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7 Best LG microwave ovens in India (2024)

Curious about the best LG microwave ovens in India for 2024? Explore top-notch features and cutting-edge technology in our recommendations.

7 Best LG microwave ovens in India (2024)

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Are you on the lookout for the perfect kitchen companion to streamline your cooking experience? As of 2024, LG microwave ovens stand out as innovative and reliable choices for households in India. These culinary marvels seamlessly blend advanced technology with user-friendly features, making them indispensable for modern kitchens.

LG, a renowned brand synonymous with cutting-edge electronics, has consistently delivered excellence in the realm of kitchen appliances, and its microwave ovens are no exception.   One notable feature that sets LG microwaves apart is their smart technology integration. With intuitive controls and smart sensors, these ovens ensure precise cooking and reheating, making meal preparation a breeze. Furthermore, LG prioritises not only functionality but also aesthetics, offering sleek designs that enhance the overall appeal of your kitchen.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the standout features of the best LG microwave ovens, helping you make an informed decision and elevate your kitchen experience to new heights.

Things to consider before buying an LG Microwave oven 

  • Capacity: Assess your cooking habits and family size to choose an oven with an appropriate capacity, ensuring it accommodates your dishes comfortably.

  • Type of Microwave: LG offers various types, including solo, grill, and convection. Decide based on your cooking requirements—simple reheating, grilling, or baking.

  • Power and Wattage: Higher wattage facilitates faster cooking. Choose a microwave with adequate power for efficient and quick meal preparation.

  • Size and Dimensions: Check the available space in your kitchen to ensure the microwave fits seamlessly. Consider the exterior dimensions and the turntable size inside.

  • Features and Functions: Evaluate the features such as smart sensors, presets, defrosting options, and cooking modes. Ensure the microwave offers functionalities that align with your cooking preferences.

  • Inverter Technology: Inverter technology provides consistent power for even cooking and energy efficiency. Check if the LG microwave model you're considering incorporates this technology.

  • Ease of Use: Opt for a user-friendly interface with clear controls and an intuitive menu. Look for features like a digital display and touchpad controls for convenient operation.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Consider models with easy-to-clean interiors and removable turntables for hassle-free maintenance.

How we chose them for you 

  • Feature Analysis: We analysed the features of each microwave oven, considering factors such as capacity, type, power, inverter technology, and additional functionalities. This allowed us to identify models that offer a diverse range of features catering to various cooking preferences.

  • User Feedback Integration: We integrated user feedback and reviews into our decision-making process to gauge customer satisfaction and identify any common concerns or praises regarding specific LG microwave models.

  • Performance Assessment: Our team assessed the performance of each microwave oven, considering factors like cooking speed, evenness, and versatility. We focused on models that demonstrated consistent and efficient performance across various cooking tasks.

  • Reliability and Durability: The durability and reliability of the chosen LG microwave ovens were paramount. We selected models that not only perform well but also have a reputation for long-term reliability.

  • Brand Reputation: LG's reputation for delivering high-quality electronic appliances played a crucial role in our selection process. We prioritised models from a brand known for innovation, durability, and customer satisfaction.

  • Value for Money: We considered the pricing of each microwave oven in relation to its features and performance. Our goal was to recommend models that offer excellent value for money, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Here's a list of best LG microwave ovens in India along with their prices


Looking for a versatile kitchen companion? The LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846BV) is a culinary powerhouse, seamlessly blending baking, grilling, reheating, and cooking in its 28-litre capacity. With a sleek black design, this oven features a Quartz Heater for safe and efficient cooking, while its I-Wave technology ensures even microwaving. The Auto Cook Menu, boasting 251 recipes, simplifies daily meals, including health-conscious options. The stainless steel cavity guarantees uniform heating, and the Indian Roti Basket caters to diverse tastes. Plus, enjoy the convenience of making Ghee in just 12 minutes. Upgrade your cooking experience with LG's reliability and innovation.


