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Addinath Kothare To Host ‘Konkan Diaries’, Belts Out 5 Must-Do Activities In The Region

Addinath Kothare To Host ‘Konkan Diaries’, Belts Out 5 Must-Do Activities In The Region

Addinath Kothare is all set to host a 10-episodic show called ‘Konkan Diaries’. Before you watch the show, he opens up about some of the must-visit places and must-do activities in this Konkan region.

Addinath Kothare
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Who doesn’t know Addinath Kothare! A National Film Award-winning director, actor and producer, a popular face of Marathi cinema and famous for his performance in ‘83’ and ‘Criminal Justice 3’ has now become the host for ‘Konkan Diaries’ on Zee Zest. His infectious energy and spirited persona make him an ideal host to take us on an adventurous, entertaining and thrilling journey across Konkan.

Driven by adventure Addinath Kothare himself partakes in unique experiences and challenges - from mango picking in Ratnagiri to performing in a traditional folk theatre with local artists and from trying his hand at catching and selling fresh catch with the Kolis of Mumbai to beach camping at Devgad. He will be seen living and experiencing the cultural vibrancy and architectural wonders of Konkan.

The exploratory spirit of the host, Addinath Kothare, will also be seen as he tries his hand at puppeteering, boat-making and indulging in pakoras made from edible mangrove leaves. In the show ‘Konkan Diaries’, he will give viewers an up-close and personal glimpse of the bountiful offerings and adventures of the unexplored Konkan region.

Before you watch the show, Addinath Kothare spoke to Prateek Sur about the 5 topmost things that one shouldn’t miss when it comes to the Konkan region of India. Here’s what the actor had to say:

Water Activities

Water activities are fantastic, to start with. Flyboarding exists in Konkan, which I had never idea about. In Australia and Europe, it is a widely played sport. You feel a strong rush of adrenaline. Also available in Tarkarli is scuba diving. I'm at the ideal location because I enjoy adventurous sports.


There are several truly stunning forts, such as Sindhudurg fort and the Colaba fort. Shivaji carved a fort out of a rock and named it the Sindhudurg Fort, which is unbeatable. Also very well preserved are his handprints and footprints. You feel immediately transported to that time period.

Konkani Cuisine

Ufff! It tastes good. Shirwale is similar to freshly made rice noodles, and you are recommended to eat it with jaggery combined with coconut milk and a few additional spices since it is so delicious.

Folk Art

Konkan is home to a variety of folk arts, including the lovely play Dashavatar, which is set in the region's rural core. sometimes referred to as Lokanatya. Toys made at Sawantwadi's wooden craft facility are exported all over the world.

The Outdoors

The stunning highways, beaches, and landscapes. It's really captivating to drive through the Konkan, which is so colourful and vibrant. It also has a very distinctive scent. In terms of lifestyle, architecture, town planning, and culture, the Marathas, Portuguese, and British have all had a significant impact. One may only experience the various colours of Konkan while travelling there.

Every person in this world should explore these 5 aspects! For those who cannot visit right now, the ten-episode show, ‘Konkan Diaries’ will acquaint us with the Maharashtrian belt of the Konkan region. The show will premiere on March 5.