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Must Visit Beaches In Gujarat - Part I 

Must Visit Beaches In Gujarat - Part I 

Gujarat’s coastline is dotted with multiple beaches and approximately 41 ports 

The Shivrajpur Beach in Gujarat
The Shivrajpur Beach in Gujarat Shutterstock

The coastline of Gujarat spans almost 1,600km and is the longest of India’s nine seaside states. No part of the state is more than 160km from the sea, and the coastline is dotted with multiple beaches and 41 ports. Many of the beaches in the state are dotted with temples, forts, and other monuments, which makes them exciting destinations. Here is a list of the must visit beaches in Gujarat: 

Shivrajpur Beach, Dwarka

Shivrajpur Beach during the evening
Shivrajpur Beach during the evening Shutterstock

Located just 12km from the city on the Dwarka-Okha Highway, the Shivrajpur beach is a beach-lover’s dream. This long, pristine beach stretches between a lighthouse and a rocky shoreline, and the white sand makes it perfect for a long walk. After seeing the many temples in the city, the beach offers quietude and solace. Don’t miss the coastal sites such as Okha Madhi, which offers fine sands, and Poshitara, with its many coral reefs and marine life. The Charakhla salt pans near Mithapur make for a good day trip, attracting flamingoes, pelicans, painted storks, and other birds. Take a ferry to the Bet Dwarka island, which has temples, fine beaches and a profu- sion of marine life. 

Mahuva Beach, Bhavnagar
The small town of Mahuva is known for its greenery, lush surroundings, wooden toys, a local variety of mango, and its beach. The unspoilt beach is located near the ancient Bhavani Temple, and is known for the tranquil waters and scenic beauty. Also known as Bhavani beach, the many windmills along the coast add to its charm. 

Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach
One of Gujarat least-explored gems, the Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach lies at the meeting point of Gujarat and Diu. The beach, a mix of silvery white sands and clear blue waters, stretches for 6km along the Arabian Sea and offers a wonderful view of the Diu Fort. Apart from water sports, the sea here offers opportunities for dolphin sightings. The Gu- jarat government has chosen the Ahmedpur- Mandvi Beach as one of the 14 beaches to promote beach tourism, which means you must put it on your to-do list. 

Madhavpur Beach, Porbandar

Madhavpur Beach in Gujarat
Madhavpur Beach in Gujarat Shutterstock

The town where Krishna supposedly married Rukmini, Madhavpur is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Gujarat. Madhavpur Beach, among the top places to visit near Porbandar, an amalgam of azure blue waters, clean sand, and coco- nut palms, and offers a good option for a weekend getaway. Home to a two-decade- long conservation project of Green Sea and Olive Ridley turtles, the beach isn’t safe for swimming. However, it’s possible to try activities such as beach scootering, speed boating, parasailing, and camel and horse rides. 

Balachadi Beach, Jamnagar
Far from the madding crowd, this beach is where you can enjoy the sea, sun, and sand—at an unhurried pace. About 26km from Jamnagar, the unspoilt beach is clean and serene. Ideal for days out for families and friends, it’s a particularly popular destination on full moon nights when people head here to gaze at the serene reflection of the moonlight on the frilly sea waves.