IND Vs INA, Asia Cup Hockey 2022: Confident India Rout Indonesia 16-0, Enter Super 4s - Highlights

India scored 10 goals in the second half to replace Pakistan at the number two spot in Pool A and deprive them of a World Cup berth. Get India vs Indonesia Asia Cup hockey match highlights here.

After win over Indonesia, India finish with 4 points at the second spot below Japan in Pool A. Get I

Defending champions India on Thursday made mockery of Indonesia in their final Pool A game of Asia Cup hockey 2022 in Jakarta. After drawing their opening match against Pakistan and going down 5-2 against Japan in their second game, the new-look Indian team needed to beat Indonesia by a margin of 15 goals to make it to the Super 4s. They were 6-0 at the half-time as a gritty Indonesia had managed to fight to a certain extent, courtesy their goalkeepers Rumaropen Julius and Fajar Alam. However, India came up as a much better team in the second half and netted 10 goals in the next 30 minutes of the play. They even got reduced to 10 men when Neelam Sanjiv got got a yellow card in the fourth quarter but that cannot hold India from scoring another four goals in the rest of the time. The win helps them take the second spot from Pakistan, who now finish third in Pool A. This means Pakistan would not qualify for the Men's Hockey World Cup 2022 that is scheduled to take place in India in January 2023. Get India vs Indonesia, Asia Cup hockey 2022 highights here.

07:29 PM IST: Which Teams Enter Super 4s?

Apart from India from Pool A, Japan had already qualified with nine points. On the other hand, Malaysia and South Korea had also qualified from Pool B in the Super 4s.

07:21 PM IST: Here Is the List Of Goalscorers' In India's Win

Pawan Rajbhar - 2 Goals (9', 10')
Uttam Singh - 1 Goal (13')
SV Sunil - 2 Goals (18', 23')
Liam Sanjeep - 1 Goal (19')
Karthi Selvam - 2 Goals (39', 55')
Birendra Lakra - 1 Goal (40')
Dipsan Tirkey - 4 Goals (41', 46', 58', 59')
Abharan Sudev - 3 Goals (44', 45', 54')

07:17 PM IST: Sardar Singh Calls It A 'Great Performance'

"Credit goes to players. They understood what we needed today. It's a great performance by them," said the happy Indian coach after the game. 

07:14 PM IST: Pawan Rajbhar - Player Of The Match

Pawan Rajbhar has been named the Player of the Match. He has been really superb not in this game but also in all the three pool games of India so far. 

07:08 PM IST - Full Time!!! India Overwhelm Indonesia 16-0

This is a sensational performance from the new-look Indian team. Remember they were 6-0 in the first half and needed at least 9 more to enter Super 4s. Guess what? They scored more than that to keep their hopes of podium finish alive. They take second spot from Pakistan in Pool A which means Pakistan are out of Hockey World Cup 2023.

07:05 PM IST - Quarter 4: GOAL!!! India 16-0 Indonesia

India get two goals and quick span of time and they are almost into the Super 4s. They only need to maintain this or concede a maximum one goal to enter next stage.

07:00 PM IST - Quarter 4: India 14-0 Indonesia

This is smart game from Indonesia. They know they can't win it, but they also know that they can spoil India's party by keeping them away from the final goal. And they are doing exactly that - Wasting the time.

06:56 PM IST - Quarter 4: GOAL!!! India 14-0 Indonesia

This is a sensational reverse shot from Karthi Selvam. India are just one goal away from securing a Super-4 spot... Indonesia change their goalkeeper now. Julius comes in. Can he deprive India of the final goal.

06:53 PM IST - Quarter 4: GOAL!!! India 13-0 Indonesia

IT'S NOT OVER YET! Abharan Sudev completes his hat-trick with a goal on rebound. India need two more goals in five minutes. This is going down to the wire.

06:50 PM IST - Quarter 4: India 12-0 Indonesia

Indonesia have done a brilliant job after India got reduced to 10 men. They not only negated the Indian attack beautifully but at times also dragged the ball towards the centre of the ground. Even if they haven't got a goal, they have wasted India's time and put a dent on their Super-4 hopes. 

