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10 Best Refrigerators Under 25000 in India (2024)

Finding a high-quality refrigerator under a mid-range budget can be challenging. However, we've done the hard work for you by curating a list of the best refrigerators under 25000 in India. Explore our selection to find the perfect balance of affordability and functionality for your needs.

10 Best Refrigerators Under 25000 in India (2024)

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Navigating the landscape of best refrigerator shopping in India can be overwhelming, especially when you're striving to strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. With a plethora of brands, best selling models, and features vying for your attention, making an informed decision requires meticulous research and discernment.

The demand for cost-effective yet feature-rich appliances is high and the mid-range search for the best refrigerator under 25000 can be particularly challenging.

Recognizing this dilemma, we've meticulously curated a selection of refrigerators that offer exceptional value without compromising on performance or features. We have scoured the market, evaluating various  factors and their performance to handpick the finest options within the 25000 rupees price bracket.

Whether you're a discerning homeowner seeking a reliable cooling solution or a budget-conscious consumer determined to maximise your investment, our guide is tailored to meet your needs. So without any delay let us walk you through some of the best refrigerator brands in India that offer an appliance which falls under your mid range budget.

Types of refrigerators available in India 

  • Single Door Refrigerators: Compact and budget-friendly, suitable for small families or as a secondary refrigerator.

  • Double Door Refrigerators: Separate compartments for refrigeration and freezing, ideal for medium to large families with more storage needs.

  • Triple Door Refrigerators: Offers additional storage compartments and improved organisation options, suitable for larger families or those who require extra space.

  • Side-by-Side Refrigerators: Vertical split design with refrigeration on one side and freezing on the other, providing ample storage space and easy access to items.

  • French Door Refrigerators: Similar to side-by-side but with two doors for the refrigeration compartment, offering a wide storage space and enhanced accessibility.

  • Mini Refrigerators: Compact and portable, perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms, offices, or as a backup refrigerator.

  • Convertible Refrigerators: Flexibility to convert freezer compartments into refrigeration space based on your needs, offering versatile storage options.

Essential parameters you should consider before purchasing a refrigerator under 25000

  • Size and Design: Ensure the refrigerator fits your kitchen space and complements your kitchen decor in terms of size, colour, and design.

  • Capacity: Determine your storage needs based on the size of your household and frequency of grocery shopping. Look for a refrigerator with adequate capacity to accommodate your weekly food supplies without overcrowding.

  • Energy Efficiency: Opt for a refrigerator with a high energy efficiency rating to minimise electricity consumption and reduce long-term operating costs. Look for models with BEE star ratings to ensure optimal energy savings.

  • Cooling Technology: Consider the cooling technology employed in the refrigerator, such as direct cool or frost-free. Frost-free models offer convenience by eliminating the need for manual defrosting, while direct cool models are typically more energy-efficient.

  • Features and Functions: Evaluate the additional features and functions offered by the refrigerator, such as adjustable shelves, vegetable crisper, door alarms, temperature control, and special compartments for storing specific items like dairy or beverages.

Build Quality and Durability: Assess the build quality and durability of the refrigerator, including the materials used, construction, and overall build. Choose a model from a reputable brand known for reliability and longevity.

How we picked them for you 

  • Feature Comparison: We compared key features such as capacity, energy efficiency, cooling technology, and additional functionalities to ensure each refrigerator offers excellent value for money.

  • User Feedback Analysis: We carefully studied user feedback and reviews from verified customers to gauge real-world performance, durability, and overall user satisfaction.

  • Brand Reputation: We considered the reputation and reliability of different brands, focusing on those known for producing high-quality refrigerators with robust after-sales support.

  • Value Proposition: Each selected refrigerator was evaluated based on its ability to provide the best combination of features, performance, durability, and affordability, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

  • Warranty and Service: We prioritised refrigerators that come with a comprehensive warranty and reliable customer service, offering you peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance.

Below is a list of best refrigerators under 25000 in India 


The Samsung 236 L Double Door Refrigerator is a stellar choice for families seeking reliable refrigeration. With a 2-star energy rating and Digital Inverter Technology, it ensures efficient cooling while consuming 50% less power. The freezer-on-top configuration offers a spacious 236-litre capacity, ideal for 2 to 3-member households. This frost-free refrigerator features a Coolpack that keeps food frozen for up to 12 hours during power cuts. Its Stabiliser-Free Operation protects it from electrical damage during voltage fluctuations. The Easy Slide Shelf allows for efficient organisation, while the Movable Ice Maker adds convenience. The refrigerator also boasts a Deodorizer, All-Round Cooling, Toughened Glass Shelves, and LED Lighting for enhanced usability. Plus, its Smart Connect Inverter and Solar Energy compatibility make it a sustainable choice. Invest in this refrigerator for a seamless blend of performance, efficiency, and convenience.

