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Best Dog Foods For A Healthy, Happy Pup!

Find the perfect fuel for your furry companion with our list of the 10 best dog foods. From nutrition to taste, we've got your pup's palate covered!

Best Dog Foods

Your four-legged friend deserves the very best, and that starts with a wholesome, nutritious diet. We recognise that a well-fed dog is a valued member of the family and that proper nutrition can make a big impact. Therefore, our list of the top 10 dog foods is here to satisfy every wagging tail, encouraging not just satiation but also vitality and longevity—whether you have a picky palate or a voracious eater.

This guide acts as a reliable road map through the maze of pet food options, offering everything from delicious kibble options to mouthwatering canned varieties.

Your dog's well-being is our top priority, and by the end of this guide, you'll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and select the perfect dog food to keep those tails wagging with delight.

Key factors to consider when buying food for your beloved furry friend

  • Age and Life Stage: Dogs have varying nutritional needs at different life stages. Ensure you choose a food that is appropriate for your dog's age, whether they are a puppy, adult, or senior.
  • Breed and Size: Some breeds and sizes have specific dietary requirements. Large breed dogs, for example, may benefit from foods with controlled calcium levels to support healthy growth.
  • Health and Medical Needs: If your dog has specific health concerns or dietary restrictions, it's essential to consult with your veterinarian and choose a food that addresses those needs, whether it's a weight management formula, hypoallergenic, or prescription diet.
  • Ingredients: Check the ingredient list to ensure it contains high-quality sources of protein, whole grains or vegetables, and minimal fillers or artificial additives. Look for a named protein source as the first ingredient.
  • Protein Content: Dogs require a sufficient amount of protein for muscle development and overall health. Ensure the food has an appropriate protein content, typically around 18-25%.
  • Fat Content: The fat content in dog food provides energy and supports healthy skin and coat. It should generally be around 8-15%.
  • Quality of Fats: Look for sources of healthy fats, like chicken fat or fish oil, and avoid foods with excessive saturated fats.

How we picked them for you

  • Nutritional Analysis: We assessed each product's nutritional content, ensuring it met the dietary needs of dogs at various life stages.
  • Ingredient Scrutiny: We scrutinised ingredient lists, favouring foods with high-quality proteins and minimal fillers.
  • Consumer Feedback: Customer reviews and ratings provided valuable insights into product performance.
  • Budget Consideration: We included options to accommodate various budgets without compromising on quality.
  • Brand Reputation: Our picks come from well-established, reputable manufacturers with a history of safe, quality pet food production.

Read below to find some of the best recommendations of dog foods that your furry friend will surely come to love.


Perfectly suited for adult dogs, Pedigree's Adult Dry Dog Food in the delicious Chicken & Vegetables flavour is a non-vegetarian delight. With 20% crude protein, 10% crude fat, and 5% crude fibre, this painstakingly prepared dry formula provides a balanced diet that guarantees strong bones, teeth, muscles, and a glossy coat.

What makes this unique? This meal is intended to support natural defences and improve digestive health as well as tasting delicious. In addition, it is enhanced with vital components such as soybean, calcium, minerals, and vitamins, specifically designed to meet the specific dietary requirements of your pet. Trust Pedigree, developed by experts at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.


  • Price: 1,929
  • Flavour: Chicken & Vegetables
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Form: Dry
  • Special Ingredients: Soybean, Calcium, Chicken, Minerals, Vitamins
  • Package Information: Bag
  • Weight: 10kg


  • Complete & balanced nutrition
  • Promotes strong muscles and coat
  • Supports digestive health
  • Developed by pet nutrition experts


  • Non-vegetarian, not suitable for all
  • Bag size may not suit all
  • Contains soybean, potential allergen

User feedback: I've been feeding my dog pedigree for a year now, and I'm very happy with it. My dog loves the taste, and his coat is healthier and shinier than ever before. He also has more energy and seems to be overall happier and healthier. I appreciate that pedigree is made with high-quality ingredients, including real meat and vegetables. Overall, I highly recommend pedigree to anyone looking for healthy and nutritious food for their dog.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying because it's a bestseller with a stellar 4.4-star Amazon rating, ensuring quality and satisfaction for your furry friend.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/3s1kMXg


Your non-vegetarian adult dog will love Purepet's Meat and Rice Adult Dry Dog Food, which is a delicious meat-flavoured kibble. This balanced diet, designed for active behaviour, digestive health, and immunity support, keeps your pet at their ideal weight so they can remain agile and active.

Rich in vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it provides your pet with a daily nutritional boost that improves their health and vitality. It is easily absorbed and strengthens the immune system. It's also reasonably priced, making it an affordable option to meet all of your pet's nutritional needs. It's not just pet-friendly, either. Choose Purepet, as your pet's welfare is important.


  • Price: 1,002
  • Flavour: Meat
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Form: Kibble
  • Specific Uses: Active behaviour, Digestive Health, Immunity
  • Special Ingredients: Chicken
  • Weight: 10kg


  • Maintains ideal weight
  • Vital vitamins and minerals
  • Supports immune system
  • Economical and nutritious
  • Easily digestible
  • Enhances pet's vitality


  • Not suitable for vegetarian dogs
  • Large bag size for some
  • Kibble size might not be suitable for all dog breeds

User feedback: My stray dogs loved this purepet dog food and nothing has caused any harm to them.