  • Price: 12,490 (MRP 16,999 27% Off)

  • Capacity: 28 litres

  • Colour: Black

  • Power Consumption: 1950W (Convection)

  • Dimensions: 51W x 30.5H x 49.5D cm

  • Cavity Material: Stainless Steel

  • Heating Technology: Quartz Heater

  • Auto Cook Menus: 251 options

Efficient super fine grindingOperating noise level is loud
Durable extra-thick jarsNot fit for heavy duty use
Specially designed nickel blades
Overload protection for safety
Excellent quality and performance
Simple and user friendly operation

User’s Review: LG amazed again with this. The microwave oven has a lot of features. Everything a cook needs is in it. Worth every penny.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its versatile cooking capabilities, including efficient Quartz Heater, and endorsed by a solid 4.4-star rating on Amazon

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The LG 32L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM), a kitchen marvel designed for versatility. With a generous 32-litre capacity, this black beauty effortlessly combines baking, grilling, reheating, and cooking. Boasting a 360° Motorised Rotisserie, it simplifies barbequing with crispy results. The Diet Fry feature allows guilt-free indulgence in crispy delights with minimal oil. Explore a world of flavours with 301 Auto Cook Menu options, ranging from Wheat Rava Idli to healthy Pulao. The stainless steel cavity ensures hygiene and durability, while the Pasteurized Milk feature adds convenience. Elevate your cooking experience with this LG masterpiece.


  • Price: 17,090 (MRP 23,999 29% Off)

  • Capacity: 32 litres

  • Colour: Black

  • Dimensions: 53.3D x 53W x 32.2H cm

  • Power Consumption: 2400W (Convection), 1250W (Grill)

  • Auto Cook Menus: 301

  • Special Features: Diet Fry, Motorised Rotisserie, Stainless Steel Cavity

Exceptional performanceTakes up too much of space
Attractive and stylish designMinor malfunctions time to time
Very quick in heating the food
Easy to use features and controls
Durable stainless steel cavity
Strong and robust built quality

User’s Review: This is a full featured medium size microwave / convection oven with a powerful 2,500 wattage rating .The internal illumination is by LED bulbs which are cool white instead of warm white but brightly illuminate the oven and you can see clearly what’s happening inside when it’s cooking . The control panel and display is well laid out and the analog rotary dial to increase or decrease the cooking time is absolutely the best and easiest way to control any microwave oven. 

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its versatile features, including Diet Fry and Motorised Rotisserie. Amazon Choice with a stellar 64% 5-star rating ensures customer satisfaction.

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The LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2887BIUM), a 2023 model designed for versatility. In sleek black, it excels in baking, grilling, reheating, and cooking, catering to large families with its 28-litre capacity. With an extensive 271 Auto Cook Menu, relish delights like Ghee in 12 minutes and mouthwatering recipes. The Heart Friendly Recipes, certified by the Heart Care Foundation, prioritise your well-being. Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with the Diet Fry feature, and experience hassle-free barbequing with the 360° Motorised Rotisserie. The oven's tactile controls make it user-friendly, ensuring a seamless cooking journey. Prioritise health, taste, and convenience with LG.


  • Price: 15,990 (MRP 21,799 27% Off)

  • Capacity: 28 litres

  • Dimensions: 51D x 51W x 30.5H cm

  • Power Consumption: 1950W (Convection), 1200W (Grill)

  • Auto Cook Menus: 271

  • Special Features: Diet Fry, Healthy Heart Recipes

  • Additional Features: Tact Dial Controls

User-friendly tact dial controlsNo starter kit provided
Efficient cooking
Requires no manual intervention
Provides uniform and even roasting results
Good performance and appearance
Big capacity for large families

User’s Review: Surprised to see accessories like milk covered pan, two grill stands and a plate with the box. Nice.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its versatile cooking features, backed by a strong 4.6-star rating on Amazon, reflecting user satisfaction and performance.

