IND Vs PAK, Asia Cup Hockey 2022: Nervy India Share Honours With Pakistan After 1-1 Draw In Opener - Highlights

India squandered their lead in the 59th minute to see the match against Pakistan ending 1-1. Get highlights of IND vs PAK Asia Cup hockey match in Jakarta.

India and Pakistan wasted plenty of opportunities to play out 1-1 draw. Get highlights of IND vs PAK

India were held to a 1-1 draw against Pakistan in their campaign opener at Asia Cup Hockey 2022 in Jakarta on Monday. Pakistan started with some good attack in the first quarter, but contrastingly, they were India who drew the first blood. In the 9th minute of the game, a shot from Karthi Selvam got deflected from the stick of Pakistan player and went into the post. Despite that Pakistan did some really good attack and created chances in the first half of the game but to their poor luck, all those opportunities went begging. In the third quarter, India came out as a better unit but their lack of conversion rate from the PCs saw the scoreline remain unchanged. A resilient Pakistan eventually got an equalizer in the 59th minute when India’s goalkeeper Suraj Karkera defended a PC but Abdul Rana struck on rebound. The goal helped Pakistan share points with India in the thrilling campaign opener. Get India vs Pakistan match highlights here.

Match Ends: India, Pakistan Play Out 1-1 Draw

That's a brilliant comeback from Pakistan. They had almost lost it but somehow managed to find a goal towards the end of the 4th quarter. On the other hand, India will blame themselves only for the draw as they could have ended the game with a clean sheet.

4th Quarter - 14': GOAL!!! India 1-1 Pakistan

Abdul Rana has scored a leveller. The drag flick was saved by Suraj but Rana scored on rebound. The match is on!... Okay, wait! It has been referred by India... So the final verdict is that it remains a goal and India lose review.

4th Quarter - 14': India 1-0 Pakistan

It's a penalty corner for Pakistan. Can they get an equalizer?

4th Quarter - 10': India 1-0 Pakistan

Referee has given India a PC for danger and Pakistan have reviewed it... Pakistan will keep their referral and it's a free hit for them.

4th Quarter - 9': India 1-0 Pakistan

Pawan Rajbhar lost the ball possession in the striking circle of Pakistan otherwise it would have been a good chance for India.

4th Quarter - 8': India 1-0 Pakistan

That was a brilliant pass from the right flank which kept the Pakistan goalkeeper Akmal interested. Akmal eventually stretched his right leg to negate the threat.

4th Quarter - 3': India 1-0 Pakistan

Lethargic game from India and that's the reason they have failed to keep the ball possession in this quarter... Oh, no! Green card for Uttam Singh. He will stay out for two minutes.

3rd Quarter Ends: India Hold 1-0 Lead Over Pakistan

India improved their attack beautifully in the quarter but they also failed to get a goal. On the other hand, Pakistan got some clear chances but they failed to convert them into goals. Final 15 minutes coming...

3rd Quarter - 12': India 1-0 Pakistan

India get another penalty corner. It's their 7th. Rizwan Ali mistakenly brought his foot on the line of the pass from right flank. The hit from Karthi Selvam gets deflected. India get another penalty corner. Pakistan once again escape the shot from Karthi. The scoreline remains 1-0. 

3rd Quarter - 11': India 1-0 Pakistan

Another chance missed by Pakistan. Ajaz Ahmed just needed to put the ball inside the far post with Suraj standing in front of him at the near post, but the Pakistan player hit it away. This is poor from Pakistan.

3rd Quarter - 8': India 1-0 Pakistan

India get a penalty corner. Simranjeet will inject it. Nilam Sanjeep plays the drag flick. It went over the post. India get a long corner but they have reviewed it... That's a good review as the ball went over the post off the foot of Pakistan player. Another penalty corner for India. Saved by Pakistan again!

3rd Quarter - 6': India 1-0 Pakistan

Rajbhar got a good chance. He even took his shot but Shakeel came in the line of the ball to make the save. Brave attempt and he got the reward for it.

3rd Quarter - 3': India 1-0 Pakistan

Pakistan again got one extremely good opportunity and they missed it. Even a brilliant work from Indian goalkeeper Suraj cannot deprive Pakistan of a clean chance but the hit sailed over the post.

3rd Quarter - 1': India 1-0 Pakistan

Pakistan get a penalty corner but the eventual drag flick went away from the far post.

2nd Quarter Ends - India Hold 1-0 Lead Against Pakistan

No goals came in the quarter. Pakistan looked a better side by creating some really good opportunities but to their poor luck, every time their final man made the mistake. They still trail 1-0 but looking at their game, it seems like a leveller is just around the corner. A short break and we will soon be back with the second half of the game.   

