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'City Of Dreams' Actor Sachin Pilgaonkar: Any Role Nagesh Kukunoor Would Have Offered Me I Would Have Said Yes

Sachin Pilgaonkar, in an interview with Outlook, opened up about his character in 'City of Dreams 3'. He was also all praise for director Nagesh Kukunoor and said that he would have 'yes' to any role offered to him by the filmmaker as he believes in his work.

Sachin Pilgaonkar

Nagesh Kukunoor's political drama, 'City of Dreams 3' premiered on Disney+Hotstar on May 26. The show has been getting positive reviews. Sachin Pilgaonkar who plays Jagdish Gurav in the show is much unlike what he was shown in the previous two seasons. In the first season of the web show, Gurav was shown as a good character with no negative traits in him. But as the show progresses, the character also progresses and now he is clever, cunning, smart and unpredictable. 

Ahead of the release of the third season of 'City of Dreams', Garima Das of Outlook had a candid conversation with Sachin where he spoke at length about the development of his character, breaking stereotypes by playing such kind of role, raving director Nagesh Kukunoor and a lot more. 

Talking about Season 3, he said that everything in it will be higher, and also in this season his character will see growth. "This character is as sly as he always has been and at the same time how cunning would he be in this season is for the audience to watch and experience," he added.

Earlier, in an interview, Sachin had said that he said 'yes' to the show because of Nagesh Kukunoor. When I asked, if he would have been approached by any other director, would his answer be a 'yes' too? To which the 'Nadiya Ke Paar' actor said, "I would have said yes for doing this character for sure but when I came to know first that it is directed by Nagesh then for him any role he would have offered me I would have said yes". He further said, "Because I believe in him and have seen his work and have admired his work. He is a person whose head is on his shoulders. He is a very good director and I love to work with good directors. That's why, for Nagesh even if the role was something else, I would have said yes to it because of Nagesh. If some other director had offered me this role, I would have said yes to the role because the role is very good".

Sachin Pilgoankar started his acting career as a child actor and he has this chocolaty or good boy image. But now as he has been playing this clever and sharp role which is totally opposite to his real-life persona, he called it 'challenging' to play. He also said that an actor always likes to do something which he has not done. So, it's challenging for him to meet up with that challenge, as he has to work hard, and at the same time, his effort should not be seen. He added, "The character itself was a challenge. The things which Jagdish Gurav does or has done in the last two seasons but he is coming up with lots of surprises in this season. So, even to meet up with those surprises or challenges, one needs to scratch the head."

On asked about his process, Pilgaonkar said that he followed his director as he is completely a 'director's actor'. 

The 65-year-old also said that his audience keeps him grounded. He loves his audience and likes to please them. He calls it his 'drive'

'City of Dreams 3' also stars Atul Kulkarni, Priya Bapat, Eijaz Khan and Rannvijay Singha among others.