Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

KK Death: Celebs Offer Condolences And Share Their Memories Of The Late Singer

Actors, singers and music composers share heartfelt memories of the late singer KK, who passed away late last night in Kolkata after a concert at Nazrul Manch. He was just 53.

KK Instagram

Krishnakumar Kunnath, more popularly known as KK, died last night in Kolkata. He was in the West Bengal capital for a concert at the Nazrul Manch. It is being said that the reason for his death was a massive cardiac arrest. People from all over have taken to social media to express condolences to the family and offer their prayers to the departed soul.

Here are a few singers, composers and actors who shared their memories with the late singer:

‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ fame singer Raja Mushtaq says, "We performed together at a corporate event in Delhi way back in 2008. He came across as a very humble and grounded person. But on stage, he had electrifying energy. I personally admire his singing, his vocal range and the variety of songs. Have an endless list of his songs that I remember, ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’, ‘Khuda Jane Ke’ and many more. I also sing his song ‘Tadap Tadap Ke’ on my own shows. As an artist nothing like singing literally till the last breath. Yes, gone too soon but his song ‘Pal’ will always resonate. Rest in peace rockstar!”

Raja Mushtaq
Raja Mushtaq Instagram

‘Tum Bin’ music director Nikhil Kamath of the popular music composer duo Nikhil-Vinay says, “I loved all his songs but ‘Tadap Tadap Ke’ and ‘Pal’ were my favourite songs. He had sung a lovely song for me ‘Ruthi Hai Bas Khushiyan’ and it was great working with him. A very happy go lucky person and was very kind-hearted. He used to sing exactly like what the composer taught him and used to enjoy himself during the recordings. He had a great tone and was bang on when it came to giving expressions to the song. He was always smiling and took things very happily and cooly. He was always ready to sing more till the composer was happy. I feel a good and kind-hearted soul has gone too soon. Prayers. May his soul rest in peace.”

Nikhil Kamath
Nikhil Kamath Instagram

‘Dhaakad’ music composer Dhruv Ghanekar says, “I've known KK since he came on the music scene in the late 1990s. I recorded lots of commercials and on a feature film as well. KK was a treat to work with, in the studio, as he was super professional and he had 'that' quality that the pros have. It's the X factor. The last I worked with him was a few years ago. It was always a pleasure to work with him as he had this quality to just nail it in the studio. He was a super humble guy who worked with the same group of musicians for over 20 years. That says a lot about his loyalty and camaraderie. His untimely passing is a huge loss for the music fraternity. RIP my friend.”

Dhruv Ghanekar
Dhruv Ghanekar Instagram

Condoling KK's sudden demise, singer Daler Mehndi says, "I am deeply shocked at this news. The music world is reeling in the shock of Sidhu Moosewala, his sudden demise and now another huge loss. It’s very sad. He was such a simple shy private person. It's a big loss for the Indian music industry. I've always admired his sense of music. May he rest in peace. May God give strength to all his fans and family. These are grave times for the music world.”

Mohsin of the popular Javed-Mohsin music composer duo says, “Legends never die. We are numb. It feels as if someone has taken our childhood memories back. We can’t imagine our childhood without KK songs. KK was always our favourite. Songs like ‘Hum rahe ya na rahen’ (Pal), ‘Tadap tadap ke’, ‘Alvida’, ‘Yaaron’, ‘Beete lamhein’, ‘Tu aashiqui hai’, ‘Zara si dil mein de jagah’, ‘Aankho mein teri’, ‘Dil Ibadat’ and many more. It was always a treat to listen to a KK song. I have met KK once in 2008 in empire studio (Andheri west) for a song dubbing. Then we have spoken to him over a phone call in 2018 when Mukesh Bhatt Ji connected us for a song."

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Javed of the Javed-Mohsin duo says, “KK was indeed a legendary singer. Absolutely fresh voice after all these years too. I’m in tremendous shock and saddened to hear this news. He was indeed my favourite too. Feels like a brother has left us for the heavenly abode. He was very selective in his songs and most of his songs were my favourite. God bless his soul in heaven and give peace and patience to his family and loved ones. Amen.”

Actor Zayn Ibad Khan says, “I can’t control myself after hearing of this sad demise of the legend that has made my childhood so beautiful. Feels like childhood is taken away from me. Can’t control my tears literally. I was his biggest fan and have shattered into pieces. I too love singing and he was an inspiration to me.”

