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Best Films On Football That Celebrate The Sport In All Its Glory

Here is a list of feature films made on football that will get you motivated to leave the couch and get on the field.

Best Films On Football That Celebrate The Sport In All Its Glory
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Football is one of the biggest sports around the the world with millions of active followers and a constant craze for youngsters and adults alike. It has given the world some of the biggest stars like Pele, Maradona and Ronaldinho, and in a more recent era has given rise to two of the biggest rivalries among players in the form of 7 time Ballon d'or winner Argentinian player Lionel Messi and the 5 time Ballon d'or winner Portugese Cristiano Ronaldo who have both set new levels of football achievements. Millions of kids around the world aspire to becoming a star footballer, and here are a few feature films that will make you understand why everyone is a football fanatic.

The Football Factory

The first film one can watch is 'The Football Factory' which is a film that gives the viewer an insight on the harrowing life of a bored Chelsea football fan who thrives on violence, sex, drugs, and alcohol. The film explores various aspects of his life and how they get affect and relate to his football loving life. The film stars actors Danny Dyer and Frank Harper.

Green Street Hooligans

'Green Street Hooligans'  is a film that explores the story of an undergraduate who moves to London after being wrongfully expelled from Harvard, where he is introduced to the violent underworld of football hooliganism when he looks at the rivalry between Milwall Football Club and West Ham Football Club. The Lexi Alexander film stars actors Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam.

The Damned United 

The Tom Hooper directed biographical sports feature film 'The Damned United' gives the viewer an insight into the story of the controversial Brian Clough's reign as the coach of the English football club, Leeds United lasting only 44 days. He himself is a three time Champions League winner. Two times with the English Clubs, Nottingham Forest and once with Aston Villa. The film stars actors Michael Sheen, Colm Meaney and Henry Goodman.


This feature film take a look at football's only three time world cup winning, Brazilian footballer, Edson Arantes do Nascimento - better known as Pelé. He went from being a young superstar in 1958 to a national hero in 1970; all during a radical yet turbulent era in Brazil’s history.

Goal! The Dream Begins

This feature film looks at the journey of the extremely talented footballer Santiago Muñez who is discovered by a Newcastle United scout and given the opportunity to play professional football in England. The film is starring Kuno Becker and Alessandro Nivola. The  2005 film has been followed by two sequels, 'Goal II: The Living Dream' (2007) and 'Goal! III' (2009).

These films take all football fans on a journey of many ups and downs and gives everyone an insight into the massive footballing world.



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