Friday, Oct 07, 2022


RBI Monetary Policy: Now File Unresolved Credit Score Complaints With Central Bank Ombudsman

Reach out directly to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ombudsman if you have unresolved credit score issues with any credit information bureau

05 August 2022

How BNPL Schemes Can Hit Your Credit Score And Lead You Into A Debt Trap

BNPL schemes are essentially consumer loans from lending institutions and any delay or non-payment of dues can hit your credit score, and add interest and penalty burdens.


4 Loan Options For Gen-Z and Millennials With Low Credit Scores

Gen-Z and millennials often have a low or no credit score due to lack of credit history, but there are other loan options in the market.

Credit Cards Can Help Improve Your Credit Score. Here’s How

Repaying bills on time indicates financial discipline, which can help improve your credit score. Read on to find out what else can help you

04 July 2022

Number of Women Borrowers Rises to 54 Million

More Women Are Taking Credit; Number of Women Borrowers Rises to 54 Million, Finds Study

Number of women borrowers is increasing but they are still only 29 per cet of all borrowers, finds a TransUnion Cibil report on participation of women in India's retail credit market. Personal loans are the most popular.

Credit report with score

How To Maintain A Healthy Credit Profile?

Maintaining a healthy credit profile means using credit within limit and paying dues on time. This improves your chances of getting better loans in the future.

15 January 2022

Top Five Reasons That Could Affect Your Overall Credit Score

A good credit score is the first thing that lending institutions check before extending a loan. Here’s what you can do to maintain a good credit score and not get rejected for a loan

06 April 2022