Friday, Dec 02, 2022


A fossil park in Dholavira

The Future of Our Past: What We Can Learn From Dholavira's Ruins

Questions are the lifeblood of scientific enquiry as they are of political dialogue. In fact, they are the essence of any dialogue

18 November 2022

With the decrease in the water levels of Rome’s Tiber River, an ancient bridge has been discovered

Itlay’s Extreme Water Crisis Uncovers Ruins Of Ancient Bridge

One such example is a bridge which supposedly existed since the time of the Roman Emperor Nero

Out of the 150 statutes that were discovered, they were all inspired by the pharaonic gods

Egypt Unveils Myriads Of Primeval Sarcophagi And Statuettes

Amongst the findings, 250 ancient Egyptian coffins and 150 bronze statuettes were discovered which dated way back to 2,500 years ago

The findings also shed light on the lifestyle and the financial status of the family

Pompeii’s New Discovery Sheds Light On The Homes Of People In The Ancient City

Archaeologists discovered some fascinating insights into the domestic environment of ordinary citizens of the city. Take a peek at things like wooden dishware closets, three-legged accent tables with bowls, trunks, and more

08 August 2022

Roman soldiers erected votive stones which were small altars that were found at the Herwin-Hemeling

Dutch Archaeologists Unearth 2000-Year-Old Roman Temple Complex

The excavation was carried out in the village of Herwin-Hemeling situated in the eastern central province of Gelderland close to the Netherland-German border, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site

Qutub Minar

National Monuments Authority Asks ASI To Place Ganesha Idols Inside Qutub Complex 'Respectfully'

The former MP said he had raised the issue with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) more than a year ago, but is yet to receive a response to his letter.

07 April 2022

Maya Train line will run 1,500 kilometres from the Yucatan peninsula

Fragile Pre-Historic Sites At Threat Because Of Mexico’s New Tourist Train

Activists state that the heavy, high-speed rail project might damage the coastal jungle and destroy delicate cenotes

20 July 2022


Khambalida caves date back to the 4th or 5th century CE

Chronicles of Buddhism: Highlights of Gujarat's Buddhist Circuit

Despite its significance to Jains and Hindus, continuing archaeological discoveries have revealed the sheer extent of the spread of Buddhism in Gujarat

09 March 2022

04 February 2022
1800-Year-Old Bhuddist Artefacts Found In Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province

1800-Year-Old Bhuddist Artefacts Found In Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province

After a six month long excavation process, 400 different artefacts, including a Buddha Stupa which was built in Babu Dheri village of Khyber Pakhtubnkhwa's...