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Emmy-Award Winning Actor Andre Braugher, Who Starred In ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, Passes Away At 61

Andre Braugher, who is known for his roles in ‘Homicide: Life on The Street’ and ‘Brooklyn 99,' has passed away.

Andre Braugher

Emmy-winning actor Andre Braugher, best-known for his roles in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'Homicide: Life on the Street,' has passed away at 61 following a brief undisclosed illness, as confirmed by his representative to ABC News on Monday. Braugher's publicist, Jennifer Allen, also confirmed the news of his unfortunate demise to Variety.

With a prolific career spanning over more than three decades in television and films, Braugher was celebrated for his outstanding portrayal of Detective Frank Pembleton in 'Homicide,' earning him an Emmy.

Transitioning to comedy later on, he brought his comic, unique deadpan style to 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' as Captain Raymond Holt, captivating audiences with his stoic, no-nonsense personality yet deeply humane portrayal, becoming an instant favorite.

The Chicago-born actor rose to fame with his breakthrough role in the film 'Glory' (1989), where he starred alongside Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, portraying an all-Black regiment during the Civil War. Despite this role, Braugher claimed that he struggled to bag roles in the industry due to less opportunities for African-American actors in Hollywood.

His achievements included taking home a second Emmy for the limited series 'Thief' (2006) and garnering a total of 11 Emmy nominations throughout his career.

His filmography extended to other films as well, including 'Primal Fear,' and 'Salt,' 'City of Angels,' 'Frequency,' 'The Mist,' 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,' and 'The Gambler.' Additionally, he also lent his voice to animated characters in TV shows like 'BoJack Horseman' and 'Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.'

While reflecting on his career, he told Variety that his family was far more important than acting or chasing big, lead roles. He mentioned that there were many aspects and disciplines that he could have pursued, but not at the cost of sacrificing his personal life. “It’s been an interesting career, but I think it could have been larger,” he says. “I think it could have spanned more disciplines: directing, producing, all these other different things. But it would have been at the expense of my own life.” 

He married his 'Homicide' co-star Ami Brabson in 1991 and have three children. 

Braugher has left behind a legacy.