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The 7 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies | Outlook Reviewed

Get relief from dust, pollen, pet dander, and more. Improve your indoor air quality with our top-rated air purifier recommendations.

The 7 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies | Outlook Reviewed

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: The Honeywell HPA200 HEPA Air Purifier stands out as the best air purifier for allergies  with its ability to clean up to 1500 sq ft in 1 hour, making it ideal for larger spaces. 

  • Best for Large Rooms: The Dyson Purifier Cool™ Gen1 TP10 is recommended for its Air Multiplier technology, which projects purified air throughout the room. 

  • Best for Dust and Smoke: The Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier is noted for its PlasmaWave technology that breaks down allergens, odors, and chemical vapors without emitting harmful ozone. 

  • Best Budget: The AROEVE Air Purifier With its compact design and low noise level, it provides good value for those seeking effective air purification on a budget.

You may not be aware but your home might likely harbour airborne contaminants that can aggravate your allergies. While outdoor allergens like pollen often get the spotlight during allergy season, the indoor environment is frequently the primary culprit for sneezing and running nose. 

Dust, pet dander, mold, and other airborne allergens can linger in the air you breathe, exacerbating your symptoms.

While an air purifier alone won’t prevent allergies, it can significantly alleviate the most bothersome symptoms. A best air purifier for home is equipped to capture virtually all airborne allergens, including pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and even smoke. 

By effectively removing these particles from the air, the best air purifier can create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment, making it easier to breathe and reducing allergy flare-ups.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best air purifiers for allergies and promoting a more comfortable and healthier living space. 

These top-rated devices not only promise to clean the air but also enhance your overall well-being by ensuring that you and your family breathe cleaner, allergen-free air. 

What to look for when shopping for an air purifier for allergies 

  • HEPA Filter: Ensure the air purifier has a True HEPA filter, capable of trapping 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, dust, and pet dander.

  • CADR Rating: Look for a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for smoke, dust, and pollen, indicating the purifier’s efficiency in removing specific particles from the air.

  • Coverage Area: Choose an air purifier suitable for the size of your room. Check the manufacturer's specifications for the recommended room size to ensure optimal performance.

  • Additional Filtration Stages: Consider models with pre-filters, activated carbon filters, and UV-C light, which help remove odours, VOCs, and bacteria, enhancing overall air quality.

  • Allergen-Specific Features: Some air purifiers come with features designed for allergies, such as modes or settings optimised for pollen, pet dander, and mold.

  • Noise Level: Check the decibel level, especially if you plan to use the purifier in a bedroom or living area. Look for models with a quiet operation feature.

  • Energy Efficiency: Look for ENERGY STAR-rated models that consume less power, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Smart Features: Consider air purifiers with smart technology, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, and air quality sensors for automatic adjustments.

  • Maintenance Requirements: Check the filter replacement schedule and cost, and ensure the model is easy to maintain.

How we chose them for you when curating this list 

  • Performance Evaluation: We assessed each purifier’s efficiency in capturing allergens like pollen, dust, and pet dander, focusing on features such as HEPA filters and CADR ratings.

  • Comparison Analysis: We compared various models, weighing their pros and cons, including filtration stages, noise levels, and additional features like smart connectivity and UV-C light.

  • Brand Credibility: We prioritised reputable brands known for quality and reliability in air purification, ensuring that our recommendations come from trusted manufacturers with a strong track record.

  • User Feedback: We analysed customer reviews and ratings across multiple platforms to gauge real-world performance, ease of use, and customer satisfaction, ensuring our picks are well-regarded by users.

  • Value for Money: We considered the cost relative to the features and performance, aiming to recommend air purifiers that offer the best balance of price and functionality, providing excellent value for your investment.

Below is the comprehensive review of best air purifiers for allergies


Coway’s Mighty (AP-1512HH) air purifier is ideal for rooms up to 361 square feet like living room and bedroom, effectively capturing up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

This True HEPA air purifier features a 4-stage filtration system, including a pre-filter, deodorization filter, True HEPA filter, and ionizer, reducing allergens, pollutants, and odors. It also includes smart features like a real-time air quality monitor, auto mode, eco mode, timer, and filter replacement indicator. 

The unit is ETL and CARB certified, with quiet operation ranging from 24.4 dB to 53.8 dB, making it both efficient and user-friendly. The Coway Mighty is ENERGY STAR rated and has won awards for its performance.