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Experience advanced cooking with the LG 28L Wi-Fi Enabled Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven (MJEN286UFW), a cutting-edge 2023 model. In sleek black, this oven boasts a Charcoal Convection feature for baking, grilling, and more. With 301 Auto Cook Menu options, from Ghee in 12 minutes to Healthy Ragi Pizza, enjoy versatile cooking. The Charcoal Lighting Heater preserves natural flavours for crunchy outside and juicy inside dishes. Wi-Fi connectivity allows Scan to Cook convenience. Explore Heart Friendly Recipes and Diet Fry for health-conscious cooking. The Motorised Rotisserie ensures even barbequing. With smart features and a 10-year warranty on the Charcoal Heater, LG redefines culinary excellence.


  • Price: 19,990 (MRP 27,499 27% Off)

  • Type: Charcoal Convection

  • Capacity: 28L

  • Energy Consumption: 1950W (Convection), 1200W (Grill)

  • Special Features: Wi-Fi, 301 Auto Cook Menu

  • Dimensions: 51D x 49W x 31H cm

  • Warranty: 1 Year (Product), 10 Years (Charcoal Heater)

Efficient charcoal convection cookingSpace is less
User-friendly controls and buttonsApp is not that useful
Motorised Rotisserie ensures even barbequing
Good build quality
Quick setup
Have enough accessories to get on with

User’s Review: The oven itself is so good but when we used it for the first time it got into smoke after asking others. They told us that it will smoke a little at the first use but there is nothing to worry about. The oven is pretty big though

Why it's worth buying: With a significant 52% giving it a stellar 5-star rating on Amazon, this microwave oven delivers reliable performance making it a worthwhile purchase for efficient and versatile cooking

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Transform your cooking with the LG 32L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven (MJEN326PK). Crafted in elegant black floral design, this kitchen marvel excels in baking, grilling, and cooking with its Charcoal Convection feature. Boasting a capacious 32-litre capacity, it caters to large families. With 401 Auto Cook Menus, including 30 Healthy Heart Recipes, savour nutritious meals. The Charcoal Lighting Heater ensures hearty flavours, and the 360° Motorised Rotisserie simplifies barbequing. Achieve hygienic Ghee in just 12 minutes and explore versatile cooking with Indian Roti Basket and Stainless Steel Cavity features. Enhance your culinary journey with LG's innovation and style.


  • Price: 21,990 (MRP 30,900 29% Off)

  • Type: Charcoal Convection

  • Capacity: 32 litres

  • Warranty: 1 year product, 10 years Charcoal Heater

  • Energy Consumption: 2400 W (Convection), 1250 W (Grill)

  • Auto Cook Menus: 401 options, 30 Healthy Heart Recipes

  • Special Features: Wi-Fi Enabled, 360° Motorised Rotisserie, Drop Down Door

  • Dimensions: 53 x 32.2 x 52 cm

Extensive auto cook menu optionsPerformance could be better
Handy and easy to use
Hygienic stainless steel cavity
Provides good results
Stylish design and look

User’s Review: The product looks great much better than the normal side opening door ones. It has good capacity and works like a charm. Though I should mention that I don’t have much experience with microwaves or How to use them to their best, but from my beginner's experience I can say that this will fulfil both the aesthetics and the requirements of any kitchen. Hope it keeps working as it is supposed to be.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for extensive features, and a commendable 4.2-star rating on Amazon, reflecting user satisfaction.

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Enhance your culinary experience with the LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2887BFUM, Black). Perfect for families, it offers versatile cooking options like baking, grilling, and reheating. Featuring a comprehensive panel with various programs like Indian Cuisine, Tandoor se, and more, this microwave simplifies your cooking journey. With 271 Auto Cook Menus, including Health Plus recipes, it caters to diverse tastes. Notable features include a 360⁰ Motorized Rotisserie for delicious grills, Diet Fry for healthier dishes, and the convenience of making Ghee in just 12 minutes. Explore the LG Microwave Oven and relish the fusion of innovation and ease in your kitchen.