2nd Quarter - 13': India 1-0 Pakistan

Pakistan get a penalty corner. Can they get an equalizer.... No!!! It's a misstop and India waste no time in clearing the ball from their D. Lack of focus from Pakistan players, for sure. It might be because of the 1-0 lead India have got.   


2nd Quarter - 10': India 1-0 Pakistan

Pakistan get inside India's D once again but the scoreline remains unscathed. India have been good on the defense and Pakistan's poor attack has made it look even stronger. 

2nd Quarter - 6': India 1-0 Pakistan

India get a penalty corner. Can they make it 2-0?... No, they don't as pakistan goalkeeper Akmal makes another good save.

2nd Quarter - 4': India 1-0 Pakistan

Pakistan lose another good chance. They just needed the centre player in India's D to hit the pass rightly, but to their poor luck, he missed.

2nd Quarter - 1': India 1-0 Pakistan


Pakistan got another opportunity inside the D and they fail to convert it into a goal again. They have attacked well but finishing is something they have lacked today.

1st Quarter Ends: India 1-0 Pakistan

That's the end of a sensational first quarter. Both the teams played attacking game but India came out on top with a goal, thanks to Karthi Selvam.

1st Quarter - 14': India 1-0 Pakistan

Ajaz Ahmed created an extremely good opportunity as he passed the ball into the D from the right flank, but the opportunity went begging.

1st Quarter - 9': GOAL!!! India 1-0 Pakistan

India have drawn the first blood. It came off a deflection from the stick of Pakistan player but more importantly India are 1-0. The initial hit was taken by Karthi Selvam. 


1st Quarter - 8': India 0-0 Pakistan

India get a penalty corner now. Can they convert it? No, they fail. It was a brilliant save from Pakistan goalkeeper Akmal Hussain. But India get another penalty corner.

1st Quarter - 7': India 0-0 Pakistan

Pakistan get a penalty corner now. They miss again. Respite for India. What a game this has been! Just 7 minutes to the start and so much of breathtaking action!

1st Quarter - 4': India 0-0 Pakistan

Second penalty corner for India. They don't get a goal as Birender Lakra failed to stop the shot with precision. But Pakistan have utilized the oppotunity to counter-attack.


1st Quarter - 3': India 0-0 Pakistan

India also get a penalty corner now. Vishnukant injects it, but India fail to convert. Scores still 0-0.

1st Quarter - 3': India 0-0 Pakistan

Penalty corner for Pakistan. Can they get a lead?.... No, the opportunity went begging as India managed to negate the attack.

1st Quarter - 1': India 0-0 Pakistan

Pakistan miss an early opportunity. India then retaliated with a good attack but Pakistan eventually managed to take the ball out of D.

05:05 PM: It's Game Time

Both the teams line up for their respective national anthems. They start with the national anthem of defending champions India and that of Pakistan follows next. 


04:53 PM: A Dominance To Boast

Out of the 13 recent games that took place between the sides at the international level, India have won 12 while the remaining one game ended in a draw. In overall, Pakistan lead 82-64 against India in 177 games between the sides. 

04:37 PM: India's Starting XI

04:30 PM: India Squad For Asia Cup

Goalkeepers: Pankaj Kumar Rajak, Suraj Karkera; Defenders: Yashdeep Siwach, Abhisek Lakra, Birendra Lakra (c), Manjeet, Dipsan Tirkey; Midfielders: Vishnukant Singh, Raj Kumar Pal, Mareeswaren Sakthivel, Sheshe Gowda BM, Simranjeet Singh; Forwards: Pawan Rajbhar, Abharan Sudev, SV Sunil (vc), Uttam Singh, S. Karthi; Replacements: Maninder Singh, Nilam Sanjeep Xess; Standbys: Pawan, Pardeep Singh, Ankit Pal, Angad Bir Singh.


04:21 PM: Asia Cup Hockey 2022 Format

All teams will play the other sides in the group once, with the top two sides advancing to the next round. The third and fourth placed teams will play for the fifth to eighth positions. The second round will see the top four teams from the group stage play each other once. The top two from this stage will play the final while the bottom two will compete for the third and fourth place.

03:57 PM: Sardar's Fresh Challenge

India have named a young team led by the vastly experienced Birendra Lakra. Another veteran star SV Sunil, who has lost his place in India's first team, will be the vice-captain. Tokyo Olympic Games star performer Simranjeet Singh makes a comeback after a long injury lay-off. The team will be guided by two-time Olympian and former captain Sardar Singh as coach.


03:46 PM: Welcome Guys!

Hello everyone and welcome to the space. India and Pakistan face each other in their campaign opener at Asia Cup 2022. You will get all the match updates, including scores, here. Stay connected!