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Best Of Red Hot Chili Peppers: Top 10 Tracks By The Funk Rock Legends

With the new album on its way and John Frusciante coming back with the band fans can't control their excitement. Here is a list of the top ten songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, a well-known California-born rock band, hinted new music on their social media sites. The band shared the following 18-seconds of music with its 2.5 million Twitter followers with no note or comment:

The clip looks to be from an upcoming track from the band's next album, which features former RHCP guitarist John Frusciante back in the mix.

While there's no word on when a complete song, or even the album, will be released, it looks we won't have to wait long — the band’s bass player, Flea, posted the same video on Instagram with the description, “We been nurturing the feral animal for quite a while, it’s about time to set her free.”

While the new album is on it's way fans can't control their excitement, here is a list of top ten songs by the  Red Hot Chili Peppers:

'Under the bridge'

This song from the band's album 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' is one of their best. With lyrics that connect and music that is pure bliss, this track is a must-listen and talks to the listeners on a much deeper level. It's distinct from the others since it links to universal emotions such as loneliness. As the song's lyrics suggest, the music takes you to the place you love. It's a peaceful, mellow song that's also hard-hitting, aggressive, and thought-provoking. 

'Venice Queen'

The closing song on the album 'By The Way' deserves special praise for its innovative distillation of RHCP's somber side, turning it into something completely unforgettable. The song features heartbreaking lyrics and remains one of the best tracks by the band. The apparent emotional anchor point is Anthony Kiedis' lyrical homage to his friend and addiction counsellor Gloria Scott, who died of cancer, but John Frusciante's alluring guitars constitute the song's soul. 'Venice Queen' had moderate attention, although it was eclipsed by power jam songs 'By the Way' and 'Can't Stop.' Nonetheless, it has garnered a cult following since its debut and is regarded as one of the Peppers' standout songs and live performances.

'Can't Stop'

The third single from 'By The Way' is another slice of the gloriously insane instrumental interplay between Flea and John Frusciante, which is a good illustration of the band's ability to generate extraordinary compositions. This track is a prime example of John Frusciante's abilities as a guitarist. Another highlight of the song is Anthony Kiedis' rapped verses. The song encourages listeners to pursue their lives with passion and individuality ("This life is more than just a read-through"), something RHCP has done throughout their career.


The title track and fourth single from the RHCP's sixth album, 'Californication,' represents the band's unwavering success. Unlike anything else the band has ever written. The opening and lyrics are quite haunting, the chorus is extremely catchy, and the guitar solo is simply stunning. Lyrically, the song is rife with pop-culture references spanning from Star Wars to Nirvana. The band explores the shallow aspects of modern civilization, with lyrics like "Space may be the final frontier / But it's made in a Hollywood basement" and "Pay your surgeon very well to break the spell of ageing" condemning a more plastic world.

'Scar Tissue'

'Scar Tissue' is the third single from the album 'Californication.' The first song with John Frusciante back after drug abuse kept him out of the band for much of the 1990s was a moving reminder of why his talents are so vital. In this single, John Frusciante's performance is more soothing and emotive than ever before, and his three solos tie the entire song together. This song embodies serenity; from calming words to well-executed music, this track is definitely a delight for the ears.


'The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie'

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie,' released as the first single from their ninth album I'm with You (2011). 
The song, according to a founding member and bassist of the rock band Flea, is a great, basic, funky little jam that is absolutely distinct from the rest of the songs on the album and nothing else sounds like it.

'Dani California'

Dani California is one of the most easily recognisable songs in recent history, with a swinging tempo and jumpy guitar. The titular Dani, according to Anthony Kiedis, is a metaphor for every woman he's met in his life, as well as the same Dani depicted in 2002's 'By The Way,' and the 'teenage bride with the baby within' from 1999's 'Californication.' It was also the band's third song to enter the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at the 6th spot a week after its release.

'Parallel universe'

During the verses, Anthony Kiedis' vocals are muted, showing an aim toward lyrical balladry, while the song lyrically addresses deeper, more contemplative subjects than the band was known for the music is on another level with eargasmic guitar riffs. Despite being simply a promotional single, 'Parallel Universe' has become a live favourite in the band's song list, having been performed over 230 times since its release, making it one of the band's most-performed songs since its debut in 1998.

'By The Way'

According to Anthony Kiedis, the song was inspired by the 9/11 aftermath, when pessimism and sadness were at an all-time high. Kiedis' vocals wonderfully complement the mood of the song, ranging from soothing and lyrical to quick cut rapped verses throughout the song, adding fun, exciting layers. 'By The Way' is a quintessential Chili Peppers song, with an addictive chorus, strong drumming, harsh bass, and aggressive guitar. Because of its joyful nature, every fan will quickly identify it as an all-time favourite.


'Otherside' is a nostalgic and gloomy look at mortality and addiction through the eyes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The track's gloomy instrumental opening, along with the grueling question "how long will I slide," sets the tone for a dismal nostalgic mood. Rather than a purely emotive view on adversity, the song appeals to despair, desire, grief, and contemplation. The song's music video is all the more fascinating because it revolves on a sorrowful nature. 

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