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‘57 Seconds’ Movie Review: Josh Hutcherson, Morgan Freeman’s Time-Travel Story Squandered By Pathetic Visual Effects

Outlook Rating:
0.5 / 5

Josh Hutcherson and Morgan Freeman starrer time travel film, ‘57 Seconds’ has finally been released on OTT. Is the film worth your time? Or can you simply skip it? Read the full movie review to find out.


A Still From ‘57 Seconds’ Photo: Instagram

Time travel films are always something the audiences love. It’s the thrill of the journey and the way time travel is shown which makes the film worth the watch. ‘57 Seconds’ comes with a promise of good time travel film. The film may not have done wonders at the ticket windows, but when it released on OTT, it ended up trending on top of Google Trends for quite a while. So, what is the fuss about this film all about? Let’s find out.

‘57 Seconds’: Story

A small-time blogger Franklin (Josh Hutcherson) thwarts an attack against Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman), a visionary tech guru. When asked about what he wanted in exchange, Franklin asks for Burrell’s interview for his blog. However, soon afterwards, Franklin finds out that Burrell dropped his ring. After a bit, Franklin realises that the ring has powers to turn back time by 57 seconds. With this newfound power, Frankin now decides to take revenge against a pharmaceutical company, who were responsible for the death of his twin sister. The rest of the story revolves around his conflict with what’s good and what’s bad.


‘57 Seconds’: Performances

If you’re watching ‘57 Seconds’ thinking that it’s a Morgan Freeman film, then you will sadly be disappointed. Morgan Freeman is barely there is a few scenes. However, his towering presence shows off every time he is on screen. He makes the most of a character that’s half-baked and not written too well with a background or an inherent essence. It felt really bad to see Morgan Freeman try his level best to make the character come out with flying colours but sadly, it wasn’t just enough.

Josh Hutcherson tries to carry the film on his shoulders but the character doesn’t have too much depth for him to portray it authentically. Add to that the act that he has to put up during or after the time travel is something that seems so fake.


None of the other supporting characters have a standout performance which is even a little bit noteworthy.

‘57 Seconds’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

Macon Blair and Rusty Cundieff’s screenplay based on E.C. Tubb’s short story actually has a very thrilling feel to it. Even though it’s quite predictable, yet the way the time travel is written into the story is quite good. You actually start putting that into your own daily life and start imagining what if I get a second chance at rectifying my small mistakes here and there by going back in time 57 seconds.

But the novelty of the writing is killed by some pathetic direction by Rusty Cundieff. Right from the very start it opens up like B-Grade film and it keeps sinking further and further below. The visual effects of a plane crash, or even the time when people are experiencing the time travel is so terrible that you’re left wondering why are you even watching this film. The story’s predictability could have been very well hidden by some adept direction. Sadly, that didn’t happen. On the contrary, the way the actors are made to act or rather react to the time travel scene looks oh-so-fake. As the captain of the ship, Rusty Cundieff could have said no to so many things and changed the course of things in a much better way.

Andrew Strahorn’s cinematography is so sub-standard that you’re constantly getting the look and feel of a B-Grade film. The way the shots are taken, especially the flight sequence and the time travel bits are just too subpar.

The editing by John Quinn is probably the only good thing about the film. He has managed to keep things in place quite nicely. He has been able to keep the story short so that you don’t have to bear the idiocy for too long. Also, he seems to be the only one who is trying to make the time travel sequences look a tad-bit watchable.


Nathan Furst’s music is forgettable. Actually, in a thriller movie based around time travel, you’re supposed to have a good background score which makes you feel like you’re travelling right with the characters. Sadly, Nathan Furst’s music didn’t have much to offer.

‘57 Seconds’: Cast & Crew

Director: Rusty Cundieff

Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Morgan Freeman, Greg Germann, Lovie Simone, Bevin Bru, Sammi Rotibi, Mark Jacobson, Griff Furst, D.A. Obahor, Jeff Chase, Aaron Jay Rome, Marcus Lyle Brown, Kenneth Kynt Bryan, Lucius Baston, Matthew Jayson Cwern

Available On: BookMyShow Stream, Amazon Prime Video

Duration: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

‘57 Seconds’: Can Kids Watch It?



Outlook’s Verdict

While I am a fan of time travel films, but ‘57 Seconds’ is something that’s nothing short of a B-Grade film which hasn’t been directed and shot well. Despite the story being predictable, there was certain element of surprise in the writing about how the time travel would be shown, but sadly it was all for a squandered opportunity. If you’re a fan of time travel films or even if you’re just feeling like watching it for Morgan Freeman, please Avoid. I am going with 0.5 stars.