  • Price: 23,190 (MRP 30,990 25% Off)

  • Brand: Samsung 

  • Capacity: 236 litres

  • Energy Rating: 2 Star

  • Type: Double Door

  • Technology: Digital Inverter

  • Dimensions: 63.7D x 55.5W x 154.5H cm

  • Weight: 46 kg

  • Features: Frost-Free, Freezer-on-Top



Efficient cooling

Average energy rating

Spacious interior

Storage space can be small for some 

Easy organisation

Reliable performance 

Looks futuristic and modern 

Durable glass shelves

User’s review: Everything was up to our expectations. It arrived on the day Amazon said it would. The delivery men were professional. The service engineer arrived two days later to set up the refrigerator. We have been using it for a month now and everything works well. The refrigerator looks futuristic. There is plenty of space inside. The ice cube maker is easy to use. The discounted festive price helped us save a couple of thousand rupees. We are completely satisfied and would recommend this brand and model to anyone who is looking for something in this price range.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for efficient cooling, durable build, and positive user feedback, boasting 4.3 stars on Amazon from over 6000 ratings.


The Godrej 223 L Double Door Refrigerator  is a game-changer for households seeking top-notch refrigeration. With a 3-star energy rating and Nano Shield Technology, it ensures over 95% disinfection of food surfaces, promoting healthier eating. Its 6-in-1 convertible freezer offers versatile cooling options to adapt to your changing needs seamlessly. Featuring Cool Balance Technology, this fridge provides optimal cooling in every corner, extending the freshness of fruits and veggies for up to 30 days. Plus, its ambient weather sensing technology automatically adjusts the temperature based on external conditions. The Multi Inverter Technology ensures high performance and enhanced energy efficiency. With features like automatic defrosting, removable ice maker, LED lighting, and a large vegetable tray, this refrigerator maximises convenience while keeping food fresh for longer.


  • Price: 21,990 (MRP 38,200 42% Off)

  • Brand: Godrej 

  • Capacity: 223 litres

  • Energy Star: 3 Star

  • Configuration: Double Door

  • Technology: Nano Shield, Inverter Frost Free

  • Dimensions: 63.6D x 60.7W x 141H cm

  • Warranty: 10 Years Compressor, 1 Year Comprehensive



Efficient cooling technology

Performance could be improved 

Versatile freezer modes

Limited to 2-3 member families

Energy-efficient inverter compressor

Automatic temperature adjustment

Disinfects over 95% of food surfaces

Long-lasting freshness 


The Haier 240 L Double Door Top Mount Refrigerator is a versatile and efficient appliance designed to meet the needs of modern households. With a 2-star energy rating and Frost Free operation, it prevents ice build-up, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. This refrigerator offers a spacious 240-litre capacity, making it suitable for families of 2 to 3 members or bachelors. The inverter compressor with cooling technology provides energy-efficient and silent operation, while the toughened glass shelves can safely support heavy cookware up to 120 kg. Featuring a large vegetable box, anti-bacterial gasket, and clean back design, this refrigerator maximises storage space and hygiene. Additionally, its recess handle adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Connectable to a home inverter, this refrigerator ensures continuous cooling during power cuts. Upgrade your kitchen with the Haier HEF-252EGS-P for a reliable, spacious, and energy-efficient cooling solution.


  • Price: 20,990 (MRP 29,990 30% Off)

  • Brand: Haier 

  • Capacity: 240 litres

  • Energy Rating: 2 Stars

  • Cooling Technology: Inverter Compressor

  • Shelves: Toughened Glass

  • Additional Features: Large Vegetable Box

  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor



Convenient recess handle

Average energy efficiency

Durable build quality 

Decent performance 

Good storage space

Easy to clean 

Toughened glass shelves

User’s review: This product is worth under this price range. Seems no problem with this fridge. I have been using Haier products for a long time and have never been disappointed. Suitable for small families (2-3 members).

Why it's worth buying: It is worth buying for its spacious storage, and durable compressor. As an Amazon Choice product, it offers reliability and value, making it a smart investment for your kitchen.


