Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Not Just Bridal Lehengas, Sabyasachi Has Triumphed The Art Of Making Trends Too

Famous fashion designer Sabyasachi turns 48 today. On his birthday, here’s taking a look at how he is much more than just a bridal-wear designer. He is the man behind numerous fashion trends.

Fashion Designer Sabyasachi
Fashion Designer Sabyasachi Instagram

Ace designer Sabyasachi has been famous all over for the gorgeous bridal lehengas and sarees. There are barely any high profile celebrities whose wedding outfits he hasn’t designed. But he is more than just bridal-wear and traditional outfits. He is a trendsetter or rather a trend-maker. He is someone who has successfully managed to bring back age-old fashion trends. Someone who is responsible for the revival of long-forgotten aesthetic rituals, some of which were prevalent in rural parts of Bengal many years or decades ago. He is unlike any other Indian couturiers and he is someone who is behind the fruition of these forgotten trends into the popular culture of today.

Sabyasachi has been known to be one of the most popular fashion designers, but over the years the aspects of his designs are always highlighted as someone who is into bridal wear, which includes legengas and sarees. He has time and again created a specific mark about himself on the same, and that has been the prime aspect of his designs. However, he is not just about that. He is someone who has time and again gone ahead to create something new. Things which have been made keeping in mind the trends. People have time and again loved these designs, and it has been the most important aspect of his fashion statement.

He has designed fantasy wedding lehengas and bridal trousseau for A-list celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, and many more. He is not just every Indian bride's fantasy designer, but also a man to look up to for anything vaguely traditional clothing. But today as he turns 48, let’s have a look at how the birthday boy has been a genius trend-maker over the years.

What is amazing about Sabyasachi is that he has changed the perception of these trends in the mind of Indian women, who’re probably in their 20s and are about to get hitched or are attending their friend’s weddings. The perception about the oiled hair or the flower in the hair, they’re usually not considered as what a young girl would be eagerly willing to sport to a bridal or traditional-wear event. But what Sabyasachi managed to do is to make these trends so popular among the celebrities that even the commoners want to try them out, and look like any of their favourite heroines.

Here’s wishing the ace fashion designer a happy birthday.