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Indian Writing

A tale of connections

An Exchange Somewhat Inexact

This story spins a tale about a ‘kachra-collector’ called Kubjamma, who has learnt not to express herself. There is also Abdul Muid, a pao-wala. 

15 October 2022

Natasha Badhwar’s My Daughters' Mum Is About Recognising The Seedha From The Ulta Side

Its quasi-ecclesiastical character would have made it a cliché in any other book. But not this one.

22 January 2018

God’s Marital Status

Is celibacy or singleness a prerequisite to seek an ideal world? It’s another matter that marital pleasures are fine for temple deities with their consorts.

11 August 2017

Chronicles of a Lost Daughter

Book Excerpt | The Expiation: Travails Of A Young Widow

Translated from the bestselling Bengali novel Narach, Chronicles of the Lost Daughters captures the glory and decadence of late nineteenth-century colonial Bengal. The story of a widow, Bhubonmoni, it features historical...

13 June 2022

Padma Bhushan Hindi Poet Kunwar Narayan Dies At 90

Born on September 9, 1927 in Uttar Pradesh's Faizabad, Kunwar Narayan was known for his poetry, stories and critiques.

15 November 2017

The Jinnahs, Gandhi And Khilafat

The following excerpt from Sheela Reddy's new book gives a glimpse into the dynamics of the relationship shared by Mr and Mrs Jinnah...

11 February 2017

When So Few People Control All Wealth, They Also Control Elections, Politics, And Media, Says Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus

In his new groundbreaking new book, 'A World of Three Zeroes', Yunus proposes a new form of capitalism where every individual is an entrepreneur and nobody is working for corpulent corporate

30 January 2018


Not Befitting The Patriarch

A new biography of A.B. Vajpayee doesn’t miss a beat, but relies heavily on secondary material

14 January 2017

13 January 2017
Bombay Diary

Bombay Diary

A Bombay-based theatre-holic's annual dip in the Fountain of Youth with Thespo 18