Sunday, Dec 03, 2023

World Environmental Health Day: Celebs Say ‘Every Step Counts’


World Environmental Health Day: Celebs Say ‘Every Step Counts’

As people from across the globe enjoy the World Environmental Health Day, here’s what some of your favourite celebs have to say about this day of nature preservation.

World Environmental Health Day
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World Environmental Health Day is celebrated with much fanfare all over the globe. People come out and share things which help in bettering the nature and environment that we stay in. It helps to create awareness among people on best practices to follow in order to conserve our environment so that generations to come can also reap the benefits of nature as we do.

Here’s what some of your favourite celebs have to say about World Environmental Health Day:

Celesti Bairagey

What we require now is a clean environment. I started planting trees every year when I first learned about global warming because I was old enough to understand that it had long-term effects. I would then make sure I didn't waste any water. I realised that anything I wanted to do for this cause had to begin today after reading about locations where people had to go a great distance to acquire fresh water, and ever since then I have not wasted water. We also have a little garden, and my daughter is learning how to care for plants and why she should only use trash cans to dispose of rubbish.

Aradhana Sharma

I found global warming to be a really alarming issue, and after that I began observing and learning about climate changes. Since then, I've come to appreciate that everyone should do their part to protect the environment. When I leave the room, I turn off the lights and fans in an effort to conserve energy. I've put up a little garden at my home and have begun planting trees across my community. My home is plastic-free; I prefer stainless steel; and I only use utensils that are both good for us and the environment.

Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha

Caring for our environment is not just a choice; it's a promise to future generations. Every action we take, whether it's conserving energy or preserving water, is a step toward a more sustainable world. Our planet is not an endless resource but a shared legacy. By cherishing and protecting it today, we ensure a vibrant and flourishing tomorrow for all those who inherit this precious Earth.

Khushdeep Bansal

Protecting our environment isn't just a choice; it's our moral responsibility. Each small action, from conserving energy to reducing waste, contributes to the larger tapestry of global sustainability. Let us remember that the Earth is not an inheritance from our ancestors, but a loan from our children. Our collective efforts today will shape the world they inherit tomorrow. So, let us be stewards of this precious planet, nurturing it with love, wisdom, and respect. Together, we can create a legacy of environmental health and harmony for generations to come.

Simple Kaul

We have a serious responsibility to protect our huge seas from contamination as guardians of our planet. A legacy of environmental care will be etched by our actions today, therefore let's work together in this major project. By promising that no trash or plastic would ever desecrate the endless length of our oceans, we must all together dedicate ourselves to the holy responsibility of protecting them. The lifeline of our world beats in these watery areas where land and sea meet, it is everyone's duty to keep this life-sustaining pulse untarnished and unwavering.

Farnaz Shetty

I believe that everyone should be responsible and take care of small things because it can have a big impact on society. I've been doing this for a long time. For instance, when I wash my hands, I make sure to turn off the water tap if I don't need it. Even when I'm using soap or hand gel, I don't leave the tap running for that short moment. It's just a habit of mine. I also pay attention to how I use electricity because I dislike wasting it. I maintain my vehicles by regularly checking their emissions (PUC) and getting them serviced. I also collect any trash in my car and dispose of it properly later.

Charrul Malik

I don't like to see trash like paper, plastic bags, or disposable items on the ground. Nowadays, I notice that people throw garbage wherever they go. They even leave behind disposable cups and water bottles. I believe it's common sense that when we eat or drink something, we should put the empty containers in our bags instead of littering, whether we're on the street, at a theater, by the beach, or anywhere else. Even small things like chewing gum wrappers, people throw them on the ground. So, I think if each of us does our part, it will help keep our environment clean. Another good habit is planting trees. If we are not planting trees, we can at least take care of the plants and trees growing around us, and water them occasionally. We can do such small things that will keep our environment healthy, and will automatically reflect on us and affect us.