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Akshay Kumar On His Promotional Strategy For ‘Mission Raniganj’: I Promoted ‘Selfiee’ A Lot, It Didn’t Work

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Mission Raniganj’ has collected Rs 12.15 crore within three days of its release.

‘Mission Raniganj’

Akshay Kumar recently featured in ‘Mission Raniganj’, and during a media interaction, the actor mentioned how he decided to not extensively promote his latest release. Explaining how he heavily promoted his previous film ‘Selfiee’ and it got him no results, the actor said that he undertook a different strategy for this content-driven film, and relied on more word-of-mouth to promote the film. 

He shared, “I promoted Selfiee a lot, but it didn’t work. Promotion is the wrong aspect. I didn’t go anywhere to promote OMG 2. It got word-of-mouth promotion. If I promote the film, people will take it for granted, thinking it’s my job to promote my film. But if somebody else appreciates it and tells them to watch it, they will go and watch the film.”

To further explain, he even drew parallel to a parent-child relationship, and mentioned, “If you come and tell me that your son is good at studies, I will think that it’s the father’s love speaking but if your neighbour comes and tells me that his son is a good student, I will believe him.”

He further added, “It is the trend. I am doing my job, It is not going to happen if I go to a certain city and talk about my film. Those things don’t work. Content speaks, especially in these kinds of films which are content driven. The films that have a lot of songs, fights – they are different kinds of films. Those work in a different way. This is what I have learnt and I am working accordingly.”

For those caught unaware, ‘Mission Raniganj’ minted Rs 2.8 crore on its opening day and  witnessed a 60 percent growth on Saturday, thereby reaching a total collection of Rs 4.50 crore. However, Sunday’s collections were estimated at only Rs 4.80 crore, despite coinciding with an ICC World Cup match between India and Australia.

‘Mission Raniganj’, which starred Parineeti Chopra as Akshay’s wife, is based on a real incident in a West Bengal coal mine where 64 workers were trapped and eventually rescued by engineer Jaswant Singh Gill, who is played by Akshay in the film. 

Directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and produced by Pooja Entertainment, the film released on October 6, 2023.

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