Actor Vijayendra Kumeria says, “I have loved almost all his songs. My favourite songs sung by him are ‘Yaaron Dosti’, and ‘Tadap Tadap Ke’. He was a legendary singer and has left behind immortal songs which generations will listen to and sing. It is shocking news and I wish it was untrue.”


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Actress Maninee De says, “KK was one of my favourite singers. His very popular song ‘Hum Rahe Na Rahe’, has always given me goosebumps. I have been a huge fan of him. He had a very soulful voice and a very calming presence. It's a huge loss to the music industry and it's really sad that at such a young age he has passed. But look at the blessing of the divine that while performing he passed away which means he was doing what he loved the most. 'Aggar Jaye insan ya toh nind me jaye ya vo karta hua Jaye jisme usko sabse zyada Khushi milti hai, especially as a creative human being'. My heartfelt condolences to the family. I had seen him at a music studio and we just exchanged hellos. I told him that I am a huge fan of your music and he told me that he really admires my work. He was very gracious. It's just sad that one after the other, things like this are happening.”

Actor Sagar Parekh says, “The fact of the breaking news that he is gone, has pinched me hard. It feels different knowing that how you are never going to meet someone but still, they are an important part of your life. As millennial kids, we grew up listening to his songs. My favourite song would always be ‘Pal’ because since the first time I had heard that song, to date it has been constant on farewells and get-togethers. It feels that a part of my childhood has bidden farewell. I never got a chance to attend his concerts but every time I drive, one of his songs is always on my playlist. That just makes me feel that KK sir was an important part of my life. His songs soothe my mood and calm me down. It's really heartbreaking.”

Actor Aditya Deshmukh says, “It's really difficult to believe that singer KK is no more. He was a living legend and a legendary singer. I remember that we were celebrating our success party of ‘Ziddi Dil Mane Na’ and then suddenly we got to hear that KK sir is no more. To register that thing got difficult. My favourite songs of him are ‘Pal’, ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’ from ‘Gangster’. My favourite song is ‘Jeena Kya Jeevan Se Haar Ke’. It's a beautiful song with such beautiful lyrics. I am going to miss him. May his soul rest in peace. We love you and it's a huge loss to the music industry.”


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Actor Arun Mandola says, “I love his all songs but my favourite song ‘Yaaron Dosti Badi Khushnaseeb hai’. It was the best childhood memory song. Yes, a few years back I met him at an event and he was so humble and down to earth.”


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Singer Stebin Ben shares, “Numb and shattered. Taking a pause from everything and remembering the legend who has made everyone’s childhood a memorable one. Grew up listening to him and hearing that he is no more I went blank. Cannot really understand what this year is going like. We have lost some of the finest gems in the industry and this only concludes that life is unpredictable. I am sure the angels above will have a great time listening to your voice. Rest in paradise Sir!”

Singer Sukriti Kakar says, “What is happening. What a devastating week this has been. This shouldn’t have happened. It’s really unfair. His music will always live on, we will all make sure of that. We will take very long to process this loss. It feels personal. Grateful to be born in an era where we could enjoy his music. My deepest condolences to his family, relatives and all his fans.”

Singer Prakriti Kakar shares, “This is devastating. I trembled after hearing what I would never want to hear. We lost a legend too soon. A singer who has blessed us with his voice. He defined a whole generation for us. A singer who sang with such ease and honesty that following music as a profession seemed easy. Immortal is he, and immortal is his music. Rest in Power, my dear KK sir!"

Filmmaker Faruk Kabir says, “KK was a very warm person. One of my fondest memories of him was when I met him and he gave me the warmest hug ever! I loved him dearly and have always been very fond of him. His song ‘Yaaron’ has been my go-to song forever and I have always had the song on my playlist. Now, the song has changed its meaning for me in more ways than one. I will always hold the song and the man behind the song close to my heart.”

Actress Digangana Suryavanshi says, “I've grown up listening to his songs! His song, ‘Pyaar Ke Pal’ is very close to my heart. When I was in school, this song brought everyone together and had and still has a great sense of nostalgia. Hearing this song still makes me nostalgic and takes me back to those days. The fact that he's not here with us, I can't digest it. It's very shocking. And it's tragic that we lose so many good singers like Lata ji, Bappi ji, Sidhu Moosewala, and now KK sir in the last one year. It reminds me how fragile life is."