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5 Content Creators Making A Difference In Varied Content Genres

Content creation has been one of the most highly proficient professions in today’s time. Here are a few content creators who have been true content category disruptors.


Content Creators

The pandemic accelerated the creator industry boom. We see more and more creators today at a micro and macro level, who have changed the way how social media is consumed. In the sea of numerous creators, there are a few creators who need a special mention for creating new benchmarks and propelling the industry ahead.

“Creators today have gone beyond just being influencers. They create cultures and communities which shape the lives of audiences and industries around them. Given their massive impact on society and increasing share of voice in the business ecosystem today, it is necessary to streamline the industry to further empower the creator economy through a holistic, content, brand and monetization action plan,” says Devdatta Potnis, Chief Executive Officer, Animeta, an AI-powered creator tech company focused on creating and nurturing digital creators in Asia’s creator industry.


Here is a look at some creators who are making a difference in content categories in the country.

Lakhan Rawat And Neetu Bisht Rawat

Lakhneet Vlogs’s Lakhan and Neetu are a fun Indian couple who love to prank each other. They create daily vlogs with their family and give couple goals to their audience. These Major TikTok stars have been recording their lives and sharing them on their channel since 2020, post the TikTok ban in India. Their journey has been full of ups and downs and they have set an example for young people to never give up, be positive and always have a fighting spirit. These creators are growing the ‘Vlogging’ space, which is on its way to becoming the next big thing. ‘Vlogging’ is currently featured in the top Indian categories on YouTube with 5.2 billion views.


Faisal Khan

The founder of Motorbeam and FK-R is India’s first automobile creator. Faisal started his vlogging journey in 2017, giving a raw POV feel of cars and bikes and amassing a subscriber base of more than 2 million across his channels. He has driven almost all kinds of vehicles including supercars, ultra-luxury machines, vintage wheels, tuk-tuk, excavators and even a military truck! Among the most popular video categories on YouTube, auto-related videos drive awareness and discovery of vehicles which revolutionizes the car buying experience as compared to contemporary modes of advertising.

Gaurav Thakur

He is one of India’s biggest youtube educators and the founder of GetSetFly Media. Thakur is widely known for his authentic content around science, space, technology, facts and politics. He started making Youtube videos in 2017 and currently, he has around 10 million subscribers across all of his youtube channels and he gets almost 1 Billion views every year on his videos. This category grabs the 4th spot on the list of top Indian categories on YouTube, as younger audiences gravitate towards learning facts, and information without opinions.

Manoj Malhotra

Better known for his YouTube channel - Travelling Mantra, Manoj Malhotra is an avid traveller and vlogger and has been travelling for the last 14 years, having covered more than 50 countries. He believes in creating content that will ease the travel inhibitions and pains of his followers by giving them the best mantras and tips. Travel being one of the biggest content categories in India, Manoj wants to build his community across all social media platforms and age groups.


Counted among India’s biggest food channels, FoodieWe is created by the trio Onkar, Mukti and Gautam. Their playful and energetic content around food challenges and contests keeps their follower base of almost 3 million on the edge of their seats. Within a very short amount of time, they have achieved a huge milestone by creating videos on famous & exotic foods from India. The most popular video challenge that they are famous for is “Eating same colour food for 24 hours” which has given them international recognition as well. The future of Indian food channels on YouTube looks bright as the YouTube viewership of all food channels across genres stood out to be 8.36 billion reportedly.