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‘Kacchey Limbu’ On JioCinema Movie Review: Ayush Mehra-Radhika Madan-Rajat Barmecha’s Film On Sibling Rivalry Is Feel-Good And Light-Hearted

‘Kacchey Limbu’ was selected at TIFF last year. The film has finally released on JioCinema. Is the film starring Ayush Mehra, Radhika Madan, Rajat Barmecha worth the wait? Or can you simply skip it? Read the full movie review to find out.

Rajat Barmecha, Radhika Madan, Ayush Mehra

‘Kacchey Limbu’: Cast & Crew

Director: Shubham Yogi

Cast: Rajat Barmecha, Radhika Madan, Ayush Mehra, Neeraj Pandey, Mahesh Thakur, Paras Priyadarshan

Available On: JioCinema

Duration: 1 Hour 49 Minutes

‘Kacchey Limbu’: Story

A willful young girl (Radhika Madan) who is in the race to fulfil dreams imposed on her by everyone and is at the receiving end each time. Will she be able to disprove her boyfriend (Paras Priyadarshan)? Will she be able to teach a lesson to her brother (Rajat Barmecha)? Will she discover someone new in her life? Will she feel her passion changing with time? Will they all finally grow up and come of age? Well, for all that, you’ll have to watch the movie.

‘Kacchey Limbu’: Performances

Ayush Mehra is a star in the making. It won’t be long before he is no longer the king of OTT but also starts making inroads into bigger-budgeted features and theatrical films. He brings an innocence to the entire story. The way he subtly tries to woo the girl, the way he reacts to the first whiskey drink, and the way he befriends the watchman – all are not just good writing, but also great depictions by Mehra. Despite it being a simplistic character, he manages to stand out by bringing in the little nuances to it like playing the switch hit while batting or getting his foot injured and yet continuing to play. Those bits made the character oh-so-lovable.

Radhika Madan is a charm. She brings in the girl-next-door vibe with utter perfection. Not only does she look the part perfectly, but she also gets the nitty gritty of the character even better. Whether it’s the fight with her own brother or the sleeping on his shoulder during a bike ride, etc – Madan played the character with so much finesse that it actually didn’t feel like she was acting, and felt that it was absolutely natural.

It was good to see Rajat Barmecha after such a long time doing such considerable work. He is effortless and so skilled in his craft that he makes the scene so wholesome. Even when his character doesn’t have anything to say onscreen, he maintains the character, and that’s what gets shown on screen. It’s a simple character, and he played it like a breeze without putting in too much effort and just becoming that character.

The other supporting cast was decent and played their parts perfectly. However, there wasn’t any big stand-out performer among them.

‘Kacchey Limbu’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

Shubham Yogi’s writing and direction were the key highlights of the film. While the writing was simple, it was very relatable. What also struck out nicely is that the story was written keeping the shooting locations in mind. For example, the rule of the sixer in this society’s gully cricket tournament was specific to just this society, and wouldn’t have been possible to stage it anywhere else. So, that amount of meticulous planning was something that stood out. Also, showing a current-day sibling rivalry and yet managing to not go too crass and abusive and have that nostalgic 90’s vibe in the bonding felt really good. These factors translated onscreen giving the viewer a perfect feel-good. It was almost like giving the audience a big bear hug. While directing he manages to get the thrill as well in the climax. Usually, when it’s a sports film, you have a good guy and the bad guy and you have a predictable sense right at the start that the good guy will eventually win at the end. However, in ‘Kacchey Limbu’, Yogi managed to keep you hanging till the very end for you know that both are siblings and they love each other a lot. So, who would be eventually winning? Well, till the end of the climax, Yogi manages to thrill you and keep you on tenterhooks for the verdict.

The cinematography by Piyush Puty was nothing too out of the ordinary. However, despite being staged entirely in Mumbai, he managed to show some locales in the city that aren't that commonly visited. The outdoor beach locales were a refreshing change from the regular Marine Drive or Girgaon Chowpatty.

Mitesh Soni’s editing is crisp and to the point. You won’t be left hanging at any point in the story. Also, he has managed to not lengthen the film unnecessarily and has kept it well under 2 hours, which is terrific.

Anshul Takkar’s music is decent. Songs like the title track and ‘Chal Varti’ stick on with you long after you’ve finished watching the movie.

‘Kacchey Limbu’: Can Kids Watch It?


Outlook’s Verdict

‘Kacchey Limbu’ is a light-hearted, feel-good film. The performances are good and quite relatable. The director even manages to make it quite thrilling towards the climax. It will bring the feeling of childhood innocence in you and also give you that feeling for gully cricket. It’s definitely a great One-Time Watch. I am going with 4 stars.