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Fusion Fashion: 5 Trendsetting Indo-Western Outfits For The Modern Indian

Embrace the elegance of Indo Western fashion and know how it aligns with modern Indian outfits. Know the celebrities that rock the Indo Western dresses.

Fusion Fashion: 5 Trendsetting Indo-Western Outfits For The Modern Indian

India is a country that is full of life and hues. Our nation's diversity and inclusivity make it unique, which is truly reflected in all senses, be it food, language or the fashion statement. The grandeur, colours, and elegance of Indian fashion are worthy of praise. The evolution of fashion in India took place over the years. You can see the significant influence of the Mughals, the Britishers who once ruled India and now the Bollywood celebrities. Bollywood is responsible for making Indo Western fashion popular across the globe. 

Many renowned names sparked this fashion revolution with their impeccable choices. Pinterest and Instagram also played a crucial role in adding to the popularity of Indo Western dresses. Fashion enthusiasts now have easy access to many fusion dressing ideas, fueling up the popularity like never before.

Top 5 Trendsetting Indo-Western Outfits

Kurta with Jeans or Leggings


Blending tradition with modernity. Give a modern twist to your traditional kurta by pairing it with leggings or jeans. Jeans Kurta is a perfect Indo Western dress for men and women. Anyone can rock this look with a little bit of styling. Men can wear kolhapuris to complete their look, whereas women can complement the look with oxidised jewellery and a nice pair of mojaris.

Draped Saree Gowns


Draped saree gowns combine elegance with comfort. It is one of the fabulous Indo Western dresses for women. You can wear this beautiful fusion outfit at festivals, family gatherings, religious occasions and whenever you believe you will carry it like no other. You can accessorise a saree gown with bangles, earrings and a lovely statement necklace. Choose your jewellery wisely, and make sure that your accessories complement the colour of your outfit. 

Crop Top with Lehenga Skirts


Step up your style game with crop tops and lehenga skirts. Try this perfect fusion of modern outfits with a tinge of tradition, which can never go wrong. Layer your crop top with a high-waisted skirt and add style to it by wearing a statement belt. You can also carry a jacket over it to get that classy look.

Jodhpuri Pants with Tunic Tops


Combine the Rajasthani elegance with a contemporary chic style. Jodhpuri pants speak elegance. These pants have a sharp shape, so avoid pairing them with a T-shirt. Wear a shirt or a bandhgala; they go well with these pants. Consider the fabric of your pants before finalising it for an occasion, e.g., cotton pants look casual, whereas wool pants are counted under the formal category. Decide which look you want and make a purchase accordingly.

Anarkali Dress


Anarkali's can always stay in fashion. This dress is named after the Mughal Empire's courtesan, Anarkali, and was once a part of royal attire. You can wear this long-flowing kurta as a dress. Style this Indo Western dress with high heels, sleek clutch and long earrings. Try pairing a short-length Anarkali with leggings or fitted pants, and wear a belt to add a modern touch.

Accessorising Your Indo-Western Outfits

Jewellery: Mixing Traditional Pieces with Modern Jewellery

Gone are the days when traditional jewellery was worn with the traditional outfits. People these days are fearlessly experimenting with their style, and pairing traditional jewellery with modern outfits is one of them. Heirloom jewellery can add much-needed glamour to your overall look. You can flaunt those precious kadas, chandbalis, chokers or jhumkas of your mother or grandmother with your trendy Indo Western outfits. 

  • Wearing a dress and wanting to wear the anklets with it? Then, choose a mid-length dress so your ankle is visible, and you can flaunt your precious jewellery. You can also wear the anklets with a long dress; make sure the dress has a nice slit to make your anklet visible.

  • Give a traditional look to your stylish strapless dress by pairing a statement necklace. The simple neckline of your dress will accentuate your fine piece of jewellery.

  • The choker necklace will go well with the collar neckline. A long necklace will stand out if worn on a turtle neck. 

Jewellery Suggestions:

Footwear: From Juttis to Stilettos

No matter how nicely you are dressed, the wrong pair of shoes can ruin it all. So, choosing the right "Sole Mate" is equally important as choosing an outfit. If we talk about fashion, it's constantly evolving and changing. The traditional mojaris and juttis are equally loved by many as pumps or stilettos. All that you need is to know what goes well with the outfit you are donning.