06:43 PM IST - Quarter 4: India 12-0 Indonesia

BIG BlOW TO INDIA! Neelam Sanjeep has got a yellow card. He will stay out of the game for 5 minutes. India have to play with 10 men during that time. This is going to hurt them badly if they fail to get the remaining three goals.

06:42 PM IST - Quarter 4: India 12-0 Indonesia

A penalty corner gets wasted. 11 more minutes are remaining in this game. India need three more. What a game this is!

06:38 PM IST - Quarter 4: GOAL!!! India 12-0 Indonesia

This is magical from India. A superb drag flick from Dispan Tirkey on a penalty corner helps India get to 12-0. They need three more.

06:35 PM IST - Quarter 4: GOAL!!! India 11-0 Indonesia

This is a superb start for India in the final quarter. Abharan Sudev got a pass inside the D from Maninder Singh and hit it straight between the legs of Indonesia goalkeeper to take India closer to Super 4s. India need 4 more. It's getting interesting!

06:34 PM IST - 3rd Quarter Ends: India 10-0 Indonesia

India have done well so far. They need 5 more goal in the final 15 minutes. Tough one but not impossible as they have played really well so far.

06:32 PM IST - Quarter 3: GOAL!! India 10-0 Indonesia


Abharan Sudev has scored the 10th goal for India. It has been reviewed by Indonesia, they claim that it isn't a goal. TV umpire says it will stay a goal as he doesn't has the proper footage. So the good news for India fans is that the goal stands  

06:26 PM IST - Quarter 3: India 9-0 Indonesia

Jihad gets a yellow card that means Indonesia will play with only players for the next five minutes. A golden chance for India to add one more goal before the third quarter.

06:20 PM IST - Quarter 3: GOAL!!! India 9-0 Indonesia

Dipsan Tirkey has scored another goal for India. It was a penalty shot and Tirkey calmly hit it onto the left side of Fajar.


06:18 PM IST - Quarter 3: GOAL!!! India 8-0 Indonesia

Oh, how good is that a goal! India were 8-0 as soon as Dipsan Tirkey played the drag flick. It went with extreme power off his stick and a superb placement made Fajar helpless. India need 7 more.

06:14 PM IST - Quarter 3: GOAL!!! India 7-0 Indonesia

This is sensational game from India. Karthi Selvam scored the goal but you need to give credit to Pawan Rajbhar who took the ball almost from the middle of the field, passed more than three defenders and eventually fed Selvam inside the D.


06:11 PM IST - Quarter 3: India 6-0 Indonesia

India have got a penalty corner. SV Sunil smartly hit the ball on the opponent player's leg to get that... Fajar makes another good save to deprive India of another goal.  

06:05 PM IST - Quarter 3: India 6-0 Indonesia

CHANCE MISSED! Uttam Singh tried a reverse shot. All he needed was to hit the ball on target as Indonesia goalkeeper was already flat on the floor when the strike was taken.

06:03 PM IST - Quarter 3 Kicks Off, India 6-0 Indonesia

Former India captain and current coach of the Indian team, Sardar Singh, is standing quitely at the corner. He knows India still have a lot of work to do. This is the most crucial quarter as if India score 5 or more in this, they can play without pressure in the last quarter. 


05:55 PM IST - End Of 2nd Quarter: India 6-0 Indonesia

The second quarter has ended. India are going well but they need a further better performance as they need another 9 goals that too without conceding any to enter the Super 4s. It will be a big test for the young boys who were brilliant at the Junior Hockey World Cup last year. Can they pull off the heist? Let's see...

05:50 PM IST - Quarter 2: India 6-0 Indonesia

GOOD SAVE! Selvam had a good chance to score as he got one-on-one opportunity with the Indonesian goalkeeper Fajar. But the latter's presence of mind to come forward and block Selvam worked in Indonesia's favour and helped them negate the threat.


05:48 PM IST - Quarter 2: India 6-0 Indonesia

Indonesia's player gets a green card. He will stay out for 2 minutes. Can India score one or more goals in that time?