  • Price: $183

  • Brand: Coway

  • Room Coverage: 361 sq ft

  • Filtration System: 4-stage

  • Noise Level: 24.4 dB to 53.8 dB

  • Energy Efficiency: ENERGY STAR

  • Warranty: 1 year (parts), 3 years (motor)



Real-time air quality monitoring

Noisy at higher speed 

Triple filtration works really well

The plastic shell is prone to breakage

Priced reasonably enough

Easy-to-use touch controls

User’s Reviews: "Air quality is a legitimate thing, and having poor air to breathe makes life less tolerable for people with allergies or lung issues. Again, not something I suffer from necessarily, but I appreciate the cleaner air this provides nonetheless. So I cannot imagine how much better breathing could be for someone that does have serious allergies, asthma, or other breathing troubles. I would say this gem is a no brainer, if you do. But even if you don't, you'll still notice the difference after plugging this guy in and letting it run for about the first hour. 

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying because 81% of over 25,000+ Amazon reviewers awarded it a 5-star rating, reflecting its high satisfaction and effective performance in improving indoor air quality.


LEVOIT’s Vital 200S-P Air Purifier is designed for large rooms up to 1800 square feet, effectively removing 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns, including pollen, dust, and pet dander. 

Featuring a 3-stage filtration system with a washable pre-filter and HEPA-grade filter, it ensures clean air with minimal maintenance. The purifier includes smart features like WiFi control via the VeSync app, air quality monitoring, and adjustable schedules for Pet Mode, Auto Mode, and Sleep Mode. 

Its high CADR of 242 CFM ensures fast purification, making it ideal for large spaces. It’s also CARB certified for safe use.


  • Price: $159 

  • Brand: LEVOIT

  • Room Coverage: 1800 sq ft

  • Filtration Efficiency: 99.97%

  • Filter Type: 3-Stage

  • CADR Rating: 242 CFM

  • Control Method: App Control

  • Air Quality Sensor: Yes



Effectively filters out harmful particles

Initial setup may require app familiarity

Extremely quiet when operating 

Not portable

Abolishes cooking smells

Automatically increase fan speed when the air quality is poor.

Has a well thought out design

User’s Reviews: "I have developed seasonal tree allergies and wanted to make sure the air in my home was as filtered and clean as possible. It always runs in the blue, unless I have previously opened the windows, and then it will display green for a few minutes. I did cook steak and onions with the windows closed and it went quickly to RED, and stayed there for a good length of time. I opened the windows and it eventually went to green and then blue. There was still an odor of onions afterwards but it was minimal. 

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.8-star rating on Amazon and over 10,000 units sold last month, this LEVOIT air purifier is a top choice for effective air purification. Its high performance and smart features make it a reliable investment for clean air.


Winix presents the 5300-2 Air Purifier, featuring True HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Ideal for medium to large rooms up to 360 square feet, it effectively removes dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors. 

The purifier utilizes a 3-stage cleaning system with an odor-reducing carbon filter and PlasmaWave technology, which safely breaks down pollutants without producing harmful ozone. 

Equipped with smart sensors, it adjusts fan speed in real-time with Auto Mode and operates silently in Sleep Mode. Energy Star and CARB certified, it ensures efficient and eco-friendly air purification for your home or office.


  • Price: $135 

  • Brand: Winix

  • Filter Type: True HEPA

  • Coverage Area: 360 sq ft

  • CADR: 236 CFM

  • Control Method: Touch

  • Dimensions: 8.2"D x 15"W x 23.6"H

  • Weight: 14.8 lbs



Performance is top notch 

No remote control included

Operates nice and quiet

Some may find it bulky

Filtering of poor air quality is impressive 

Sensor is great at detecting odors

Very convenient and easy to use 

User’s Reviews: "It cleans the air well. I'm currently using it in my 350 sq ft bedroom. I don't have the equipment to test it, but per their website I should be getting at least 4 air changes per hour which is the amount of air exchanges you need for allergies and serious air purification. I've had no smoke smell AT ALL in the bedroom when I run this with the door shut to the rest of the home and it was initially startling to walk from the bedroom into the rest of the home after the first night of using it. This unit has more than exceeded my expectations and meets all the things I was looking for in an air purifier. I plan on purchasing 2 more of these when money permits for my combined kitchen/dining/living room area that totals 700 sq ft. 

Why it's worth buying: With a stellar 4.7-star rating from over 37,000 Amazon reviews, this air purifier proves its worth through high customer satisfaction, promising reliable performance and effective allergen removal for cleaner indoor air.


Dyson’s Purifier Cool™ Gen1 uses Air Multiplier technology to project purified air throughout your room, covering up to 400 square feet. 

