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‘Scoop’: If It’s Controversial, By Default It’s Good Journalism – 5 Lines From Karishma Tanna’s Show That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

‘Scoop’: If It’s Controversial, By Default It’s Good Journalism – 5 Lines From Karishma Tanna’s Show That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Karishma Tanna’s ‘Scoop’ has been getting a lot of accolades from all over. The performances have been good, the direction has been terrific, but what has been loved the most is the writing. The dialogues are so powerful that they’re soon becoming common lingo. Here are a few such lines.

Karishma Tanna In A Still From 'Scoop'
Karishma Tanna In A Still From 'Scoop' Instagram

In a world where ‘aaj ki taaza khabar’ competes to grab the most eyeballs, Netflix’s new show ‘Scoop’ presents the unabashed reality of the present-day media landscape. Starring Karishma Tanna as star crime reporter Jagruti Pathak, Hansal Mehta’s ‘Scoop’ is inspired by Jigna Vora’s book ‘Behind Bars In Byculla: My Days In Prison’, and has been garnering a lot of love from audiences. Apart from the performances and storyline, the writing has been specifically praised.

Here are a few dialogues from the character drama, written by Karan Vyas, that left us with goosebumps. ‘Scoop’ was also written by Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul and Mirat Trivedi.

It’s our job. To do it faster, be the first, get the Scoop. That is the game.

Deepa Chandra, who says this dialogue to a fellow colleague, is the trainee under Jagruti Pathak who you can either love or hate. There is no in-between. But no matter which side you pick, she said what she said. To survive in the vast world of media, one has to get that exclusive story. You can either be ambitious or stand by the truth, a theme that runs across the show.

Laashon pe bani imaarat zyaada der nahi tikti

Speaking of ambition, there is a brief tussle between Imran, who is fired from his editorship at the reel-life Eastern Age, and Pushkar, his successor. Imran believes that Pushkar uses his selfish motives to reach his position. At the end of the fight, he tells him that a position achieved at the expense of others is one that will not last. He definitely has his way with words because they have the power to move you.

What was once called the 4th pillar of democracy, is now just rubble.

Imran, the editor-in-chief of Eastern Age is not only Jagruti’s boss but also her friend; a man that stands by his ethics. He provides the viewers with ideals and virtues to aspire for. Upon Jagruti’s arrest, he pens an open letter. It is thought-provoking and reiterates the failure of the media system, to tell the truth, and protect their fellow journalists. Imran also rightly says Pehle hota tha, if journalism is good, by default it will be controversial. Ab ulta hain. If it’s controversial, by default it’s good journalism.

At one point in the show, he further remarks to his colleague Pushkar that If someone says it's raining and someone says it's dry, it is our job to look outside your window and decide which is true.

A line that provokes you to find out the truth for yourself.

Theories that are not backed by evidence can destroy careers

In a conversation between Jagruti Pathak and ACP Harshvardhan Shroff, he comments that theories don’t solve cases and that they have the potential to ruin the career of a person. If you’ve watched the show, you know that the line foreshadows Jagruti’s arrest, one based on a series of circumstantial evidence, and theories that eventually ruin her career.

Having too much hope can be as dangerous as having no hope at all.

During her trial, Jagruti’s lawyer tells her that she must not be too hopeful about getting bail, a dialogue that reflects the workings of the country’s justice system. However, as she goes back to her jail quarters, she tells Sadhvi Ma, Mai jaanti hu iss duniya mein andhera bohot hai, Lekin yeh andhera itna kamzor hai ki usse ek diya bhi hara sakta hai

A line that is symbolic of her hope, conviction and courage.

The problem is either you break the story or the story breaks you

Last but not the least, is the dialogue that has had us hooked ever since the teaser dropped. While explaining the media landscape, Jagruti remarks on the dynamism of the industry. It is a line that summarizes Jagruti’s journey through the show, from being a star crime reporter to one that becomes a scapegoat in the murder of her fellow colleague.

Follow Karishma Tanna aka Jagruti Pathak’s story as she fights for justice in Netflix’s ‘Scoop’.


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