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Badshah, Ikkra, EPR Left Awestruck By Performances Of ‘Hustle 03’ Contestants At Show's Premiere

Rappers Badshah, Ikkra, EPR, Dino James, and DeeMC were left greatly impressed with the performances of Badal, Mrunal, Vijay, Kayden, and Gaush.

Hustle 03’

Rappers Badshah, Ikkra, EPR, Dino James, and DeeMC were left greatly impressed with the performances of Badal, Mrunal, Vijay, Kayden, and Gaush.

Badshah and the Squad Bosses brought their A-game to the show as Wicked Sunny and Super Manikk, the talented rappers from ‘Hustle 2.0’ appeared as hosts for the new season.

These bosses need to make a mic drop decision within the first 90 seconds if they like the performance.

To secure a position in the top 16, they will require a minimum of three mic drops. Badshah watching the banter of the hosts Sunny and Manikk said: “I asked MTV for two pros, instead they have delivered me two jokers. Anyways, now let the actual show commence!”

The first hustler of this season, Badal, entered the show and much to everyone’s surprise, they found that Badshah already follows him while he and he and Ikka go a long way.

When asked, Badal proudly stated that he is a 'Safeedo ka Chora’ and that is what he represents. After his performance, Ikka told Dino: “Look brothers, this is what is in the front, and that is all there is. This is like a gang on gang thing.”

Giving his opinion, EPR said: “I see the winner in you, get over here you.”

The second hustler, Kayden Sharma came as a representative of the hip-hop scene in Hyderabad which he wants to be displayed at a national level.

Greatly impressed with his performance, Dino said: “Hyderabad government should turn this into an official tourism song.”

Badshah giving his own summation of the performance said: “Last year, Square's performance opened the season, and this season it's you!”

The next hustler Vijay Dada had a pre-performance conversation with everyone. Narrating his journey in the world of hip-hop and how he represented the ‘Chaar Teen’, the Govandi-Mankhurd, area in Mumbai as he gave a heartfelt performance.

Applauding his performance, Badshah said: “This is why I came to the Hustle, this is the real-deal, the actual indigenous hip-hop!”

Gaush, the next hustler, is already an established name in the underground hip-hop scene, and when his performance came in, it surprised everyone, particularly Badshah.

Gaush after his performance touched Ikka's feet and the latter went on to jokingly touch his body to check if he's not a machine. In response, Badhshah commented: "This is a masterclass in writing right here!"

DeeMC chimed in and added: "This is this season's first fest." Badshah asked Gaush his reasons for even being a contestant in the show given his talent, to which Gaush replied: "Actually, I had almost quit rap. My admission had already taken place. For people who didn't know, I left my Visa and came here."

EPR swiftly said: "Brother, you won't regret it, I am telling you that you will not regret this decision!"

The next hustler, Mrunal came to represent the female voice in Indian hip-hop, shattering all the stereotypes and impressing the judges after having been shamed for her manly voice.

Giving her twist to the genre with her classical rap performance, EPR greatly complimented her "inner potential" and said: "My job is to take you there and get you the trophy!"

The final hustler Poetshaf, from Prayagraj acted as the representative of the middle-class 9-5 workers that no one actually talks or normally even cares about. Listening to his mic drop performance, two of the Squad Bosses, DeeMC and Ikka felt as though Adnan Sami was singing hip-hop.

‘MTV Hustle 03’ which premieres on Saturday, October 21 on MTV and Jio Cinema.