IPL 2022: Fit-Again Hugh Edmeades Comes Back For Final Hour Of Auction Amid Standing Ovation

A veteran of more than 2700 plus auctions across the globe, Hugh Edmeades, collapsed during the auction on Saturday. The BCCI medical team took care of him immediately.

Hugh Edmeades has been associated with the Indian Premier League since 2018.

It was a poignant moment when a room full of people gave a standing ovation to veteran auctioneer Hugh Edmeades, who conducted the final hour of the IPL auction 2022 after a massive health scare on an opening day in Bengaluru.

Edmeades, a veteran of more than 2700 plus auctions across the globe, collapsed inside the auction room of the hotel on Saturday while conducting the bidding involving Sri Lankan leg-spinner Wanindu Hasaranga.

He was immediately given medical attention and it was due to ‘postural hypotension’ (a case of low BP) that he had collapsed. The BCCI summoned 62-year-old veteran TV presenter Charu Sharma, who rushed in to fill for Edmeades and did a commendable job.

Before the final hour, Sharma handed the auction gavel back to its rightful owner Edmeades, who strode in nattily dressed in a sharp suit as all teams stood up in admiration.

He thanked Sharma, who also got his round of applause before he jokingly said that the BCCI would do well to put a fence on the podium, which would have probably stopped him from falling down.

Earlier, the BCCI had posted a message from Edmeades, who had apologised for his absence due to the health scare.

“I am sorry that I can't be in person with you today. As you can see, I'm absolutely fine but I wasn't going to be able to give 100 per cent performance today, which will be unfair to the BCCI, the IPL, the bidders and most importantly the players.

“I just want to thank people all around the world who have sent me good wishes,” Edmeades said in a video uploaded by the BCCI.

“I am also thankful for Charu (Sharma) to step on such short notice to take over the batting. The show must go on. I hope to see you later on but in the meantime, it's good luck to you for the bidding today,” he added.

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