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Madhur Bhandarkar: 'Babli Bouncer' Will Be A Game Changer For Tamannaah Bhatia

Madhur says that this is his 14th film and he always wanted to take inspiration from real characters and the real world

Madhur Bhandarkar with Tamannah

Madhur Bhandarkar is back after four years with his big release ‘Babli Bouncer’ starring Tamannaah Bhatia in the title role and the director feels that the movie is going to change the course of the leading lady as an actor. “My decision to select Tamannaah Bhatia was because when I met her I just felt she is the right girl. When I choose a character, I always look for a protagonist in the film so when Tamanna Bhatia came and met me, I saw her body language, and the way she was talking, and when I narrated to her, she loved and laughed and really enjoyed the whole script and she was very happy.”

“She got into the character so right that I was really impressed and I think this movie will be a game changer for Tamannaah Bhatia. She herself said in the press conference that it’s her relaunch in the film industry and definitely this movie will be a game changer for her as an actor,” said Bhandarkar.

‘Babli Bouncer’ is a story of a small-town girl named Babli who hails from Asola Fatehpur and moves to Delhi in the pursuit of finding a job, making it big as a bouncer.

Madhur says that he always wanted to tell different kinds of subjects, topic and this time with 'Babli Bouncer' he wanted to show light stories. “Definitely it's a very humorous, breezy, enduring film and I choose to say this subject in a very humorous manner.”

The idea emerged when he felt that there are so many male bouncers around us – whether it is pub or film parties- so why not female bouncers? “I felt that there should be a point of view of film bouncers in our pub and that’s how Babli Bouncer came into being and we did our research and came to know how these bouncers' world is there and how they work in the restaurant in the night and I thought this movie should be in a humorous way. “

Madhur says that this is his 14th film and he always wanted to take inspiration from real characters and the real world. “I have never derived anything from Hollywood or copied something or taken any book or made a biopic. I always made real original films. This was one world that I thought should be made. I love the word underbelly of anything and if it’s a real-life story, then it definitely gives me an edge and I feel that somewhere I live with the character, I know the character and I relate to the characters so these are the things also there which I connect very strongly.”

Finally, while talking about how box office films are not working at the box office other than 'Brahmastra' recently, the filmmaker says it's just a phase.

“It’s a phase and all the time such things happen and it's happening globally. I am sure this is the phase and this will also pass and things will be normal when three-four good movies will hit the box office. I hope things will get normal and I am sure the cinemagoers audience will want to see the movie.”

“Yes, there is a slump and it does happen but I am positive and optimistic that in the coming months, a lot of films will set the balls rolling once again,” he sums up.