Why it's worth buying: With its focus on maintaining an ideal weight, digestive health, and immunity, it's a smart investment in your pet's well-being.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/3MhQiXS


Indulge your non-vegetarian adult dog with Meat Up's Chicken-Flavoured Dry Adult Dog Food. This 3 KG pack offers a fantastic "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" deal. Crafted for active behaviour, sensitive stomachs, and immunity, it goes the extra mile in pet nutrition. Packed with probiotics, it promotes digestive health, while glucosamine supports joint and bone strength. Antioxidants fortify the immune system, and a blend of essential vitamins and minerals ensures complete and balanced nutrition. The presence of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids contributes to a lustrous coat and healthy skin.


  • Price: 680
  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Form: Kibble
  • Specific Uses: Active behaviour, Sensitive stomach, Immunity
  • Special Ingredients: Chicken
  • Size: 3 KG (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)


  • Probiotics aid digestive health
  • Glucosamine supports joint and bone health
  • Antioxidants boost the immune system
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Omega 3 and 6 for coat health
  • Ideal for sensitive stomachs
  • Afforable price


  • Not suitable for vegetarian dogs

User feedback: Since the last 3 years I have tried other varieties where even after adding wet appetisers, my GSD would refuse to eat these dry foods after some time. But with Meat Up, he just seems to relish this and since the last 3-4 months he is eating this without any fuss and is in good health. I have wasted and thrown other foods out, but Meat Up seems to go down well with my Rio

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for the exceptional value with the "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" offer, providing twice the nutrition at an affordable price, making it a budget-friendly choice for your dog's health and happiness.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/3Sns1mO


Specifically formulated for your non-vegetarian adult dog, Drools Chicken and Egg Adult Dry Dog Food is a chicken flavour sensation. The main ingredient, real chicken, keeps their body in top shape and their muscles lean. It is a protein-rich recipe with carefully balanced nutrients for optimum health, suitable for all breeds.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it promotes healthy bones and a strong digestive system. Kibbles made with special design serve two purposes: they satisfy your dog's palate and prevent tartar build-up. Because they deserve the best, choose Drools if you want a contented, energetic pet with a healthy body and a wagging tail.


  • Price: 655
  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Form: Kibble
  • Special Uses: Active behaviour, Digestive Health, Immunity
  • Special Ingredients: Proteins, Nutrient-rich, Raw, Chicken, Minerals, Vitamins
  • Breed Recommendation: All breed sizes


  • Real chicken is the top ingredient
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • High-protein provides balanced nutrition
  • Promotes strong bones and digestion
  • Specially designed kibbles
  • Supports lean muscle maintenance


  • May not be suitable for vegetarian dog owners
  • Not specified for puppies
  • Relatively smaller pack size
  • No information on grain content

User feedback: Since the last 3 years I have tried other varieties where even after adding wet appetisers, my GSD would refuse to eat these dry foods after some time. But with Meat Up, he just seems to relish this and since the last 3-4 months he is eating this without any fuss and is in good health. I have wasted and thrown other foods out, but Meat Up seems to go down well with my Rio

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying because it offers real chicken for lean muscles and a well-balanced nutritional profile for overall health, making it a delicious and wholesome choice.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/409KKo1


For adult dogs, the delicious Chicken & Rice flavour of Chappi's Adult Dry Dog Food is a non-vegetarian delight. It provides your pet with complete and well-balanced nutrition, specifically designed for optimum digestive health. Rich in high-quality proteins, it promotes strong muscles and dietary fibre for a satisfied stomach.

Chappi, which is safe for all breeds from German Shepherds to Pugs, was developed through research at the esteemed Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, guaranteeing that it satisfies the highest requirements for wellness and quality. With Chappi, you can provide your devoted friend with the flavour and nourishment they require.


  • Price: 429
  • Flavour: Chicken & Rice
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Form: Chunk
  • Net Quantity: 2800 grams
  • Package Information: Bag


  • Complete & balanced nutrition
  • Quality proteins for healthy muscles
  • Dietary fibre supports digestive health
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Formulated by Waltham Pet Nutrition
  • Very affordable price


  • Not suitable for puppies

User feedback: My dog is very choosy when it comes to food but didn't expect him to love Chappi food so much..he enjoys eating it.

Why it's worth buying: It offers complete nutrition and supports digestive health for adult dogs of all breeds, backed by research from Waltham Pet Nutrition. It's a trusted choice for your furry companion's overall well-being.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/471vFaR


Your puppy's ideal beginning is with Royal Canin Baby Maxi Puppy Dry Dog Food, which is full of savoury chicken flavour. This dry pellet food, especially made for large breed puppies, provides a tasty and wholesome meal. It's a recipe for your puppy's general wellbeing, not just food.