Footwear Suggestions:

Bags and Clutches: Blending Tradition With Contemporary Style

When discussing blending tradition with contemporary style, bags and clutches are the category that has kept up with the ever-changing fashion game. Traditional leather bags are all about aesthetics and functionality. As the fashion landscape in India evolves, so do the designs of leather bags. Fusion or local influences with global trends have made satchels and leather totes the first choice of trend-conscious people. Potli bags or Potli clutches have flawlessly transitioned to match the GenZ vibes. Another coveted accessory is an embroidered clutch. These clutches combine the style with intricate craftsmanship in an immaculate manner. 

Suggestion for Bags:

Celebrity Inspirations: Fusion Fashion in the Limelight

Celebrities played an essential role in popularising fusion dresses in India. 

  • Tapsee Pannu, known for her excellent acting skills and impeccable fashion sense, rocked the day event with her heavily embroidered long blazer paired with an Anarkali kurta.

  • The fashion police have always praised the sartorial choices of Priyanka Chopra on the Red Carpet. She wore a khaki blouse with the traditional lehenga for a magazine's photoshoot. The look was not just liked but praised by many.

  • Stunning Katrina rocked her Holi look with a black blouse, Madhubani Painting work, and a hot pink skirt.  

  • Shilpa Shetty, an epitome of beauty and class, wore an Indo Western dress, combining a bandhani-style saree silhouette with a crop top. 

  • Sonam Kapoor swooned the netizens with her striking head-to-toe print lehenga with a crop top. 

  • Sonakshi Sinha's dhoti skirt was the talk of the town. Her quirky ensemble was liked by many. 

  • Jhanvi Kapoor's bombshell mermaid look created with an Indo Western lehenga turned all the heads in real life and on social media. 

Other celebrities that have taken the popularity of Indo Western fashion to another level are Sara Ali Khan, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Kriti Sanon and more.

The Rise of Fusion Fashion

To understand fusion fashion, we need to peep into Indian history. When the Mughals came to India, they introduced intricate designs and beautiful silk prints. Embellished sherwanis, shararas, and lehengas were quite popular then, and their craze has been around for a while, even after so many years. After the downfall of the Mughals, India came under British rule. Britishers bought their fine sense of fashion, and Indians were introduced to the Anglo style, blouses, trousers and skirts that are still quite popular.

The impact of Bollywood on the Indian Fashion Industry needs a special mention. In 1950, when colour cinema became popular, people were incredibly impressed and influenced by the Bollywood stars and their fashion sense. In the 1970s, Bollywood witnessed trends on par with European fashion. Bell bottoms, denim, and even activewear were introduced to the industry. In 1990 and 2000, TVs became popular in Indian households, and people were also introduced to fashion magazines. We won beauty pageants, and travelling abroad became standard, fueling Western fashion trends. Then, the internet became popular, and fashion transcended the boundaries. 

Indo-western fashion is all about combining fabrics like satin, chiffon, linen, and silk with nude and bright colours, metallic details, 3D embroidery and French-knot stitching. Designers are experimenting with silhouettes and asymmetrical cuts to give a modern twist to traditional Indian attires. 

When it comes to the popular Indo western dress for women, pairing a Western style blouse with a traditional saree tops the list. The second most popular fusion is wearing the traditional kurta with the western style jeans, palazzos or bottoms. You can go ahead and experiment with fusion dresses; try wearing a jumpsuit and draping a dupatta like a saree or a gown in Anarkali style. The choice is all yours.


You can celebrate the harmonious blend of traditions and modernity with Indo Western fashion. Wear a saree with a crop top or kurta with jeans, or pair the palazzos with a plunging neck blouse or a skirt with a long blazer; follow the footsteps of celebrities or experiment and create your own look. When it comes to fashion, wear what you like and what you can carry confidently with a smile. Be fearless and be creative.

Remember to leave pictures flaunting your Indo Western dresses in the comment section below. Share your styling and dressing tips with our readers. 

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