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If You Liked ‘Oppenheimer’, Here Are 6 Gripping Non-Fiction Audiobooks You Should Listen To

If You Liked ‘Oppenheimer’, Here Are 6 Gripping Non-Fiction Audiobooks You Should Listen To

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ has been garnering a lot of praise from all over the world. If you’ve loved the film, here are a few gripping audiobooks which will be equally enthralling to listen to.

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A good nonfiction book pulls you closer to reality as it reveals real-time accounts of people and events throughout time. Non-fiction encourages you to reconsider your beliefs, rethink your perspective, and impart essential worldly knowledge.

Ever since 'Oppenheimer' was released, there has been a lot of talk about such non-fiction stories. The film has been garnering a great response at the ticket windows.

Here we present to you some best-in-class non-fiction audiobooks and podcasts set in India’s regal history, World War 2, the nuclear age, war veterans, espionage missions, and true accounts of CIA spies.

‘American Prometheus’

Written by: Kai Bird, Martin J. Sherwin; Narrated by: Jeff Cummings

Are you ready for a mind-blowing adventure into the thrilling life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the genius physicist who rocked the twentieth century? This wild ride takes you through Oppenheimer's early career, his central role in the Cold War, and his audacious ideas on global controls for atomic materials that raised eyebrows and shook the world. This Pulitzer Prize-winning biography unravels the enigmatic man behind the physicist, a pulse-pounding journey through history, and gripping discoveries that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

‘The Nanda Devi Mystery’

Written by: Angshuman Choudhury; Narrated by: Sashi Kumar

While we delve into Oppenheimer's role in the Cold War, there's yet another thrilling story that unravels the intense geopolitics and extreme measures of the nuclear arms race during that era. ‘The Nanda Devi Mystery: How India and America Lost a Nuclear Device’ is a gripping account of a mission where both countries tried to install a nuclear-powered surveillance device on the Himalayas to spy on China, and then lost it forever. Tune into Audible and listen to this tale that pays tribute to the incredible bravery of mountaineers turned high-altitude spies, who risked everything to carry out this daring operation.

‘War Doctor - Surgery On The Front Line’

Written and Narrated by: David Nott

David Nott, a superhero who doesn’t wear a cape, has not taken a single unpaid leave for more than 25 years as an NHS volunteer surgeon in the world’s most dangerous war zone. The man has carried out life-saving operations in crisis-hit Sarajevo and Aleppo with minimal resources. Enlighten yourself with the selfless and compassionate journey of a war doctor, who has in chronological order worked in the conflict-struck zones of Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Congo, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Gaza, Syria, and more. Using his experience in on-ground operations in conflict and disaster zones, David Nott and his wife Elly set up a foundation in 2015 to train other doctors in the art of saving lives threatened by bombs, natural calamities, and bullets.

‘Nightstalkers: The Wright Project And The 868th Bomb Squadron In World War II’

Written by: Richard Phillip Lawless; Narrated by: Jim Seybert

In August 1943, a highly classified US Army Air Force unit, code-named the "Wright Project," departed Langley Field for Guadalcanal in the South Pacific to join the fight against the Empire of Japan. Operating on the orders of the highest levels of the Army Air Force, the Wright project was the first of its kind in terms of war-fighting capabilities provided by classified systems and B-24 Liberators used by the group of airmen on this mission. The Wright Project would prove itself to be a combat leader many times over and an outstanding technology innovator, evolving to become the 868th Bomb Squadron. Through this audiobook, the story of warfare pioneers and 868th bomb squadron leaders is revealed for the first time based on official sources, and interviews with the young men who flew into the night.

‘The Conqueror - The Thrilling Tale Of The King Who Mastered The Seas Rajendra Chola I’

Written by: Aditya Iyengar; Narrated by: Avinash Kumar Singh

The Conqueror is a magnificent narrative of war and conquest, told through the eyes of a prisoner of war and a princess without a kingdom during the zeitgeist of 1025 AD. The reign of Chola Emperor Rajendra Chola spanned most of southern Bharatvarsha, captured with the power of his might and vision from the powerful Srivijaya empire. The tales of Rajendra Chola’s victories bring forth the stories of those who succumbed due to his ambition including an unnamed princess forced to fend herself among enemies and Maharaja Sangrama - a prisoner of war determined to return to his kingdom with the help of his unethical friendship with Rajendra Chola. A must-listen for a history enthusiast, the distinct perspective of an empire’s victory will keep you gripped.

‘True CIA Spy Missions | Espionage | Detective | Politics’

Written by: SPYSCAPE

Intrigued by the clandestine world of secret agents and spies? If you would like to dig deeper into the world of secrets and understand the perspective of secret operatives, then tune into True CIA Spy Missions on Audible. The curated collection of CIA spy stories unveils the lives of men and women associated with the agency. The podcast hosts Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby enter a shadow-world of cunning manipulators, Cold Warriors and cutting-edge gadgetry as we meet the incredible operatives behind some of the Agency's most memorable missions.