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‘Barbie’ Movie Release Generates Hype, Nostalgia And Anticipation At Its Peak; Celebs Share Their Childhood Memories

‘Barbie’ has released finally in all theatres with much fanfare. Celebrities share their favourite Barbie memories and excitement to watch the film.

Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling In A Still From 'Barbie'

Farnaz Shetty

Every girl has fantasized about being a Barbie during her childhood, as Barbie represents the best version of herself. Every girl assumes herself to be a Barbie because she appears perfect from head to toe. I haven't seen the other versions, but I'm excited to witness this one, as this Barbie is about to face the real world and its challenges, turning the situation around. In my childhood, my parents used to get me more riddles, puzzles, and invention games since those were my interests. However, there was one occasion when my dad bought a Barbie for me, and I still remember her because of her pink dress and long blonde hair. I started fantasizing about having that long hair, which I haven't been able to achieve until now. Since every girl looks up to being a Barbie, it shows the admiration they have for her.

Charrul Malik

I'm eagerly looking forward to watching the film "Barbie" since it brings back strong feelings of connection and nostalgia. Barbie has always been an integral part of our lives. During our childhood, my twin sister and I used to share one Barbie doll, and we would often fight over it. Despite our teasing and the budget constraints, we managed to share that one doll. My sister had Barbie-like features; she almost looked like a real-life Barbie with her tall stature and slightly blondish hair. The word "Barbie" itself triggers a rush of childhood memories, like the times we spent stitching clothes for that single Barbie we had. There isn't any particular reason to watch this film, but I feel compelled to do so due to the deep emotional connection I have with the iconic Barbie, making it a must-watch for me.

Mrinal Navell

I'm genuinely excited about the upcoming Barbie movie, despite not being a die-hard fan of Barbie dolls. In my younger days, I did have Barbies, and my parents gifted me a complete Barbie set on my seventh or eighth birthday. I used to enjoy dressing her up and creating a little home for her with imaginative setups. The reason I'm looking forward to the movie is because of the intriguing trailer, which portrays Barbie as a human being in an authentic way, unlike anything seen before. The attention to detail, such as the way she steps out of her shoe but doesn't touch the ground, is captivating and adds a unique charm to the character. The concept of Barbie in the real world is a fresh and interesting take, as we're used to seeing her in animated settings. Additionally, the star-studded cast, including Margaret Robbie and especially Ryan Gosling, whom I admire for his performances in movies like "La La Land," "The Notebook," and "Blue Valentine," makes me eagerly anticipate their work in this film. Overall, with such a compelling plot and a talented cast, I am definitely going to watch the movie in theaters when it releases. I can't wait to see how Barbie navigates through the modern world in this exciting and different cinematic experience.

Madalsa Sharma

I'm really excited about the upcoming Barbie film, and I believe I'm not the only one. People worldwide eagerly await its release because Barbie holds a special place in everyone's heart. Regardless of gender, most of us have grown up playing with Barbie dolls, and even boys have enjoyed the charm of these dolls and their male characters. The film is expected to evoke fond memories of vibrant outfits, doll themes, and our cherished Barbie dolls and dollhouses from childhood. Personally, I have many Barbie-related memories, not just one. I recall my fancy dress competition in second grade when my mother beautifully dressed me up as a Barbie, and I performed to the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, winning first place. Another character I was drawn to was Snow White, as I played her in a school competition and won first prize. Watching Snow White movies repeatedly and visiting Disney parks added to my fondness for the character. I'm eagerly anticipating the Barbie film, and it promises to be a delightful experience for all, rekindling our love for these beloved characters.

Shivangi Verma

Barbie is all over the place, from reels to trending dialogues. While I haven't made a transition video yet, I'm considering doing one because of its popularity. I distinctly recall watching the film's trailer in cinemas, exclaiming, "Wow, Barbie is coming!" The impressive quality ensures I'll watch it wherever it's released. This Barbie stands out from others in the industry due to changing mindsets and improved cinema production. With my vast collection, I cherish countless memories of playing with Barbie dolls, sets, and customizing hair and costumes. I always aspired to look and dress like Barbie, but unfortunately, nothing remains from my childhood Barbie collection.