Rich in natural ingredients, it promotes their immune system, healthy digestion, and active lifestyle. Its adaptability also lets you combine it with other dishes for a more flavorful meal. Giving your newborn puppy the best is possible when you choose Royal Canin, a company known for providing superior pet nutrition. If you want a sturdy, fit, and content puppy, go with Royal Canin.


  • Pice: 9,179
  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: Puppy
  • Item Form: Dry
  • Special Ingredients: All naturals
  • Breed Recommendation: Large


  • Supports active behaviour and immunity.
  • Enriched with all-natural ingredients.
  • Ideal for large breed puppies.
  • Highly nutritious for growing pups.
  • Versatile; can be mixed with other meals.
  • Crafted by Royal Canin's expertise.


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for adult dogs.

User feedback: About the product, It's my pup's favourite. Initially I fed him Royal Canin maxi starter and now he is on Maxi Junior. He is growing super fast. It is expensive but the best you can give him because it is the very puppy stage that nurtures him into a fine adult.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for large breed puppy owners seeking nutrition expertise. Proven with a 4.4-star rating from over 5,000 satisfied Amazon customers.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/3FFADh3


Chewers Mutton Flavour Real Mutton Dog Biscuits, a flavorful delight for all life stages, bring the essence of real mutton to your dog's treat time. Made with healthy, locally sourced ingredients, these oven-baked biscuits are straightforward and uncomplicated, making them easy to digest.

They contain real butter as their main ingredient and are fortified with vital nutrients to support immunity and general health, such as vitamins, calcium, omega-3, omega-6, and brewer's yeast. These biscuits are great for dogs of all sizes and have a nice crunch without any artificial colouring, preservatives, or genetic modification. Treat your pet to the delectable treats they deserve with Chewers—where delicious meets natural!


  • Price: 220
  • Flavour: Mutton
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: All life stages
  • Item Form: Dry biscuits
  • Specific Uses: Training
  • Special Ingredients: Real mutton
  • Net Quantity: 1.00 count


  • Wholesome, natural ingredients
  • Locally sourced, real mutton flavour
  • Enriched with essential nutrients
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Free from GMOs and preservatives
  • Oven-baked for a satisfying crunch
  • Affordable price


  • Contains dairy (butter)

User feedback: Great taste (not like I've eaten it but my pet demands for more and hence!) Lasts long on airtight containers. Good shape and could also break it in 2 pieces for an economical use. Great treat for training.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its real mutton flavour and wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients that cater to dogs of all sizes, ensuring a satisfying and healthy treat time.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/40bFLmO


Supercoat Purina Adult Dry Dog Food is a reliable option for your adult pet's diet because it tastes great and contains chicken. Now available in India, this top-rated dry dog food brand from Australia offers specially formulated nutrition for your dog's general health, keeping them robust and active.

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals for immune protection, as well as proteins for muscle growth and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthy glow on the skin and coat. This food's natural fibre helps all adult dog breeds maintain a healthy digestive system. For a naturally rich, high-protein, and nutritious diet that will support your dog's active lifestyle, go with Supercoat Purina.


  • Price: 548
  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Diet Type: Non-vegetarian
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Form: Dry
  • Specific Uses: Immune support
  • Special Ingredients: Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins


  • Protein-rich for strong muscles
  • Omega 3 & 6 for coat health
  • Supports immune protection
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Suited for various adult breeds
  • No artificial colours or flavours


  • Not for sensitive skin dogs
  • Also wouldn't work for dogs with allergies

User feedback: I am giving this food to my dog. He loves it and he is now so active and his furs are grooming well. And also his weight is gaining. I will recommend it if you have a low budget then.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying because it offers a protein-rich, immune-boosting formula suitable for various dog breeds, with no artificial additives, ensuring your furry friend's health and well-being.

Our top pick for you: https://amzn.to/3FzwnzK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the difference between dry and wet dog food?

  • Dry food is convenient and can help with dental health. Wet food has higher moisture content and can be more palatable for picky eaters. Many dog owners opt for a combination of both.

Is grain-free dog food better for my pet?

  • Not necessarily. Grain-free diets are only recommended for dogs with grain allergies. Consult your vet for personalised advice.

How often should I feed my dog?

  • Most adult dogs do well with two meals a day. Puppies may require more frequent feeding. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines or consult your vet for specific recommendations.

Can I feed my dog human food?

  • Some human foods are safe for dogs in moderation, but many can be harmful or toxic. It's best to stick with dog-specific food to ensure proper nutrition.

How do I switch my dog's food safely?

  • Gradually transition by mixing the old and new food over 7-10 days to avoid digestive upset.

What are the signs of food allergies in dogs?

  • Common signs include skin issues, digestive problems, and chronic ear infections. Consult your vet if you suspect your dog has food allergies.

Final Verdict

Our list of recommended dog foods offers a diverse range of options to cater to your furry companion's specific needs, from age and dietary preferences to health concerns. With careful consideration of quality ingredients, nutritional value, and brand reputation, we have curated a selection that prioritises your pet's well-being.

By choosing from our recommendations, you're not just only providing nourishment but you're also ensuring your dog enjoys a healthier and happier life. Trust in the expertise and research behind our choices, and let your beloved canine companion experience the delight of the best dog foods available.