This Dyson purifier captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns with its fully sealed HEPA H13 filtration system. The purifier senses and reports air quality in real-time using three sensors and displays the information on a screen. 

It features a 350° oscillation for comprehensive air coverage and operates quietly in Night Mode, with a dimmed display for undisturbed sleep. The 360 Combi Glass HEPA + Carbon filter simplifies maintenance, and the remote control stores neatly on the machine.


  • Price: $372

  • Brand: Dyson

  • Airflow Technology: Air Multiplier

  • Filtration Type: HEPA H13

  • Air Quality Sensors: Three Sensors

  • Oscillation Range: 350 Degrees

  • Filter Type: Combi HEPA

  • Control Type: Remote Control



Effective air purification

Higher price point 

Easy-to-use remote control

Some noise at higher settings

Wide coverage area 

Design is classy and iconic 

Air quality is improved really well 

User’s Reviews: "I have several of these tall "cool" fans for breeze, sound, and air purifying. (I also have several of the hot/cool shorter fans, also 5 stars for me!). These are dependable and start working to clear the air quickly. This particular one I set up in a basement gym to clear the air and within hours the air quality was so clean and fresh. I pretty much keep them on 24/7. Filters do not seem to need changing very frequently. I even take the shorter hot/cool fans/ heaters on car trips for lake houses and hotel rooms. Love these! 

Why it's worth buying: With a stellar 4.7-star rating from over 37,000 Amazon reviews, this air purifier proves its worth through high customer satisfaction, promising reliable performance and effective allergen removal for cleaner indoor air.


Elevate Your Home brings you the PuroAir HEPA 14 Air Purifier, made to cover up to 1,115 square feet, making it ideal for large rooms. This air purifier for allergies effectively filters up to 99% of smoke, pollen, dust, and common pollutants, ensuring cleaner, fresher air. 

It features a powerful HEPA filter and is ETL certified, with smart sensors that automatically adjust filtration based on air quality. Additional features include a timer, sleep mode, filter replacement indicator, and child lock, making it perfect for homes with kids and pets. 

It is also backed by independent lab tests, confirming its ability to remove particles as small as 0.1 microns.


  • Price: $159 

  • Brand: Elevate Your Home

  • Coverage Area: 1115 Sq Ft

  • Filter Type: HEPA 14

  • Certifications: ETL, CARB, ISO, UL

  • Sensor Type: Particle Sensor

  • Control Method: Touch Control

  • Power Source: AC/DC



Quickly eliminate the food odors

Sensor tends to response incorrectly at times

Performance is excellent 

Touch controls may need familiarity

Noise level is very minimal

Compact and small use 

User friendly features

User’s Reviews: "I didn’t realize there was an “auto” mode and it does a great job of adjusting fan strength based on if it thinks the air is good or needs purification. I like that it can self adjust. I’ve been able to tell that it increases the purifying when it detects an increase in smoke. My neighbors are burning in their yards all the time so it’s been very helpful for keeping our home fresh. Not loud at all. In fact, I like white noise and it is very quiet. Smaller than I expected, which is nice, doesn’t take up a big presence in the room. 

Why it's worth buying: With a strong reputation backed by 4.1-star ratings on Amazon, it's worth buying for effective air purification and user-friendly features that ensure clean and fresh indoor air.


Honeywell’s HPA200 HEPA Air Purifier is perfect for large rooms up to 1,500 square feet, providing powerful air cleaning with four air exchanges per hour. 

It effectively captures microscopic airborne particles, including pollen, pet dander, smoke, and dust, with its HEPA filtration system. Ideal for wildfire season, it reduces smoke particles that can impact air quality even far from fires. 

The purifier features three cleaning levels, including Turbo Clean, and circulates air in rooms up to 310 square feet every 12.5 minutes. ENERGY STAR certified, it ensures efficient operation while maintaining high performance. For optimal results, use only genuine Honeywell filters.


  • Price: $193

  • Brand: Honeywell

  • Coverage Area: 1500 sq ft

  • Air Exchanges: 4.8 times/hr

  • Noise Level: 60 dB

  • Filter Type: HEPA Filter

  • Cleaning Levels: Turbo, High, Medium, Low

  • Certification: ENERGY STAR



Captures fine smoke particles

Replacement filters are expensive

Simple touch controls

May be bulky for small spaces

Does an excellent job of filtering the air

Cleans the allergens out of the air effectively 

Maintenance is simple and basic

User’s Reviews: "After almost 4 years of continuing use of my Honeywell Hepa Air Purifiers they are still going strong! I now have 3 of these amazing machines, having replaced all three of my round Honeywell air filters. With regular maintenance and filter changes these air purifiers still do an excellent job of filtering the air in my home. I still have two cats in my home and my asthma has gotten a bit worse with age, but these Honeywell Hepa Air Filters still do an incredible job! The replacement filters are reasonably priced and the machines still maintain a virtually silent operation in the lowest setting. To sum up, 4 years later I am still very pleased with my purchase. 

