, we consistently deliver an elevated customer experience that aligns seamlessly with our brand's promise of excellence. This dedication to quality and customer satisfaction distinguishes Sheth Realty in the competitive real estate market, setting us apart as a trusted and innovative leader in luxury residential development in Mumbai.


9. How does your vision for Sheth Realty involve adapting to changing lifestyle trends and demands in the Mumbai real estate sector?

Our goal is to stay in sync with the changing lifestyle trends and demands in Mumbai's real estate market. We do this by using cutting-edge technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions. We know that these advanced algorithms can give us important information about market trends, pricing, and what people want in the future. We want to use AI to stay a step ahead and quickly change our plans to meet the changing wants and lifestyle trends of our customers. By using our rich experience and access to market intelligence, we'll be able to make wiser choices. This will help us avoid risks and take advantage of new opportunities in the market. We're putting technology into our work to make sure that our projects not only match the way people live now but will also be useful in the future as our customers' needs and aspirations change.


10. Share the future plans of your company with our readers. Where do you see your company in the coming few years?

We see ourselves being a technology-driven customer first company whose projects will be the first choice of any homebuyer seeking property in any given micro-market where we are present. Sheth Realty will be out there developing large format projects offering high-quality homes in the Mumbai market.

Our goal is to make Sheth Realty a leader in real estate using technology and putting customers first. We want to become the top choice for homebuyers in every area we operate in by creating projects with high-quality homes. We see Sheth Realty as a pioneer in changing the real estate market in Mumbai, setting new standards for how well it works and how creative it is. By implementing our plans, we're confident that Sheth Realty will keep growing and standing out in Mumbai's real estate market, reinforcing the reputation we have been carrying.