The LG 242 L Double Door Refrigerator is a smart choice for households seeking efficient cooling and ample storage space. With a 2-star energy rating and Frost-Free operation, it prevents ice build-up, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Featuring a spacious 242-litre capacity, this refrigerator is ideal for families of 2 to 3 members. Its Multi Air Flow system distributes cool air evenly to every corner, ensuring optimal temperatures for all your food items. The Smart Inverter Compressor delivers energy-efficient and silent operation, while the stabiliser-free operation ensures reliable performance even during voltage fluctuations. Plus, toughened glass shelves provide sturdy support for heavy loads, and the door gasket is easy to clean for enhanced hygiene. With additional features like a lower door shelf, twist ice maker, and automatic home inverter connection, this refrigerator offers convenience and durability.


  • Price: 23,990 (MRP 31,199 23% Off)

  • Brand: LG 

  • Capacity: 242 litres

  • Energy Rating: 2 Star

  • Configuration: Freezer-on-Top

  • Compressor: Smart Inverter

  • Shelves: Toughened Glass

  • Dimensions: 66.9D x 58.5W x 147.5H cm

  • Weight: 47 kg



Operates without stabiliser

Durable toughened glass shelves

Spacious design 

Easy-to-clean door gasket

Provides even cooling performance 

Stylish look design 

User’s review: It is a frost free refrigerator and saves energy and money. I did not have any repair issues while using this machine. It is as good as new even though a year has passed since I purchased it. Vegetables, fruits, dairy items which have a short shelf life stay really fresh when stored in this particular refrigerator. It has become a family favourite because it is trustworthy and dependable. I cherish the day I brought it home for the first time and I can't imagine my life without it.

Why it's worth buying: With 61% of Amazon users awarding it 5 stars, this refrigerator offers reliable cooling, ample storage, and durable construction, making it a worthwhile investment for your kitchen needs.


The Whirlpool 235 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is a reliable appliance designed to meet the needs of medium-sized families. With its 2-star energy rating and Intellisense Inverter Technology, it ensures efficient cooling while consuming less power.

Featuring a spacious 235-litre capacity, this refrigerator keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 15 days. Its Freshflow Air Tower ensures up to 40% faster bottle cooling, while the Touch UI inside the refrigerator allows for easy temperature control. With features like the Honeycomb Crisper Cover, Ice Twister and Collector, Fast Ice setting, and Cool Pad for up to 17 hours of cooling retention during power cuts, this refrigerator offers convenience and reliability. Plus, Microblock Technology prevents bacterial growth, ensuring food hygiene. Invest in the Whirlpool fridge for efficient cooling and long-lasting freshness for your family's needs. 


  • Price: 21,990 (MRP 30,200 27% Off)

  • Brand: Whirlpool 

  • Capacity: 235 litres

  • Energy Rating: 2 Star

  • Configuration: Double Door

  • Technology: Intellisense Inverter

  • Cooling: Frost Free

  • Shelves: Toughened Glass



Provides efficient cooling

Freezing option not up to the mark 

Spacious storage capacity

Service could be improved 

Easy temperature control

Long cooling retention

Stabiliser-free operation

Ensures Long-lasting freshness

User’s review: I purchased it because of my trust on Whirlpool. We had an old fridge from the whirlpool at home which we used for almost 25 years. This new one was a gift to my mom and she liked it very much. This fridge is solid with good build quality and storage capacity. The metal colour finish gives it a nice look too. Although it has a 2 star rating for energy, it works like a charm.

Why it's worth buying: Over 100 buyers chose it last month on Amazon, indicating its popularity and reliability.


The Haier 165 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-171RS-P) combines economy and style to meet the needs of bachelors or small families. With a capacity of 165 litres and a freezer-on-top configuration, it offers ample space for your essentials. Featuring a 1-star energy rating and non-inverter technology, this refrigerator ensures efficient cooling while being budget-friendly. Its diamond edge freezing technology enhances ice formation and cooling retention, even during power outages. The refrigerator comes equipped with special features like a stabiliser-free operation, large vegetable box, and antibacterial gasket, ensuring hygiene and convenience. Plus, the LED lamp provides bright illumination while conserving energy. With its sleek design, convenient handle, and temperature control feature, this Haier refrigerator offers both functionality and aesthetics to elevate your kitchen experience.