  • Price: 15,890 (MRP 20,799 24% Off)

  • Type: Convection Microwave Oven

  • Capacity: 28 Litres

  • Power Consumption: 1950W (Convection), 1200W (Grill)

  • Control Type: Tact Dial

  • Special Features: Auto Cook, Timer, Child Safety Lock

  • Additional Features: 360⁰ Motorized Rotisserie, Stainless Steel Cavity

  • Dimensions: 51 x 31 x 52 cm (W x H x D)

Auto cook function simplifies daily mealsNo starter kit provided
Child safety lock provides added securityDurability issues
Durable and hygienic steel cavity
Easy to use controls and buttons
Versatile 360⁰ Rotisserie enhances grilling
Top notch quality and performance

User’s Review: Took a while to finally decide, but I finally shortlisted this microwave. The rotisserie function was the deciding factor for me. In terms of functionality it is really easy to use and self explanatory. Definitely worth the value! The built in energy saver helps as well.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its versatile cooking options and the vote of confidence from 67% of satisfied customers with a 5-star rating on Amazon.

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Upgrade your kitchen experience with the LG 32L All in One NeoChef Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven (MJEN326UL, Black). Designed for versatility, it combines baking, grilling, and more in its sleek 32-liter capacity. The Charcoal Convection, complemented by the Charcoal Lighting Heater, ensures dishes remain flavorful and delightful. With 401 Auto Cook Menus, including Health Plus recipes, and features like Diet Fry, 360° Motorized Rotisserie, and a Stainless Steel Cavity, this microwave caters to diverse culinary needs. Explore the future of cooking convenience with LG, where innovation meets delectable results. Transform your kitchen with LG's culinary prowess today.


  • Price: 22,990 (MRP 29,990 23% Off)

  • Type: Charcoal Convection Microwave 

  • Capacity: 32L

  • Dimensions: 52D x 53W x 32.2H cm

  • Power Consumption: 2400W (Convection), 1250W (Grill)

  • Auto Cook Menus: 401

  • Special Features: Charcoal Lighting Heater, 360° Motorised Rotisserie

  • Warranty: 1 Year Product + 4 Years Magnetron

Easy and hassle-free bar-be-queingNo starter kit provided
Maintains natural flavours effectively
Stainless Steel Cavity for even cooking
Energy efficient and rust proof
Cooks food uniformly
Attractive flook and finish

User’s Review: First Lg charcoal microwave ovens are full package microwave u can find in India. Now If you are confused between this 32 ltr and 28 ltr lg charcoal microwave, then 32ltr is undoubtedly best. Outer size difference is negligible but 32 ltr has more capacity and door ergonomically practical.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its efficient Charcoal Lighting Heater technology, versatile 401 Auto Cook Menus, and the endorsement of a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, ensuring a reliable and highly-rated kitchen companion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between grill and microwave cooking?

  • Grill cooking uses direct heat for browning, while microwaving relies on microwave radiation; combination models offer both methods for versatile cooking.

Are microwave ovens safe for health?

  • Yes, when used correctly, microwaves are safe; they do not make food radioactive, and proper container usage ensures safety and preserves food nutrients.

How to clean a microwave oven easily?

  • Mix vinegar and water, heat for several minutes, then wipe down; alternatively, use microwave-safe cleaning products for a quick and efficient cleaning process.

Can I cook raw meat in a microwave?

  • Yes, you can cook raw meat in a microwave; ensure it reaches a safe internal temperature and rotate for even cooking.

What is the lifespan of a microwave oven?

  • Typically, a microwave lasts 9-10 years; regular cleaning, proper usage, and timely maintenance can extend its lifespan.

Why does my microwave spark sometimes?

  • Sparks may result from metal, foil, or improper container use; avoid these, and ensure the microwave is clean to prevent sparking.

In Conclusion 

LG microwave ovens, renowned for quality and innovation, redefine kitchen convenience. With advanced features like convection cooking, grill options, and thoughtful additions such as turntables and auto-cook menus, LG ensures a seamless culinary experience.

Explore our curated list and find an LG microwave oven that fits your needs – a reliable kitchen companion delivering efficiency, precision, and versatility. Upgrade your cooking game effortlessly with LG's trusted appliances. 

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