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Independence Day Books: Rupa Publications Publishes ‘Journey Of A Nation’ Series On 75 Years Of Independence

The three books trace the journey of India in its 75 years of Independence in the sphere of economic development, foreign policy, and sports.

Three books marking the 75 years of Indian Independence

The Independence Day this year is special as the country is observing 75 years of Indian Independence as “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”. All quarters of lives, whether public or private, are marking it in their own ways. 

Indian publishing house Rupa Publications is commemorating it with a three-book series called Journey of a Nation. It is a series that celebrates and reflects the trajectory of growth and learning in the various fields of our nation’s history, said Rupa in a release. 

These books have been authored by economist and political analyst Sanjaya Baru, international affairs expert Madhav Das Nalapat, and sports writer Chandresh Narayanan.

Here are the three books: 

1. Journey of a Nation: 75 YEARS OF INDIAN ECONOMY - Re-emerge, Reinvest, Re-engage by Sanjay Baru 

The book traces India’s transformation from a feudal agrarian economy at the time of Independence to a modern, industrial, and services-based economy today that’s third largest in the world. 

From the ‘drain of wealth’ under the British rule to the historic 1991 economic reforms, the book covers aspects that have brought India to where it’s today. 

“The book is written for a general audience that wishes to be informed about the nature of India’s economic transformation over the past 75 years. India’s economic rise as a secular, plural democracy holds great value for the entire world,” says Rupa in a release.

About the author

Sanjaya Baru has been editor of The Financial Express and Business Standard. He was media advisor to former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Director for Geo-economics and Strategy, International Institute of Strategic Studies, London. He has taught at the University of Hyderabad, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore and the Indian School of Public Policy, New Delhi.
2. Journey of a Nation: 75 YEARS OF INDIAN FOREIGN POLICY - War, Peace and a World Realigned by Madhav Das Nalapat

The book traces past decisions and errors that have had a lasting impact on the nation and its relations with neighbours and global superpowers. 

Besides this, the book also describes a framework for foreign policy rooted in an admixture of present-day realities as well as long-term trend lines, requiring resilience and flexibility, so as to overcome geopolitical storms and strategic setbacks, not to mention taking advantage of opportunities, said Rupa in a release. 

“MD Nalapat’s book 75 Years of Indian Foreign Policy: War, Peace and a World Realigned is riveting, erudite and provocative. He does not shy away from candour and unequivocalness," said K Natwar Singh, Former Minister of External Affairs, about the book.

About the author

Madhav Das Nalapat was appointed India’s first professor of geopolitics and subsequently the UNESCO Peace Chair by Manipal University in 1999, positions he still holds. He previously edited The Times of India and before that the Mathrubhumi. He is currently the Editorial Director of ITV Network. 

Nalapat has authored nine books and contributed to the Asian Wall Street Journal, The Diplomat, The Beijing Review, Japan Forward, Taipei Times, CNN and numerous other media platforms in India and abroad.

3. Journey of a Nation: 75 YEARS OF INDIAN SPORTS - Game, Guts, Glory by Chandresh Narayanan 

The book looks back at India's sporting achievements and revisits moments that have made popular memories.

"75 Years of Indian Sports, a part of the series Journey of a Nation, is a chronicle of the country’s journey as a sporting nation, the journey of the players from being amateurs to being world champions," said Rupa in a release. 

About the author

Chandresh Narayanan is an independent cricket author, writer, and broadcaster. He has had stints at The Indian Express, The Times of India, Neo Sports, IPL, ICC, and Delhi Daredevils. He has authored two books. He currently writes for Dainik Bhaskar.