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'Chintaa Mani' Actor Sudhanshu Rai On How The Disney+Hotstar Thriller Is An Old School Meets Contemporary Setup

The new-age storyteller, motivational speaker, and filmmaker Sudhanshu Rai’s new short film has recently released on Disney+Hotstar which is a blend of comedy, thrill as well as sci-fi. 

Actor Sudhanshu Rai

"The audience preferences and behaviour have steadily changed through time when it comes to cinema," says actor Sudhanshu Rai who is currently seen in 'Chintaa Mani' streaming on Disney+Hotstar. "Nobody can actually predict how viewers would behave as it depends on so many different variables. For example, just like work from home became a sought-after option for many since the outbreak of the pandemic, there are many who discovered the sea of entertainment options at their homes through the world of OTTs. The audience is also now more acquainted with various new formats, plots and storylines," he further says.

The new-age storyteller, motivational speaker, and filmmaker Sudhanshu Rai’s new short film has recently released on Disney+Hotstar which is a blend of comedy, thrill as well as sci-fi. Produced under the banner of Saints Art and Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai, it's is a comedy thriller, with an element of extraterrestrial phenomena. 

Talking about his project, he says that we often refer to Chintaa Mani as the most experimental original, and that is because the plot of the film encompasses not one but multiple genres as well as subgenres. "We have tried to present an old school cinema in a contemporary setup, and the intriguing storyline of a precious stone or Mani that can show the future is being loved by critics and audience alike. It is a story about three friends whose lives turn upside down after one of them meets a mysterious vagabond at a deserted site, and procures the Mani in exchange for some cash. Chintaa Mani stands out as a fresh on-screen experience for the OTT audience," he says.

Like 'Chintaa Mani', his past releases were also short formats so it seems that he has a special likeness for short films or is this a turning point to something big?

To this, he says that "as my audience is aware, apart from being an actor and a filmmaker, I also happen to be an entrepreneur. And it is my learning as a student of management and subsequently an entrepreneur that it is important to take smaller stepping stones to create something bigger and disruptive. You rightly put it as a turning point, or stepping stones, to something big, and in this case, it is a full-length feature film, which is currently in the pre-production stage. The film will feature a few prominent faces from the Indian film industry. We would make a further announcement in this regard at an appropriate time."

Talking about his journey as an entertainer he says that his journey as an artist, more specifically as an actor and storyteller, started when he was pursuing his education.

"I wrote, directed, and acted in many plays during those years, some of which went on to win honours. After completing my education, I launched my own business and established Saints Art, a strategic communication firm that expanded to production as well with Chaipatti. It was during the course of it that I formally became a storyteller on multiple social media, digital platforms as well as radio FM channel. The next gradual progression was into filmmaking, as an actor, director and producer.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to wear so many different hats and take satisfaction in the fact that developing into a multifaceted person has been a gradual step-wise process," he says.