Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

Mohan Agashe: Films Should Be Able To Keep Audience Glued To Their Seats Till Credits Roll In

Actor Mohan Agashe speaks up at the Kolkata International Film Festival about how every film should be able to keep the audience seated till the time the credits roll in and the theatre's lights are on.

Mohan Agashe
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Veteran actor Mohan Agashe, who has recently produced acclaimed Marathi film 'Dithee', said here that a movie should be able to keep the audiences glued to their seats till the credits rolled in. He noted that literature, film, theatre and music are all connected with emotions.

In Kolkata for the screening of 'Dithee' at the 27th Kolkata International Film Festival, the actor rued that audiences of mainstream cinema leave the hall the moment they realise that the movie was about to end.

"That should not be the case. A film should be able to keep the audience glued to his or her seat till the credits roll in and the lights are switched back on," he told during a press meet.

Agashe also noted that no matter how good an actor was, a bad script and an inefficient director could never salvage a film.

Talking about ‘Dithee’, Agashe said that it was written and directed by late filmmaker Sumitra Bhave. 'Dithee’ tells the story of a man who, after losing his son, understands the non-duality of life and death.

Agashe, who has played pivotal roles in Marathi films such as 'Kaasav' and 'Sinhasan', also said that he would want to work on an unfinished script by Bhave. He maintained that Sunil Sukthankar, who had co-directed several projects with Bhave, would work with him on the unfinished script.

"When you collaborate with someone like her (Bhave), you enjoy the other avatar as producer," he added.

Bhave died in April last year at the age of 78.

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