Friday, May 27, 2022

Salman Khan's Neighbour Claims Bodies Of Film Stars Are Buried In His Panvel Farmhouse

Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against his 'neighbour,' Ketan Kakkad, for allegedly making defamatory allegations.

Salman Khan's Neighbour Claims Bodies Of Film Stars Are Buried In His Panvel Farmhouse
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Salman Khan has gone toe-to-toe with his Panvel farmhouse neighbour over a defamation action after the latter made some alarming charges. 
According to his neighbour, the bodies of movie stars are buried at Khan's property.

Salman Khan's counsel presented excerpts from Ketan Kakkad's social media posts and interviews, in which he made severe claims against the actor.

According to a report by News18,  Kakkad said that remains of film stars are buried at Khan's property, and that child trafficking occurs there as well.

According to Khan's lawyer, Pradeep Gandhy, these charges are being made without any proof and are purposeful attempts to damage the actor's reputation.

Khan filed a Short Cause civil complaint against his Panvel farmhouse neighbour to prevent him from spreading "false, disparaging, and defamatory allegations" in the form of films, postings, or tweets.

As part of their property dispute, Kakkad allegedly claimed that  Khan had barred the entrance to his parcel, which is located next to Arpita Farms. However, the actor's attorney refuted the claim.

According to Khan's complaint, Kakkad attempted to purchase a block of property next to his Panvel home, but the deal was cancelled by the authorities because it was deemed unlawful. Kakkad allegedly accused Khan of attempting to get the deal cancelled. According to Khan's attorneys, the "false, disparaging, and defamatory" allegations are causing him and his family harm.

Salman Khan spends his birthday almost every year at his Panvel farmhouse, which he has christened after his sister Arpita. During the first lockdown in 2020, Salman Khan and his close friends and family were stationed in this property for an extended period of time.