Why it's worth buying: With an impressive 4.6-star rating from over 31,000 reviewers, it’s a trusted choice for clean air. Its powerful filtration and efficient operation make it highly recommended for large spaces.


AROEVE’s air purifier makes use of a high-efficiency filter to capture particles such as smoke, pollen, dander, and hair, enhancing air quality in rooms up to 215 square feet. 

Featuring dual-channel and 360-degree air inlets, it refreshes the air every hour, promoting better health. The purifier operates quietly, with sleep mode reducing fan speed to as low as 22 dB, ensuring a peaceful environment. 

It also includes an aroma pad for adding essential oils, spreading fragrance throughout the room. Equipped with a 2000-hour filter replacement reminder, the AROEVE purifier ensures optimal performance and easy maintenance, making it ideal for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.


  • Price: $46.98 

  • Brand: AROEVE

  • Coverage Area: 215 ft²

  • Noise Level: 22 dB

  • Filtration Type: HEPA Filter

  • Air Inlets: 360-Degree

  • Aroma Function: Essential Oil

  • Filter Reminder: 2000-Hour



Quiet operation enhances sleep quality

Short power cord limits placement options

Performance very effectively and impressively 

Filters last for  long time

Compact and small in size 

Works great to reduce smoke smell indoors

User’s Reviews: "So finally after 1 full day, I came across this little beauty. It was love at first sight! It’s affordable, it’s small and it has a lot of reviews. I went through all the lower reviews first and I haven’t had the experience anyone else has had. I personally love the noise, it’s a soothing white noise that mixes well with the rain sounds I listen to at night. So now I have rain and gentle wind and for the first time in what seems to be a very long time, I was able to BREATHE and sleep like a baby with no worries.”

Why it's worth buying: With 4.5-star ratings and recognized as an Amazon Choice, it offers efficient air purification and quiet operation, making it a worthwhile investment for healthier indoor environments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which type of air purifier is best for allergies? 

  • HEPA air purifiers are generally the best for allergies because they can trap 99.97% of airborne particles, including allergens like pet dander, pollen, and mold spores. For added effectiveness, consider models with additional features like activated carbon filters for odors and VOCs.

Where is the best place to put an air purifier? 

  • Place the air purifier in the room where you spend the most time, typically the bedroom or living room. Position it away from walls and furniture to allow optimal air circulation. Avoid placing it near windows or doors where outdoor pollutants can enter.

What brand of air purifier is the best for allergies? 

  • The effectiveness of air purifiers varies by brand, with top brands often including features like HEPA filtration, smart sensors, and quiet operation. Popular brands include Coway, Dyson, Winix, and Honeywell, each offering different models suited to varying room sizes and needs.

How often should I change the air purifier filter? 

  • It's recommended to change the air purifier filter every 6 to 12 months, depending on usage and manufacturer recommendations. Some models have filter replacement indicators that notify you when it's time to change the filter.

Can air purifiers remove mold spores? 

  • Yes, HEPA air purifiers can capture mold spores and prevent them from circulating in the air. For optimal mold removal, ensure the air purifier is placed in areas prone to mold growth, such as basements or bathrooms, and change filters regularly.

Do air purifiers consume a lot of electricity? 

  • Air purifiers vary in energy consumption depending on their size and features. Look for models with Energy Star certification for energy efficiency. Operating costs can be estimated based on the wattage and usage hours per day.

The Bottom Line

Air purifiers are essential for managing allergies by improving indoor air quality. They effectively remove allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and smoke, creating a healthier living environment. Investing in a good air purifier can significantly reduce allergy symptoms, making breathing easier and enhancing overall well-being. Our list of recommendations offers a variety of models that combine advanced filtration technology, ease of use, and reliable performance. These air purifiers are designed to meet different needs and room sizes, ensuring that you find the best solution for your home. They represent a smart investment in your health and well-being.

Disclaimer: The above content is non-editorial and produced by a third party partner. Outlook India does not guarantee, vouch for or endorse any of the content*.

*The product prices mentioned in the article are subject to change