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Meet Ananya Jain, Fashion Designer Who Is Busy Finalizing Alia Bhatt, Bipasha Basu’s Maternity Outfits

Having worked with Bollywood celebrities, Ananya has now made her solo stage debut with the Arangetram. She says that the first dance entered my life and that inspired me to create a fashion brand.

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor

Fashion designer Ananya Jain, who has previously designed pregnancy outfits for stars like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Dia Mirza, is currently finalizing the maternity outfits for Alia Bhatt and Bipasha Basu.

“For Bipasha and Alia, I am designing drawstring Pyjamas with rectangle sleeved long top. The pyjamas and top have the same length giving it a young millennial look. Apart from them, I’ll also be doing kaftans for them with front open hooks and drawstrings,” she told Outlook and added that previously, Dia Mirza announced her pregnancy in her brand, boozy button outfit and Kareena Kapoor wore her kaftans during her final 9th month of pregnancy.

Alia married Ranbir Kapoor in April this year and they announced their pregnancy in June. Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover dropped an official pregnancy announcement on August 16. Ananya says that celebrities are just like common people who thrive to find some young fresh looks, with comfort raining all over.

Having worked with Bollywood Celebrities, Ananya made her solo stage debut with the Arangetram. “ As I take my baby step into this ocean of Bharatanatyam, I wish to always cherish the divine welcoming doorstep of Natya Vriksha till the end of my life and hope to continue seeing the world through the deep beautiful eyes of Akka, with her constant nourishing, enabling me to push myself to new horizons and gather new perspectives,” she said.

The event that took place on Sunday night had guests like Dr. Maya Shankar (wife of BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad), familiar Doordarshan personality Sarla Maheshwari and dancer Priya Venkataraman.

Ananya says that the first dance entered my life and that inspired me to create a fashion brand.

“My world changed from the day I met my guru, Geeta Akka at natya vriksha. These 15 years of being immersed in the world she had created for us have completely transformed my life perspectives. Because of her values, I have learnt to always know the purpose behind doing anything, to always stay motivated and have the thirst to take initiative and learn and absorb from my surroundings and read us as much as I can,” she said.

“This foundation inspired me. I always looked out for ideas and one fine day the concept idea being the boozy button was born. Sometimes creating a brand is easy but sustaining it is very difficult. I feel that the perseverance and patience that I learnt at natya vriksha has a major role in helping me sustain the brand and make it dynamic and ever-growing each day,” added the young designer.

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