  • Price: 10,990 (MRP 14,990 37% Off)

  • Brand:Haier  

  • Capacity: 165 litres

  • Energy Rating: 1 Star

  • Configuration: Freezer-on-Top

  • Technology: Direct Cool

  • Shelves: Wired shelves

  • Weight: 29 kg

  • Special Features: Stabiliser Free, Diamond Freezing Technology



Space-saving design

Non-inverter technology

Easy temperature control

Energy usage is high

Convenient handle design

Budget-friendly option 

Hygienic storage

Reliable cooling performance

User’s review: We bought this fridge for our helper. It's perfect for a single person or for a couple without children who like to cook every day. There are 2 shelves, small freezer space, small fruit and veg box, and a door compartment. It is also quite compact. We keep it on the terrace, it has good heat and dust insulation. It is not heating up on the walls, so you basically don't even feel it is there

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying for its efficient cooling and budget-friendly price. With 4 stars on Amazon and 1K purchases last month, it's a trusted choice.


The LG 185 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is your go-to solution for fast and efficient cooling with long-lasting freshness. With a 5-star energy rating, it ensures optimal efficiency and minimal electricity bills. This refrigerator boasts a spacious 185-litre capacity, making it ideal for families of 3 to 4 members or bachelors. Its smart inverter compressor delivers unmatched performance, significant savings, and whisper-quiet operation. Featuring toughened glass shelves, a base stand with a drawer, and a transparent freezer door, this refrigerator offers convenience and durability. The fast ice making feature ensures ice in just 108 minutes, perfect for those impromptu gatherings. With innovative features like Moist 'N' Fresh technology, auto smart connect, and a sturdy base stand drawer, the LG  ensures your food stays fresh, your energy bills stay low, and your kitchen stays stylishly efficient.


  • Price: 17,690 (MRP 22,199 20% Off)

  • Brand: LG

  • Capacity: 185 litres

  • Energy Rating: 5 Star

  • Compressor: Smart Inverter

  • Configuration: Freezer-on-Top

  • Dimensions: 65D x 53.4W x 127.7H cm



Extra storage drawer

Lacks advanced features

Easy to clean gasket

Silent operation


Spacious storage

Sturdy and robust built 

User’s review: If you’re looking to buy a 5 star refrigerator, this is it. This is an amazing product which has a good cooling system. Great place to store for a smaller family.

Why it's worth buying: This LG refrigerator is worth buying for its efficient cooling, energy-saving features, and durable build. With a 4.3-star rating and Amazon's Choice badge, it's a reliable and highly recommended appliance.


The Samsung 183 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator provides powerful cooling, smart features, and ample storage space, to meet the needs of small families. With a 3-star energy rating and digital inverter technology, it ensures greater energy efficiency, less noise, and long-lasting performance. Featuring a modern elegant inox pattern and toughened glass shelves, this refrigerator offers stylish design and sturdy storage solutions. Its special features like smart connect inverter, runs on solar energy, and stabiliser-free operation provide added convenience and reliability. The freezer room delivers rapid cooling performance, while the clear view lamp ensures easy visibility of food items. With an anti-bacterial gasket and safe clean back, it maintains hygiene and durability for long-term use.


  • Capacity: 183 liters

  • Energy Rating: 3 Star

  • Compressor: Digital Inverter

  • Dimensions: 53.2x118x64 cm

  • Weight: 30 kg

  • Shelves: Toughened glass

  • Special Features: Anti-bacterial gasket, Stabiliser-free operation



Energy-saving technology

Defrosting system could be better 

Stable operation during power fluctuations

May make some noise 

Ample storage space

Durability issues 

Durable construction

Hygienic and easy to clean

Excellent performance

User’s review: Product is good. At this budget, this is the best in class refrigerator. I waited for 4 hours post delivery to plug in my refrigerator, and guess what, within 30 mins, the water in my bottle started to freeze at its highest cooling point. There is ample space on the door as well as inside. If you are looking for a good Product, go for this one.

Why it's worth buying: With its reliable performance, this refrigerator offers ample storage space and durable construction, making it a popular choice among buyers, as evidenced by the 600+ purchases on Amazon last month.


The Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RD EDGENEO 207E THF AQ WN) is designed to keep your food fresh and your energy bills low. With its 5-star energy rating, it ensures higher power savings without compromising on performance. Featuring Turbo Cooling Technology, this refrigerator offers up to 10% faster ice making and up to 24% faster bottle cooling, ensuring that your beverages are always refreshingly cold. The Farm Fresh Crisper technology keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 24 days, so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh produce every day. With toughened glass shelves, a large vegetable tray, and ample door bottle space, this refrigerator offers plenty of storage options for your food and beverages. Its best-in-category PUF insulation ensures optimal cooling retention, even during power cuts, while its environmentally-friendly refrigerant makes it a sustainable choice for your home.


  • Price: 15,990 (MRP 24,000 33% Off)

  • Brand: Godrej 

  • Capacity: 180 liters

  • Energy Rating: 5 Star

  • Cooling Technology: Turbo Cooling

  • Farm Freshness: Up to 24 Days

  • Shelves: Toughened Glass

  • Warranty: 10 Years Compressor



Durable toughened glass shelves

Space could be an issue for some 

Environmentally friendly refrigerant

Large vegetable tray capacity

Good performance 

Great design and built quality 

User’s review: This is a really good product. Keep cooling for long after power gets off… must recommended for those who want a good value single door fridge…

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, it is highly rated by customers for its performance and reliability.


The Whirlpool 205 WDE CLS 2S SAPPHIRE BLUE-Z is a 184-liter single door refrigerator designed for small families of 2-3 members. It features Intellisense Inverter Technology, offering a low starting voltage of 95V and ensuring 25 years of compressor reliability. With a 2-star energy rating, this refrigerator provides efficient cooling while saving on electricity bills. One of its standout features is the Honey Comb Lock In Technology in the vegetable crisper, which maintains optimum moisture levels for vegetables, keeping them fresher for longer. The refrigerator also boasts Insulated Capillary Technology for better compressor efficiency and faster cooling, along with stabiliser-free operations even in high voltage fluctuations. Its jumbo storage can accommodate up to three 2-litre bottles, while the large vegetable crisper ensures you never run out of space.


  • Price: 11,990 (MRP 15,400 22% Off)

  • Brand: Whirlpool 

  • Capacity: 184 litres

  • Energy Rating: 2 Star

  • Technology: IntelliSense Inverter

  • Defrosting: Manual

  • Gasket: Anti-bacterial

  • Cooling Retention: 9 Hours

  • Connectivity: Auto-connect to Home Inverter



Stable cooling performance

Basic design 

Consistent operation

Limited energy efficiency

Hassle-free maintenance

Ample storage space

Optimal moisture retention

User’s review: Looking nice and working well since one month . Good for small family. Product was installed by Whirlpool company immediately after delivery. Great service by Amazon and Whirlpool so far.

Why it's worth buying: Its popularity is evidenced by its 1K purchases last month on Amazon and a 4.2-star rating, reflecting high satisfaction among users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the capacity range for refrigerators under 25000?

  • Refrigerators in this price range typically offer capacities ranging from 180 to 250 litres, suitable for small to medium-sized families.

Do refrigerators under 25000 come with frost-free technology?

  • Yes, many refrigerators in this price range come with frost-free technology, which prevents ice build-up and ensures hassle-free maintenance.

Can I expect good energy efficiency from refrigerators in this price range?

  • Yes, many refrigerators under 25000 come with energy-efficient ratings, such as 3-star or 4-star ratings, helping you save on electricity bills in the long run.

Are there options for convertible refrigerators within this budget?

  • While convertible refrigerators may be available in higher price ranges, you may find some models under 25000 with basic convertible features, allowing you to adjust storage space as needed.

Are there options for refrigerators with built-in stabilisers?

  • Yes, many refrigerators in this price range come with built-in stabilisers, protecting the appliance from voltage fluctuations and ensuring reliable performance.

Can I find refrigerators with toughened glass shelves within this budget?

  • Absolutely, several models under 25000 feature toughened glass shelves, providing durability and ample support for storing heavy items.

In Conclusion 

Refrigerators under 25000 offer a budget-friendly solution for households seeking reliable cooling performance. With energy-efficient options, spacious storage, and durable construction, these appliances provide value for money. Our curated list of recommendations encompasses a diverse range of models, catering to various preferences and needs. Choose from our curated list to find the perfect refrigerator that fits your budget and delivers lasting freshness for your food items. Make the smart choice today and upgrade your kitchen with ease.

Disclaimer: The above content is non-editorial and produced by a third party partner. Outlook India does not guarantee, vouch for or endorse any of the content*.

*The product prices mentioned in the article are subject to change