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BTS’ V Gains 10 Kgs In The Military

BTS star V has reportedly gone from 62 Kgs to 72.5 Kgs in the past few months that he has been having his training in the military and later on being enlisted in ROK Army’s second division.


BTS' V Photo: Instagram

BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung was enlisted by the military last year. The singer was jubilated when he was drafted to the military, and he went without batting an eyelid. Some of his other band members were also enlisted along with him. Now after being in the military for quite some time, he has shared a health update and it seems that BTS’ V has now gained almost 10 kgs of weight.

Yes, you read that right!

The K-Pop stars are usually known for their smooth skin and slim figures, and now with V going into the military he definitely has bulked himself up. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day he shared a health update with his fans via his Weverse handle. He shared an interim report in his native language which a fan translated later to English. It read, “Il’l do an interim report. 72.5 kg achieved. Il’l be back. Loyalty (sic).”


As per reports before going for his mandatory military life in December, he weighed around 62 kgs. If the BTS fans remembers correctly, once long back, V had jokingly said that he would bulk up and he aimed at reaching the weight of 86 kgs while he would serve the army. Well, he almost about to achieve the weight category that he wished to.

For the unversed, V was enlisted to the military along side RM, another fellow band member. From December 11, 2023 till January 16, 2024, they completed their 5-week training period. Now, they’ve graduated as elite trainees. They are now from the Nonsan Training Centre. V has been reportedly become a part of ROK Army’s second division. The division focuses mainly on special forces. Not just V and RM, but all the seven members of BTS are enrolled in mandatory military service currently. Jimin and Jungkook have joined Jin at the 5th Infantry Division. SUGA is serving as a social worker inside the army. J-Hope is serving as a Corporal officer. Both Jin and J-Hope will be done with their mandatory military obligation this year. However, the rest will get back in 2025.


Fans are eagerly awaiting them all to finish their military obligations so that they can be back together to perform on stage. Their songs are being missed by all and sundry. Their comeback would definitely be a big moment for the fans of the BTS band. Possibly their next single or album would even be a bigger hit that any of their past hits. After all, they would be returning after a long time, and fans would be dying to grand onto anything new that’s coming out from their end.

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