05:45 PM IST - Quarter 2: GOAL!!! India 6-0 Indonesia

SV Sunil strikes again! He got a good pass from the left flank inside the D and then sent the ball to the right of Fajar, who failed to get on the line of the ball. India are 6-0!

05:43 PM IST - Quarter 2: India 5-0 Indonesia

Fajar Alam replaces Julius as Indonesia goalkeeper. Let's see how the new entry fares.   


05:40 PM IST - Quarter 2: GOAL!!! India 5-0 Indonesia

Neelam Sanjiv score his first goal of the game and India are 5-0 now. It was a superb drag flick from him. Indonesian goalkeeper Julius went slightly to his right and the ball passed from his left side for a goal.

05:36 PM IST - Quarter 2: GOAL!!! India 4-0 Indonesia

The vice-captain of Indian team SV Sunil nets a goal. It was a beautiful shot from the right side in the D. Even an active Julius had no answer.

05:34 PM IST - Quarter 2: India 3-0 Indonesia

Vishnukant makes a mistake in passing the ball. He ran through the left flank and eventually put the ball in the vacant spot inside the D. Good defence from Indonesia again.


05:30 PM IST: End Of First Quarter - India 3-0 Indonesia

That's the end of first quarter. Indonesia have been really good with their defence, especially their goalkeeper Julius but India somehow managed to score thrice in the 1st quarter. They need 12 more for a Super 4s entry. 

05:28 PM IST - Quarter 1: GOAL!!! India 3-0 Indonesia

Uttam Singh scored the third goal for India. It came off a reverse tap after Indonesian goalkeeper Julius saved several attacks.

05:26 PM IST - Quarter 1: India 2-0 Indonesia

SUPERB KEEPING! The Indonesian goalkeeper has deprived India of many more goals with his athleticism. He has been really good today.


05:21 PM IST - Quarter 1:Goal!!! India 2-0 Indonesia

India get a penalty corner and Pawan Rajbhar has scored the goal again. This is turning out to be a superb match for him. Two strikes were deflected by the Indonesia goalkeeper but he failed to defend the last one scooped by Rajbhar towards his right.

05:19 PM IST - Quarter 1: Goal!!! India 1-0 Indonesia

Pawan Rajbhar provides India the lead. India need many more today. 

05:14 PM IST - Quarter 1: India 0-0 Indonesia

CHANCE MISSED! Uttam Singh missed a clear oportunity inside the D. He got a pass from the right side but failed to hit the ball on target. Poor India!  


05:13 PM IST - Quarter 1: India 0-0 Indonesia

That's a good defence from Indonesia so far. They have managed to keep India away from posing any threat. On the other hand, the Men in Blue have had more ball possession but they have failed to create chances.

05:10 PM IST: Match Starts

India have started confidently, let's see if they can do wonders today. 

05:04 PM IST: It's Game Time

India and Indonesia players walk to the middle. It's time for national anthem. It starts with that of India and Indonesia's will follow...

04:41 PM IST: Japan Beat Pakistan 3-2

Japan have defeated Pakistan but the latter still sits over India in Pool A with four points to its credit. Meanwhile, a loss for Pakistan by only one goal means India have to do a lot to enter the Super 4s. They not only have to beat Indonesia but have to do that by at least a goal difference of 15. Tough task but not impossible for sure!


04:22 PM IST: India's Starting XI

04:10 PM IST: Malasia, Korea Advance From Pool B 

Malaysia entered the Super 4s of Asia Cup from pool B with a 8-1 win over Bangladesh in their last pool stage match at the GBK Sports Arena on Thursday. The side finished with 9 points at the top of the pool. Meanwhile, Korea defeated Oman 5-1 to finish second in the pool to stay in contention for a World Cup spot.

04:02 PM IST: Must-win For India

India need to finish in the top two in Group A to advance to the next round and stay in contention for a podium finish. In Stage 2, the top four teams (two from each group) will play among themselves. The top two teams then play for the gold medal while third and fourth teams play for bronze. Currently, Japan (6 points) and Pakistan (4 points) are No. 1 and 2 in India's group (A).